circadian rhythm

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You know, little flying animals can tell time of day. It’s amazing, how little flying animals can tell time of year. The Eastern North American monarch butterfly navigates during fall migration to Central Mexico using a little biological sun compass. This circadian rhythm clock waiting in their antenna. It’s all in their heads.  


I am a little animal with flying neurosis and I can tell the time of day by how much my mouth misses yours. I can tell time of year by how long it has been since you’ve touched this skin. I am shedding skin cells every single day so textbooks tell me this body would be new to you. My eyes are the same color and I want you to call me Green Eyes again. I will close them for a second, a blink, a momentary pause, and years will escape. If someone gave me a map, I still couldn’t find you. But I can tell where I am by how far away you feel. And it feels like halfway to the moon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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