When He’s Sleeping With Her And You Don’t Know It

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

I find pieces of her inside your mouth.
Maybe that’s why you always tasted
like a countdown to my own heartbreak,
The poison I keep drinking
even though it’s killing me.
We read like an obituary,
Grim Reaper brought us together
with who he took away.
And now I can feel my organs are shutting down.
But I cannot let go of you.
Death by a beautiful boy who calls me by my full name,
Can pull me from the depths of my own cobwebs.
I was never afraid of spiders,
so I guess I swallowed your venom without thinking twice.

I loved you without thinking twice.

She calls you while we are tangled in my twin-sized bed.
It’s almost comical,
All 6’3’’ of you trying to make it work.
Maybe we never did fit,
Kept trying to sand away edges.
My wounded sparrow,
I wanted to set your bones,
Fix the darkness you were afraid would overpower us both.
Blame my Nightingale syndrome,
This spectator sport of watching the bruised
and thinking I can rush in and save them.
Thinking I can tell the referee to stop,
I’ll pick them up in time.
But I can’t do that.
People will break whether or not you catch them.

I kiss your shattered ego and say, “Here, take mine.”
“Take all I have.”
So you take it all
and leave
for the girl I could taste all along.

I wonder if they know
I wonder if they know a week before
you said you’d rather be awake forever
than spend a single night without me.

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