The Incredible Album You Need To Listen To Right Now

Stop what you’re doing right now. Seriously. Turn off Netflix. Step away from Monica, Chandler, Joey, and the whole gang for a hot second. I want you to meet your new bae of the day:


Based out of Los Angeles, Blackbear is an artist you’re going to be seeing a lot more of, and soon. With an electro ish-R&B vibe, his new album (Deadroses) is probably my favorite thing right now. It’s been fueling my writing like crazy, so hey Blackbear, I appreciate you!

The whole album is available for streaming on Spotify, and seriously, I encourage you to check it out if you like alternative R&B. Production on the whole thing is so fresh and smooth, I can’t get enough.

My personal favorites off Deadroses:

1. 4u

2. Idfc

3. Dirty Laundry

Hit him up on twitter: @iamblackbear
(and I mean you could tell him I sent you so he will be my friend, but like…NO PRESSURE)

Happy listening! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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