19 Hilarious Jenny Slate Tweets That Prove She’s The BFF You Always Wanted

instagram / jennyslate
instagram / jennyslate

1. When she accurately described being in your 20s.

2. When she made anxiety seem like a superpower and you were kind of into it.

3. When she said what we all secretly wish we could say.

4. When she questioned the beard trend.

5. When she was just god damn hilarious.

6. When she explained exactly what we do in the privacy of our homes.

7. When she got nostalgic about boy bands.

8. When she gave us new things to think about post-sex.


10. When she took pretentious boutiques to task.

11. When she said this.

12. When she was comforting in her Jenny Slate way.

13. When she was weirdly poetic and it made you feel warm inside.

14. When her selflessness saved lives.

15. When she freakishly described your love life to perfection.

16. When she was a true fashion icon.

17. No seriously, she explained everything you want in an outfit: COMFORT.

18. When she didn’t understand certain human behavior, but still supported it because she’s lovely.

19. When she summed up life in one simple tweet.

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