19 Unconventional And Silly Things You Can Do To Feel Better

Does today suck? Are you just in a black hole of suckiness and you don’t know how to making the sucking stop sucking? I FEEL YA. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, you gotta feel it out. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. The light might even be something simple and silly that you can do right now. So I’ve created a list of things you could try. Because trying is the first step.
Wayne Silver
Wayne Silver

1. Do the dishes as if you were competing on “Dancing With The Stars.” YOU WALTZ WITH THAT DAMN LADLE, YA HEAR?

2. Go for a walk and pretend you’re a secret agent on an intense job. The mission? Feel as sexy as possible. When you start achieving some serious Beyonce feelings going on, you’ve won.

3. Go to a coffee shop with a notebook. Construct elaborate stories about the people around you. Write about their passions, dreams, fears, that moment that changed everything for them. Hell, give them names and jobs. Just don’t…stare at them too hard, okay?

4. Make a playlist of nostalgic songs. My personal favorite? Creating a middle school soundtrack. Because the best part? You aren’t still in middle school.

5. Practice small acts of kindness. If you can afford it, pay for the toll of the car behind you. If you can’t, pay someone in the form of a compliment, something more unusual like: “you have a really lovely energy!”

6. Forget adulthood for a little bit and create a giant fort out of blankets and pillows. Turn your living room into the kind of thing kid you secretly dreamed of.

7. Recreate this moment at the grocery store. The more people that look confused, the better.

8. Take on an alter-ego for the day. Tap into your inner Sasha Fierce.

9. Go to a movie by yourself. Seriously. Try it before you knock it. It’s kind of amazing.

10. Message someone you find really inspirational or look up to and let them know how much they touch you (lol – I giggled, I’m a 13 year old boy). You might think they’ll never see it, but you truly never know. And you might make their day.

11. Call up an old friend and catch up. Make plans and ACTUALLY follow through.

12. Make a list of all the dope things you’ve done so far. Keep it for when you need an extra boost of, “Oh yeah, I forgot, I DID do that!”

13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter and take the time to ACTUALLY talk to people. You might learn the most incredible stories and lessons. The kind of meaningful things that stay with you for a lifetime.

14. Contact that middle school or high school crush you had for ages (but were always too afraid to tell them how you felt) and confess how you felt. Two things could happen: 1) You make them feel great and as a result, that makes you feel great. 2) They confess feelings too and ask if you want to get dinner sometime. WIN WIN!

15. Go outside. Seriously. It’s that simple. Just go outside.

16. Turn off your phone for 24 hours.

17. Write a letter to yourself. Be all cute and time capsule that pup.

18. Watch your favorite childhood movie. Dive into that Disney vault.

19. Look at pictures of your celebrity crush for far too long. Maybe print them out. Put one in your wallet. Idk, is this weird? STOP JUDGING ME, WORLD. ADAM BRODY AND I ARE MEANT 2 B. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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