You Are Still Important To Me

instagram / arieastman
instagram / arieastman

I Am Forgetting Your Blue Eyes

I am reaching out you in hours of blanketed solitude.
As if I am nothing more than a puppet mourning my cut strings.
But I’m not asking for the strings.
I don’t even want the strings.
I’m only asking for the hands.

You are convinced I need so much more,
Do you think I seek direction from you?
You human cloaked in God-like complex.
Like you are something I wish to tattoo.
Like you are anything more than a beautiful set of hands
I want to touch my hollowed out body,
a marionette who spins madly.

It’s quite simple,
I’m just looking for you to touch me.

instagram / arieastman
instagram / arieastman


I’ll kiss him until my tongue forgets your name.
He’ll bite my lip,
and I’ll say,
“Don’t be sorry.”
And continue bleeding your face.

Guilherme Yagui
Guilherme Yagui

Old Habits Die Hard

I have never smoked a single cigarette,
but I wear you on my skin like a nicotine patch.

Johanna Mort Photography
Johanna Mort Photography


Kiss me under the persimmon tree and tell me this is how we stay.
Tell me this is how we find ourselves again.
That we taste like fruits and permanence.
That we finally figured it out.

instagram / arieastman
instagram / arieastman

You Are Still Important To Me

It is a truth I should shy away from,
one that is an embarrassingly long secret I have held within my chest.
It has always been you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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