18 Signs You’re A Little Too Obsessed With “Friends”


1. You already own all 10 seasons on DVD…and still flipped out when Netflix announced it was coming. This way, you NEVER have to be without it. Not even for a moment.

2. You are incredibly protective, almost irrationally, as if the show is your flesh and blood. You’d walk through fire to defend your baby.
“To be completely honest, I think Friends is a little overrated.”

3. It’s a vital part of your bedtime routine. You simply can’t get a solid night of sleep if the gang doesn’t first tuck you in and say goodnight in the form of 2 or 3 episodes.

4. No matter what your ACTUAL love life is like, you feel somewhat at peace because you know those six are your true lobsters. Sad? Maybe, BUT WHO CARES. They’ll be there for you…when the rain starts to pour.

5. You’re constantly comparing the real people in your life to characters. “Oh, you are being such a Chandler right now!” or “Yes, MONICA, I’ll be cleaning up, calm down.”

6. You dream of going to a Friends trivia night. Because you know you’d be crowned the next Ultimate Fighting Champion…of Friends info.

7. You can’t stand to watch the episode where Ross and Rachel break up because the pain is STILL TOO FRESH. You don’t care if they were on a break, or not. You just want to skip forward a few episodes because IT STILL HURTS.

8. Ditto with the finale episode. You seriously can’t watch it.

9. You’ve performed The Routine, or at least practiced the steps in secret in the privacy of your bedroom.

10. You form an immediate bond with anyone else who mentions they like the show. It doesn’t matter if they’re actually kind of terrible as a person, they like Friends, so whatevs.

11. You start to actually talk like them. OH. MYYYY. GAWDDDDDDD!

12. You have moments when you genuinely wonder where Gunther is these days.

13. Moving furniture sucks, but you’re beyond pumped to yell, “PIVOOOOOTTTT!!!”

14. You can identify which season an episode is strictly by the hairstyles. And a moment of silence for way-too-much-hair-product Ross, a la season 5.


15. You can quote every single episode.

16. …and you DO quote every single episode.

17. Like, it’s weird if you DON’T slip a quote into normal conversation at least two to three times a week.

18. If you ever wrote a memoir, you kind of wish it could be “The One With My Life Story.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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