15 Struggles Only People Who Think With Their Hearts First Understand

Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez

1. You have a tendency to act first, think later.

2. Logic is not always a common companion of yours. In fact, you kind of don’t know how to interact with that kind of thinking. Hey there, Logic…can I, uh, get you some water? A beer? An impromptu trip to Prague in hopes we will fall in love with a stranger in a coffee shop???

3. People who always respond to situations in a very rational and well-thought out manner freak you out a bit. Like, HOW? HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT? You magical robot.

4. You are incredibly easy to read. Even if you’re not actively talking about your feelings, your facial expressions and/or body language can usually give you away.

5. You end up as a stand-in therapist for all the people in your life. Which is flattering, but kind of exhausting. Being comfortable discussing emotions doesn’t always mean you want to.

6. You are usually willing to give second chances — a quality that comes with pros and cons. There is always the chance you could get burned again, but your heart will lead the way. No matter what.

7. You have trouble connecting to guarded people. You want to just lower those walls! Analyze their quirks and dig a tunnel to their heart. But not everybody wants that, and it’s something you have to remember.

8. You will ugly cry in a movie theater surrounded by your friends. No shame.

9. If tears do start welling, you are powerless to stop them.

10. You wouldn’t admit it out loud, but crying is kind of fun. That rush! That release of stored up feelings! It may as well be a gateway drug because IT FEELS GOOD.

11. When you fall in love, you do so fully and quickly. You might get there before the other person and that’s terrifying. Waiting. Just hoping they join you on the other side.

12. You have certain relationships, including platonic, where you give a bit more than you receive.

13. You rush in making decisions because it feels right. But hindsight is 20/20.

14. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you won’t be doing it that much longer. It’s not that you’re flighty, just that you can’t fake things just for the sake of “going with the flow.”

15. You get easily invested in projects, ideas, people, and if something falls through, you’re crushed. But you’ll pick yourself up. Brush off the dust. And continue trusting your heart first. After all, it’s all you’ve ever known. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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