The Truth About Her LOL Text


Translation: I’m still really pissed off about something that happened earlier, but I’m not going to actually say anything about it until you bring it up.


Translation: I’m testing the waters right now. I’m not sure how you feel about me, so if I throw in an “lol” maybe it will off-set the super vulnerable moment I just had.


Translation: I was really hoping you weren’t going to text me. Please don’t contact me again.


Translation: I’m still figuring out how I feel about you. Waiting on a verdict from the jury.


Translation: I really like you, so much so that I didn’t think just one exclamation point would do my feelings justice. I also may have had too much coffee!!!!! LMAO!!!


Translation: …are you kidding me right now with this? How could you possibly think that’s something I want to hear? DO YOU EVEN USE YOUR BRAIN OR IS IT JUST THERE TO TAKE UP SPACE?!? Whatever, so over it. About to pull a “k” text.


Translation: I am ACTUALLY laughing out loud. This is legit LOL stuff. I even screenshotted this and sent it to my best friend so she can see how hilarious you are.


Translation: We are never ever, EVER getting back together.

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