12 Struggles All Introverted Hopeless Romantics Understand

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

1. You are a damn Casanova online, but…when you make the switch to IRL? Ugh. You clam up and go silent. Maybe a few nervous giggles every now and then, but you’re basically mute. You long for the days of AIM. You could spit some serious game on AIM. Let’s be honest, SmarterChild was smitten with you.

2. Daydreams are somewhat of an addiction. It’s just so much safer to live in a world you create, one you are in complete control of. You know it will only do so much for you, but it’s become a crutch. It’s a comfort, and when there’s so much uncertainty in the real world it becomes all too easy to just stay in your own fantasies.

3. You choose Netflix romcoms instead of actually going out. Sure, you’ll go mix and mingle on occasion, but you’re much more inclined to kick back with When Harry Met Sally. You can still get all the lovey, dovey feelings, but not risk the anxiety that comes from small talk with attractive strangers.

4. You’ll keep your feelings bottled up. The good ones. The bad ones. Maybe you’re secretly dying to tell this new person you just started seeing that you’re absolutely crazy about them, but you won’t. Not now. Not yet. The thoughts will stay buzzing in your head, but your mouth just isn’t ready to say them out loud.

5. You’re quick to fall in love. But not quick to fall out. It takes a lot for you to open up. So when you do and things don’t work out? You can’t just brush it off that easily. It takes you a little longer to move forward. And that’s okay. Take your time, boo. Do what you gotta do.

6. When you do go out, you prefer having a wingwoman/man with you. Like seriously, having another person there to champion you? To swoop in when you start awkwardly rambling about falafel recipes? SO. MUCH. EASIER.

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother

7. You wish you had a fast forward button. You’re so happy in relationships, but the casual dating part gives you massive ulcers. You’re someone who needs to know and trust someone before really letting the true you shine, and casual dating really messes that up. You end up overthinking everything and just feel exhausted. Can’t you just skip to the part where you love and respect one another, and just chill without pants?

8. You have a “falling in love” playlist prepped and ready. Because you never know when you’ll need it. Maybe the barista is really cute and it gives you butterflies and YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ED SHEERAN RIGHT AWAY. And sometimes, you listen to it when you aren’t even remotely dating anyone. You’re just a sucker for that stuff.

9. Carl and his wife (like, pre-dying…) from Up are your #RelationshipGoals. In fact, all elderly couples are sort of your goal. Just someone to stay inside with, knit blankets, or whatever old people do. Yep, you can’t wait.

10. The idea of going to a “Singles Party” or a speed dating event is Hell on Earth. You crave a deep connection, sure, but this feels a bit like dropping Mufasa into a stampede. How can you possibly navigate a room with all those people? You’d just completely shut down. Nope. Not a good move.

11. You’re so flattered if a romantic partner wants to call you…but it also freaks you out. Can you just text me? Please? It might be ridiculous, but phone anxiety is REAL. Introverts like to have time to think of what they’re going to say, so really texting is just us at our best.

12. You could never date multiple people at once. You can really only handle a max of one date a week (unless you REALLY like someone) because it’s just exhausting. The idea of juggling? Oh my god. Bless those who can, but you surely cannot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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