The Ones We Try So Hard To Love

Shutterstock / Stone36
Shutterstock / Stone36

There are people who come into our lives to teach us lessons.

They are the ones you pray will not be learning moments,

The ones who suck sweetness from your lips like candy.

Assume your heart is a gobstopper,


and they will want to drink it until your tear ducts turn dry.

The same ones who spit out apologies for not being able to return your affection.
They will take, but not ask how it feels to be made empty.

They will ask to hear your poetry, but not take ownership for being the muse.

They will not think of you at all.

I suppose you never even asked them to.

But we grow tired of being a temporary landing spot.
Nightingale syndrome,

Thinking we will love you enough.

We will kiss you enough.

We will be there enough
That you will love yourself too
You will kiss us back too
You will be there too
The ones that will make you wonder why you can give so much,
but give nothing to yourself

These people come to teach the most important thing of all.
Nobody can love you better than you must learn to love yourself
Give yourself the love you deserve,

Because in all honesty,
they never knew how to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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