17 Reasons Girls Get Tattoos


1. They want to commemorate a deceased relative.

2. Something incredibly amazing happened in their life and they want to always remember that feeling. The tattoo is a permanent reminder.

3. They like the idea that their body is a temple and they can decorate it however they see fit.

4. They were constantly doodling on their skin with Sharpies or pens while they were supposed to be paying attention in class. The habit just stuck.

5. They grew up in a strict environment and finally decided to do something they wanted to do for a change.

6. They saw someone else with a dope tattoo and felt inspired.

7. It represents a personal vow they’ve made.

8. Someone said, “Hey! Wanna get a tattoo?” And they said, “Hell yeah!”

9. They’re proud of their body and want something cool to show it off with.

10. They have other tattoos and found it a (weirdly) addicting process. They’re planning out more.

11. One time, they had a dream that Johnny Depp, while on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, told them if they tattooed a giant whale on their butt, it would save the world from an impending apocalypse. So, really…what choice did they have?

12. They got really sad.

13. They got super, super excited.

14. They like turning their body into a piece of art.

15. They felt like it.

16. They simply wanted to.

17. Having tattoos doesn’t say anything about who they are as a human beings, their interests, their dislikes, flaws, strengths, morals, etc. You know all it means? It means they decided to get a tattoo. That’s it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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