The 13 Perfect Songs To Dance Away 2014

While everyone has been focusing on goals, resolutions, and how to generally be a better person in the upcoming year, I’ve been collecting my favorite songs to shake your groove thing to. Omg. I just said groove thing, I swear I’m not 67 years old. If you’re at the club, a party, or just doing you’re own thing at home, put these songs on and dance away all the regrets of 2014. NEW YEAR BABY!

1. Why Thank You – G-Eazy

“Feeling better than I ever felt, why thank you!”
Honestly, even if you aren’t feeling that great, put this on and you just might.

2. Tell Your Mama – Kehlani

This is just a total feel good anthem. BE NICE. GO TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE THEM. RIGHT NOW.

3. I Think I Love HER – Luke Christopher

Luke Christopher is the man. If you don’t know him, go educate yourself because he is beautiful. The mixtape this song is off is wonderful, so I highly recommend. He flips this Foster The People beat and it’s just so happy, catchy, and perfect to dance 2014 away to.

4. No Flex Zone Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj

I’ve been a Nicki fan forever. My cat is named Nicki Minaj. Is that weird? Probably. But whatevs, NO FLEX ZONE.

5. Gold Coins – Charli XCX

Really enjoyed all of her album, Sucker, and you could substitute this track for almost any of them to ring in the new year. She’s that girl I want to be friends with, but I’m also kind of scared of because she’s so cool and I would probably repeatedly tell her how pretty she is. I’m so chill.

6. Blue Jeans Smims & Belle Remix Ft. Azealia Banks – Lana Del Rey

Two baddies in one.

7. Get Ur Freak On (Gold Top Remix) – Missy Elliot

I don’t even know what to say about this, just…yes. Yes. MY BODY IS TAKING OVER. Can’t…sit…still!

8. Fireball – Pitbull

Part of me wants to curl up in a ball and die that I included Pitbull in this list, but the other part of me says, “FIREBALLLLLLLL!”

9. Act My Age – Hoodie Allen

“I’ll never do that, I wanna stay young. Don’t wanna fit in, I wanna have fun. So if that’s okay, I don’t think I’m ever gonna act my age.”

10. Can’t Sleep Vanic Remix – K.Flay

Love her. Love this remix. Love you? Yeah, I said it. I love you.

11. Reverbtheme – Awkwafina

When are we gonna be best friends though? I’ve already thought of our celeb couple name: Arifina. Internet, make it happen. Please.

12. Miracle – Kimbra (Sammy Bananas Remix)

This is that “I’m at the club on New Years” kinda jam. So if that’s your scene, let it play and do whatever ya’ll do at the club.

13. Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – KYLE

When this comes on, I can’t stop dancing. I actually have a fever and the only prescription is more KYLE! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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