12 Things That Happen When You’re Finally Reunited With Your Best Friend


1. Counting Down The Days

Literally. You have the reunion circled on your calendar and each day you get to cross off is a step closer to true happiness. Not to mention, you both text each other with a daily reminder of how much time is left. “OH MY GOD! I SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS, AHHH!!”

2. See Each Other And YELP

The moment has finally arrived and it’s total. sensory. overload. It’s kind of like seeing a small puppy or eating the most delicious meal — you automatically make some sort of noise. You can’t help it. Doesn’t matter if you’re in public with tons of strangers around, when you see your BFF again after so long you will SHRIEK.

3. The Squeeze Hug

Hugs are glorious, beautiful things that tend to make us human beings feel all happy and gooey-inside. But the ultimate I-really-love-you-and-am-so-excited-to-see-you hug is the Squeeze Hug. You hug, squeeze while in said hug, release, and squeeze once more. It’s a little like you’re afraid to let go. And maybe you low-key are??

4. More Screaming

A few more yelps and shrieks will escape your mouths before you both finally settle down and remember that you are, in fact, around other people and should probably lower your voices. Just a little.

5. Adoringly Stare At One Another

You can’t believe you’re both there, together again, in the flesh. You might even reach out and touch their face juuuust to make sure it’s them and not some ghost-like apparition. You end up just staring and making googly-eyes at each other for an extended period of time.

6. “Tell Me Everything”

Maybe you’ve been away from each other for several months. Or maybe, just a few weeks. Doesn’t matter. You want to know EVERY DETAIL OF THEIR LIFE. What’s going on job wise? Love life? What did you have for lunch yesterday?? I want to know it all!!

7. Sudden Inside Joke Nostalgia

Someone mentions a previous joke and this sudden rush of nostalgia hits you both. You’re laughing at the sheer memory of the joke, not even the joke itself.

8. Hysterical Laughter

Not just any laughter, no. Not with your best friend. You guys have that uncontrollable belly ache, coughing up phlegm, almost can’t breathe laughter. It bounces off the walls and though you should probably be a little apologetic for potentially disrupting the people nearby, you are just too thrilled to be back with your person to really care.

9. “How Are You, Really?

This is your person. They know you — your strengths and weaknesses. The parts you are proud of and those things you try to shield from the world. Your best friend is someone you can be unapologetically yourself with, so when they ask: “how are you?” it isn’t just a formality. It’s a meaningful question. And you can give an honest answer.

10. Judgement Free Zone

Nothing is off limits to talk about. NOTHING. The kind of conversations you’d cringe if the rest of the world knew you were having? Oh yeah, you’re having those with your best friend. It’s like you can unleash all your shitty thoughts and behavior and are guaranteed no judgement. Hook ups you’d DIE if other people knew about? Oh, your best friend is a safe space.

11. Countless Future Plans

You basically craft a 5-year plan, but of what you plan to do together. I’ve been wanting to see that movie! Have you tried that new restaurant down the block? OH PERFECT, I haven’t either.

12. “I’ll Never Let Go, Jack”

You vow to never go this long without seeing each other again. You go back in for a Squeeze Hug and very seriously contemplate staying like that forever. Because when you’re with your best friend, things just make sense. And in a world that so often doesn’t, that’s a pretty wonderful thing to find. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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