How To Understand Your Life Purpose

Not knowing your life purpose can be one of the most frustrating things. You feel aimless, confused, restless, and uncomfortable; something just doesn’t feel right. Consciously and unconsciously, we want to direct our focus and energy into something that has meaning, that makes us happy, displays our talent, and provides the beat that makes our heart sing. We want to feel our worth and know that we’re valuable and that we belong. We want to know why we are here. Well, everything has a reason—it happens for a reason, arrives for a reason, and departs for a reason. What some do not realize or misinterpret is the reason itself.

The strong yearning we have for articulating and defining our life purpose creates a co-dependent relationship between ourselves and our spirit. It is not that we, as physical Spirit beings, are dependent on our life purpose, we are co-actively creating and living through our life purpose. Our relationship is more symbiotic than dependent, meaning we still retain sovereignty or free will, and not haplessly doing something just to do it. We fulfill our life purpose because we choose to; we have a passion for it, it was destined for us, and it is something that makes us feel good.

What we need to live is energy. But we also need a means to direct that surplus of energy and that target is our life purpose. In hopes of discerning what our life purpose is, we create a story. The plot is based on what we think our desires are and not what we are spiritually aligned with. We may believe we need money, but our alignment is really about being detached from money or learning about charity. We want a relationship, but we’re actually meant to learn about self-sufficiency and self-love. Sometimes, we make our stories our anchors—they are what mentally root us to this world. As a result, we over-identify with that story, rejecting anything we feel detracts or diminishes the importance and perceived desires we strongly have for a certain thing. Our stronghold to our story blocks us from accepting the truth about who we are and what we are here to do.

The moment you let go of your story is when your soul purpose reveals itself. It shines; it is luminous. It feels good, natural. Receptivity is key to having the ‘aha’ moment about what you are here to accomplish in this lifetime. You have to know that it is not always what you think; we always have an inkling about what our purpose is, but over time we’re slowly given signs, pieces, and bits of information of the whole reason why we’re here. Our soul purpose doesn’t have a title—it is a complete action. A person’s soul purpose can be expressing love through mentoring younger souls as they transition into a new cycle of life. That expression can manifest as a high school counselor, young adult therapist, recreational big brother or sister, and other related roles and professions. Your life purpose is a lived statement that you work to fulfill throughout the course of your life.

A fulfilled life is the constant stream of creativity that is actively exhibited through accomplishing our life purpose. Love, the supreme energy of existence, permeates not only through our communion with others, but is also the reason imbued in each and every single individual life purpose. Our life or soul purpose is an expression of love; it is a facet of love’s operation in our universe. When we love ourselves, we then act as love. We attract love, and we learn to understand that we are love, an emanation of love. We are inextricably connected to love. We are its progeny. We are love and love is us.

Once we view the world beyond our ego, become open, mend, and mesh our hearts with our mind, we can then receive our soul purpose statement and begin performing it. Manifestation is how we acquire the tools, people, and experiences to achieve our life purpose and live fulfilling lives. Manifestation is the art of self-love, where we channel our creative energy into materializing our needs and desires aligned with the truth of who we are—the truth is, again, us being representations of love in the physical world.

For a moment, let go of your story. Start being curious about what else you could be doing and what else you are meant to do. Start asking questions, start requesting signs, symbols, and resources about your soul purpose. Write down your core values and research what reflects them. As you work on being open and imaginative, your purpose will start emerging. Readings and life coaching can help, too. Just know that it is a process; your means of executing your purpose will develop, expand, and change overtime according to your growth and ascension, specifically the more you synthesize with love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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