NY Based Rapper Awkwafina Admits She Wants To Hook Up With Governor Chris Christie

If you don’t already know Awkwafina, NOW YA KNOW. But a quick word of warning before diving into the rest of her videos, have your doc on speed dial because your spleen might spontaneously explode from laughter. New York based rapper, Awkwafina is quirky as hell, hilarious, and can legitimately rap with the best of them. Her latest “Daydreaming” features a mannequin missing his lower half, with faces like: Kevin Bacon, Governor Chris Christie, comedian Sinbad, taped on top. I mean, who hasn’t pretended they were canoodling with a celebrity crush at least once….right? TC mark

Ari Eastman

✨ real(ly not) chill. poet. writer. mental health activist. mama shark. ✨


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