5 Reasons Period Sex Is Not The Big Deal You’re Making It


Can we jump right in here? I’m going to talk about periods and sex. So Grandma, if you’re reading this and it’s already making you uncomfortable, now is the time to go elsewhere. Because it’s time to get real about intercourse and menstruation: two totally natural things that shouldn’t be so taboo to openly discuss.

WHY ARE WE SO WEIRD TALKING ABOUT PERIODS??? I totally get that everyone has different comfort levels with certain subjects. That’s fine. And sex is about comfort, consent, communicating with your partner. But the thing is, you’d be surprised how many people would actually be open to having sex with a partner during the time of the month — we just don’t talk about it.

In fact, I’ve had sex with partners during my period and it always starts the same. We’re fooling around and I’m biding my time until I have to be the buzzkill and say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” This also always depended on how secure I felt with my partner and how well we knew each other, but very often we’d both kind of tip toe around the subject. Each hinting, “I’d be okay with it if you were…” Which is pretty silly when you think about it. And eventually I’d say, “Hey, if you’re fine with it, I don’t care. I want to have sex with you.”

And in my personal experience, they always said, “Yeah, I don’t really care either. I want to have sex with you too.”

And voila. It wasn’t a big deal. In fact, period sex can be pretty rad.

So let’s break it down:

1. She’s saving you money.

She’s already lubed up. Just like snowflakes (LOLZ sorry), women are all unique individuals. Some women are as wet as Splash Mountain with very little extra help. Some women are more naturally dry, so for those, mother nature is coming in to help ya’ll out. It’s free lubrication. No need to hit up your local pharmacy, she’s got you covered.

2. It’s not as messy as you think.

Sex is kind of messy in general. Let’s not pretend it’s some perfectly pristine act, people sweat and are discharging bodily fluids, why is adding blood in suddenly a big deal? It’s not like the scene out of Carrie. No traumatic red gushing like in The Shining. If it’s penis + vagina intercourse, the insertion of the penis almost acts like a plug for a bit. And if you’re wearing a condom (and it’s important to practice safe sex so unless you’ve both been tested, you should be doing this anyways) it’s the easiest clean up ever.

3. Some women experience heightened sexual arousal.

Women have a tendency to be horny before (ovulation) and during menstruation, which frankly seems pretty unfair. Make our bodies crave some loving but then say, “JK GIRL, YOU’VE BEEN SERVED (with blood!!).” Of course, arousal is different for everyone, but because estrogen and testosterone are low on day 1, but begin rising by day 3, many women report feeling more sensitive and turned on.

4. Period sex = alleviate cramp pain.

Orgasms are beautiful, magical little gifts. It’s like Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, Black Friday – all at once. Not only do they feel kickass, they release chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins – all things that can help ease and act as natural painkillers.

5. Just talk about it.

COMMUNICATE!!! It’s essential in all aspects of relationships. Talk to your partner about it. I understand society has made it this awkward situation, but be open to discussing it. Because if it doesn’t bother you, it might not bother your partner either. And then you could be having sex all month long. But you won’t know unless the subject is broached. But remember to always respect what your partner says and expresses comfort with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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