12 Reasons Everyone Needs A Sarcastic Best Friend


1. Nothing is off limits for you to joke about

A sarcastic BFF reminds you to find the humor in…everything. Even things you’d be totally terrified to joke about with other people. Your BFF says something completely horrible and likely to cause a Twitter war if it ever leaked, but with a little dose of sarcasm? It suddenly seems not only palatable, but god damn hilarious. It’s not uncommon for the two of you to say, “Hey, we’re going to Hell, but we’re going together!”

2. They give you endearing pet names

Like “I hate you” or “please just go away!!” But seriously, you know every time they call you a bitch it’s a codeword for “very important person in my life and I’m hashtag blessed to have you.” *heart flutters*

3. They help put things in perspective

When you’re freaking out over WHAT THIS TEXT MESSAGE COULD MEAN?!?! – your BFF is probably saying something borderline mean, honest, and hysterically funny. It breaks your focus on stupid things and reminds you, “Hey, sometimes an eggplant emoji is just an eggplant emoji.”

4. They call you out for being *the worst*

Even if it’s veiled with some humorous shield, they don’t let you get away with stuff. The best people are those who keep us accountable and encourage us to be better, and though it might be a little unconventional, your sarcastic BFF shooting you some funny (but honest) quip might be exactly what you need to hear.

5. They won’t get overly mushy on you

Speaking as the person who DOES get overly mushy, it’s important to have someone who balances you out. If it’s a constant cycle of crying and emotional confessions, WHO WILL GET ANY WORK DONE?!? It’s not that your sarcastic bestie doesn’t have those feely-feels, they just pick the right moments to expose them.

6. You rarely ever get in actual fights

Because you’re already so mean to each other…in the most loving way possible, of course. It takes a lot to ACTUALLY offend you when you’re best friends with a Sarcastic Sally.

7. Real insults from other people hardly phase you

You’ve prepped for this everyday with your bestie. “Oh, you think I’m annoying? My bff just told me to go jump in a hole and die, sooooo whatevs.”

8. You’re an unbeatable team

You could form some unlikely Superhero Squad, like the Avengers but instead, you tap into the powers of witty comebacks to stop all the assholes out there. The sarcastic best friend can lead the way, deflecting all attempts to bring the two of you down with the perfect joke. WATCH OUT, WORLD!

9. You are constantly polishing your improv skills

Even if you aren’t the sarcastic one, you’ve got to try to keep up a bit. This friendship is like a crash course in comedy and you can be sure you’re walking away at least a little bit funnier.

10. They always have your back

They’ve chosen you as a BFF, and don’t take that lightly. It’s a big deal. Even if they don’t act like it is. If someone makes you feel like shit, they’re going to unleash all Hell on that person. Trust, they are there when you need them. And they’ll probably say something to make you laugh or smile through it.

11. You don’t need to binge on Friends

Welllll, you still can. And you probably will. But when you have a real-life version of Chandler at your fingertips? Priceless. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.


12. They know the moments to cut the sarcasm and just be real

You are best friends for a reason, and it’s more than just laughter. Sometimes, it’s real, raw stuff and though sarcasm is the easy way out, your BFF knows when to get sentimental. It might be rare, but that makes it even more special and meaningful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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