16 Reasons Your Homebody Friend Canceled On You

New Girl
New Girl

1. They had to put on pants. And the idea of putting on pants was like, the worst possible thing ever. NO. NO PANTS.

2. They got sucked into a Netflix binge and also didn’t want to put on pants.

3. Truth be told, they already knew they’d likely cancel as soon as plans were made. This is kind of horrible, I know. It’s not a personal reflection on you. It’s just…in their nature.

4. They got halfway ready and then you texted and said, “Just fyi, ____ is gonna be there too.” OH HELL NAW.

5. They already met their weekly quota of going outside.

6. They’re incredibly indecisive about what to even eat for dinner, so it would only make sense this trait carries over into other aspects.

7. They thought plans would be earlier and when suddenly 10 pm rolls around and the evening hasn’t started, they would really rather just take a raincheck.

8. They don’t really know how to say no. They’re eager to please and make everyone happy. “Sure! I’d love to go to that! I can’t wait! THIS WILL BE THE BEST!” And once the realization hits them, it’s like, “Oh, god dammit. I don’t want to do that. At all.”

9. They might be trying to break up with you. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this…they can be flaky with everyone, even the ones they love the most. But there’s always the slight chance they are dodging plans for a reason. They just don’t know how to cut the cord.

10. No, but really, they just started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and doing anything else seems pointless.

11. They legitimately forgot they already made plans with someone they flaked on last time, so now they really have to follow through. Sorry :/

12. Remember that person they can’t stop obsessing about? That person just texted them and it’s FUCKED with their mind. They need to be alone to process what that emoji eggplant truly meant…

13. Remember the putting on pants thing?

14. They asked if it was a “pants optional” event and when you said no? Yeah, that was the moment they decided to cancel.

15. They have a job, responsibilities, things to do that have exhausted them to the point of imagining social interaction is just TOO much.

16. They are struggling with crushing anxiety. Maybe they make jokes about it, try to lessen the severity. But maybe, just maybe, they are dealing with something far more serious than they let you believe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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