12 Things That Are Seriously Giving Your Homebody Friend Anxiety


1. When they don’t know exactly “who all is coming”

This might seem like an unimportant question to you, but to them it is THE MOST CRUCIAL INFORMATION OF ALL TIME. They need time to mentally prepare for who they might be running into tonight. You’ve already gotten them out of the house (and that’s huge) so do them a solid and ease the stress by just giving a detailed head count. Yeah? Great.

2. A place that requires a dress code

…we’re going somewhere that requires pants?! Um, WHAT DO YOU MEAN SWEATPANTS DON’T COUNT?

3. Netflix and chill not literally meaning Netflix and chill

This is false advertising and, quite frankly, a crime against humanity. Netflix and chill should mean EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Anything else is a con and unacceptable.

4. Going to a super crowded place

Where did all these people come from? Did they all come together? What happens if the group gets separated? What if someone finds themselves a sudden Mufasa in an inescapable stampede?! NO. CANNOT HANDLE. *runs back home*

5. Not having an immediate way out

There is a reason they like driving themselves. It has nothing to do with saving you an extra trip. They want a getaway, if necessary.

6. When you tell them “you better not cancel”

Of course they don’t PLAN to cancel. And believe me when I say, they get how shitty of a thing it is. They don’t feel good about flaking on plans and staying indoors instead. But sometimes, it’s gonna happen. And when you put this weird shame-y pressure on them (even if it’s a “joke”), it just makes them want to hermit themselves even more.

7. Missing their favorite TV show

Yes, we live at a time when we can record things, or just find almost anything online. But to your homebody buddy, missing this special night of television fun kind of hurts. As lame as that might be…they’re aching inside.

8. When Netflix removes certain shows/movies

Just when things seemed safe and comfortable, the rug is pulled out from beneath. It’s a cruel, cruel, cruel world.

9. The door bell randomly ringing

Someone coming over uninvited is an actual nightmare. YOU SEND A COURTESY TEXT OR ELSE YOU ARE A MONSTER.

10. Sleepovers

Whether it’s with your platonic friends or staying over with a romantic partner, being away from their well-known and loved bed is a change. And a change that causes some panic.

11. Extroverts who want to “rage”

It’s not that they’re opposed to raging…whatever that means, but they want to know they will eventually land back home. Or that, maybe, they can come party for a few hours to be socially acceptable, and then bolt back to their favorite place. Home.

12. Parties

All parties. The fun ones. The bad ones. The ones they look forward to. The ones they dread. All parties make them nervous. But they’ll get through it. One shot at a time. TC mark

Ari Eastman

✨ real(ly not) chill. poet. writer. mental health activist. mama shark. ✨


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  • http://indepthwoman.wordpress.com indepthwoman

    All of this is me, except 3 & 11. I don’t like netflix, LOL. I had to stop hanging out with a friend because she would literally kidnap me, for hours while she shopped. I had to stop hanging out with her. We lived next door to each other and she was loud, when she did everything. I literally dodged her for a whole year. I had to wait to take out the trash or check the mail, laundry, anything that I normally do, because I just couldn’t take her, she absorbed to much of my time and energy. I’m a homebody, an introvert and an HSP. This girl, goes out everyday, she doesn’t know how to sit down and just relax and chill, read a book, something…, she’s always shopping and going out. I get into small quarrels with people who don’t respect my space and they are very clingy and needy. I literally ended up in the hospital when a family friend, was so needy and bothering me, when I went to go stay with her. She felt because I was in her house, that I was the new maid and chef. This grown ass woman, did not cook for nothing. I was having an anxiety attack and when the ambulance came, they asked me, what was going on when it happened. I left my fathers house after a few weeks, because, him and his girlfriend and her son, were always bothering me to cook. Or asking me to do something. All three of them did not cook, I broke up with an ex because he moved in on me, and it put a strain on our relationship. He just came over like a stray cat and never left. I had no clue he lost his apartment, He wanted to live with me, so bad, to keep a hold of me, and I thought I was helping, but he didn’t want to get a job or anything. So he had to go. One time a friend showed up, trying to “surprise” me, and I damn near had a heart attack. Not only that, I wasn’t prepared and she brought her kids and when I stepped in the bathroom to take a quick shower, I came out and her kids tore my apartment up. I had a studio and most of my items in my home were at kid level, her son , was jumping on my printer, he picked up everything in my place. Had I known she was coming, I would have been ready when she got there to leave. I hate surprises. And she knew this. Not only that, I don’t like kids all over my bed, my sacred space where I sleep. I was trying my best to get ready to hurry up out the house but she just let her kids ruin my place. My friends with kids, get offended when I say something about my place or their kids. You don’t let your kids ruin someone else’s place just because you know them. I’m no interior decorator and shouldn’t have rearrange my place, just because your kids are coming over and then have to put everything back. Her son, broke the H on my mac keyboard, I was pissed, and had to get a new one. I’m very much a homebody, I like to stay in, cook, read, write and I love it when its quiet. I’m always being called weird because I don’t party and want to be around crowds. I need a heads up, before I go anywhere. One time my neighbor kidnapped me and we went to workout, only I had no clue, I was not prepared at all. Had she told me, she wanted to jog, I would have been prepared since I hit the gym 6 days a week. but she felt the need to trick me. because this is what she did with her other friends. I couldn’t get home, and really didnt enjoy the jog, i had no towel, water, nothing. I hate being in other peoples cars and homes, because they don’t know when to be courteous and mindful of my time and bring me home. I’m always being called a hermit. I feel if most of my friends would just stay home and read and just chill they will find their passions, instead of always calling me and looking for the meaning of life in my face. I literally shut my phone off, because I just got tired of talking to people. Its to much. I like to have meaningful conversations, not gossip and people not respecting my time, especially when I have to get up and go to work. I’m not sure how I will get married or have a child one day, because I will need to be with my child and husband everyday. I love kids, but I’m not sure how I’m going to do this. Just talking about it, is making my chest hurt now.

  • http://indepthwoman.wordpress.com indepthwoman

    Oh and the comment about the head count. I got into a small argument with someone , because they refuse to tell me, how many people were coming over. I had no clue, there would be a baby where I was staying. I didn’t sleep all weekend. There were 3 adults and a baby. I wanted time to mentally prepare but this lady felt it was none of my business what time they were coming and how many people. since it was her house, but I was staying there. I honesty don’t know why we were on the phone for 12 minutes talking about this. I just can’t be around needy and clingy people and people who don’t know how to be quiet and relax and respect my space. People want to call me a old lady and hermit and say I will end up with a cat. Its not that, I just can’t be around people 24/7, 365 days out the year. I like my quiet time and it seems like very little people don’t respect that. I can’t be on all the time. This is why I turned off my cell and only have my wifi and a prepaid cell i put minutes on for emergencies when I go out. I’m not one of those women that I need to be connected all the time. When I talk, I like to have meaningful conversations. I don’t like arguing and having to explain myself, why I am the way I am.

  • https://blessedheart19.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/179/ The Wondering Wanderer

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