30 More Important Things Than Being “Cool”

"Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift
“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift

1. Really wanting that last slice of pizza, but first offering it to your guest because that’s the kind of person you are.

2. Dressing however makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.

3. Or not caring how you dress at all.

4. Learning something new and teaching it to someone you care about.

5. Falling head-over-heels-collision-with-the-ground in love with someone.

6. Being vulnerable, even if it’s terrifying and makes your stomach temporarily hurt.

7. Dancing in the middle of the room when nobody else is.

8. Choosing to stay in and read your favorite book again.

9. Wearing slippers to the grocery store.

10. Wearing high heels to a sporting event.

11. Being DGAF about what anyone thinks of you.

12. Giving every single fuck known to mankind.

13. Practicing mindfulness and attempting to understand perspectives different than yours.

14. Learning all the words to Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.”

15. Volunteering your time to something bigger than you.

16. Apologizing to people you have hurt.

17. Forgiving those who have hurt you.

18. Having a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie marathon.

19. Disconnecting from the internet for a while.

20. Calling up an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and asking how they are.

21. Approaching life with a sense of humor.

22. Crying when something disappoints you.

23. Laughing when something disappoints you.

24. Going on an adventure with no real plan.

25. Trusting again after losing faith in someone.

26. Going to a movie theater by yourself.

27. Liking stereotypically “cool” things.

28. Liking stereotypically “uncool” things.

29. Liking whatever the hell makes you happy.

30. Being unapologetically yourself in a world that tries to box you in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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