When You Rub His Back As He Pines For Another Girl


Get out of there.
Take off the shirt with the name of the town your Dad grew up in plastered across the front.
Put back on your dress.
Find your self control splattered next to a bottle of Makers.

You think that if you just love him enough, he will see it.
He will understand what he is giving up and change his mind.
He will want you like he wants her.
As if it is just that simple.
Maybe he will ask how you are and mean it.
Maybe he will say something like, “I like your smile” and they won’t just be words to take up space.
Please, I’m begging you to stop.
He doesn’t even want you there.
Your spine is coming apart,
Vertebra losing all shape.
You skeletal girl, you.
You second choice,
You filler.

He never loved you.

So do not text back when he promises he does.
When he starts to talk about her with his body in the crook of yours,
Please leave for me,

Because I have forgotten how.

Excerpt From: “I Promised You I Wouldn’t Write This” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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