11 Signs You’re An Eternal Optimist

Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde

1. You have an indestructible belief that people are good

You’re way more Locke than Hobbes (high school level history class anyone?!). It’s this feeling you just can’t fight, like shimmying a tiny bit when “Shake It Off” comes on. You might not always like people, because sometimes they suck, but you believe everybody has some good at the core. You gooey pile of love, you.

2. You root for train-wreck celebrities to turn things around

When Britney Spears was having a full blown identity and hair crisis, you weren’t jumping on the “let’s watch this shit show unfold” train. Okay, maybe you did a little…but you mostly just felt for her. You genuinely hope the best for people and truly think it’s never too late for anyone. Except maybe Amy Winehouse.

3. You practice forgiveness, even when people don’t deserve it

Don’t get me wrong, you can get angry as hell. You’re fully capable of going all Carrie Underwood and smashing in car headlights (or maybe just fantasizing about it instead because you know, legal action and all that), but you also forgive. It’s not that you don’t still hurt, but you also realize you can’t control the actions of others, and it’s easier to move forward without harboring resentment.

4. You assume someone will return your lost belongings

Did you leave your phone behind at the restaurant? Your ID mysteriously missing after a night out? You’re not panicked just yet. The idea that someone would steal something rarely enters your mind. People never steal. Ever. You never find your stuff again? No. It wasn’t stolen. It just…has been permanently misplaced.

5. You love inspirational quotes

And can I be real here? EVERYONE DOES. But us optimists are willing to admit it, even if it makes us an easy target for teasing. Yes, sometimes we just Google our hearts out and melodramatically sigh. As Kanye said, “Who gon’ stop me, HUH?”

6. Speaking of Mr. West, you don’t think Kanye is an asshole

You’ve actually defended him (or insert typically considered douchey celebrity of your choice) in conversations and said things like, “I think losing his mom was just really difficult on him.” OR “His cockiness isn’t because he’s a dick, maybe it’s a defense mechanism for his insecurities. He’s a human!!!”

7. You think everyone has a secret optimist inside

…not someone hiding an actual optimist in a basement somewhere, but rather you just think everyone has a soft side to them. Even those hardened individuals who love to show off their tough exterior. You know there’s more. YOU SHALL FIND IT. A Sherlock Holmes for emotion, if you will.

8. You get ahead of yourself in relationships

You try not to. You seriously try not to. But…it just kind of happens. You have been guilty of listening to a Spotify playlist called “Falling In Love” way too soon. Like 4 dates in. Oops.

9. You hope couples will get back together

It’s a big bummer when anyone goes through a difficult break up or heartbreak, and you hate seeing it happen. To be honest, you’re not really over the whole Justin/Britney thing. Still crying a river over that one.

10. You always tell people to follow their dreams

You encourage everyone to pursue their passions, no matter how cheesy and borderline nauseating it might be. You want to be an astronaut? YOU GO GET IN THAT SPACE SHIP! You want to be a world-renowned surgeon? GO CUT SOME PEOPLE UP!!!! You can do it. We believe.

11. You’re quick to give someone a second chance

You’re not a pushover. You’re not weak. You’re not foolish. You just are willing to give things another shot. That’s pretty beautiful, actually. YOU GO GLEN COCO! You give those chances! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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