15 Things That People Who Live-Eat-Breathe Music Understand

Guy Houben
Guy Houben

1. It’s almost always guaranteed you have headphones in.

2. You put an enormous amount of effort into your music playlists. They can take hours as you meticulously craft the perfect soundtrack to all life moments. You name them, break them down into categories: moods, events, songs that bring up ~*~memories~*~. You pour blood, sweat, and tears into those bad boys.

3. And showing people your playlists feels like the most vulnerable thing in the world. Please like it, please like it, pleaaaaase like it.

4. In fact, your number one way of flirting is offering to make someone a playlist.

5. Hearing the word mixtape makes you all tingly inside.

6. When you meet someone new and realize you share the same music taste, you full on FREAK OUT. It becomes the “Oh my god, do you listen to ____?” hour.

7. Nothing makes you more excited than attending live shows. If you could blow all your money on concerts, no doubt you would. But alas, responsibility…life…

8. You get irrationally upset when people don’t realize a really popular hit song is actually just a cover of an older song. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele, NO. “Make You Feel My Love” was written by Bob Dylan, DAMMIT.

9. You can’t possibly pick a favorite album or artist. How can anyone expect you to pick? That’s like asking a parent which child is their favorite. You won’t do that to your babies! Okay, maybe a top 10.

10. The frustration of playing a song for someone and instead of listening, they start talking over it. Shhhh, shhhhh. Listen!!!

Listen - Beyonce
Listen – Beyonce

11. That heartbreaking feeling when the radio slowly beats to death one of your favorite songs. MUST YOU KILL EVERYTHING I LOVE!?

12. Constantly fighting against the urge to sound like the ultimate music snob hipster and informing people: “Yeah, I’ve been listening to them for years. Have you heard their old stuff? So classic.”

13. Suspending all other activities when an artist you adore releases a new project. Seriously. You will not be doing anything else but listening to the whole thing over and over again until you’ve memorized half the lyrics.

14. The only time you’ve really thought about your wedding is when you fantasize about the songs you want played during the reception and first dance.

15. Feeling incredibly disturbed and distrusting of anyone who says: “Oh, I don’t really listen to music.” What. What. Wait, WHAT? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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