Why Sleeping People Are Adorable And Cute Babies Are Edible

Why do I find people who are asleep adorable and cute babies edible? Let’s look at the first phenomenon.

My brother and I fight. A lot. Physically and verbally. All day long, at every possible opportunity, with everything thing we have sans maturity. However, the moment he falls asleep, it’s as if I’m in a trance. All lovey-dovey feelings take over and I find him inexplicably and overwhelmingly cute. I just want to cuddle up to him and keep him warm and dark and perpetually in a state of deep, satisfying rest. I reason that maybe it’s my desire to see him asleep forever manifesting itself in strange and devious ways. Or maybe it’s because that’s the only time I can express my affection for him without being judged for it.

But no, I discovered that similar feelings arise towards anyone who is asleep, or towards most sleeping people I have come across. I love aiding people in falling asleep. When someone falls asleep on my shoulder in a car or on my lap for a nap in a sad, bedless place, I do everything I can to keep them comfortable. Every time I came across anyone in my university hostel sleeping with the lights on or without a blanket, I’d trespass into their rooms to make them more comfortable. I neither have any murderous or affectionate feelings for most of them. Hence, I couldn’t use the same reasoning as I did with my brother.

So instead I reason that it’s probably the fact that they are so powerless in the situation, all instincts to compete for survival are put to rest. They are asleep with their guard down and I am in complete control and automatically take on the role of a protector. Okay, that might have sounded rather extreme. But you see, if an arch enemy (I’m sure it’s no fun to have one but it sure is fun to talk about an arch enemy) of mine were asleep in front of me, I don’t think I would kill him/her off. Quite possibly, I’d give them a snuggle and a peck on the forehead.

One too many movies have one of the romantic leads gazing lovingly at the sleeping partner. And so many advertisements have mothers gazing lovingly and sleeplessly at their offspring. But in my case, it’s chronic and rampant. I love sleeping people. If I were the Prince in the Sleeping Beauty, that bitch would never be waking up. I’d be fluffing her pillow and helping her count sheep.

Now, to the babies. In the face of extreme cuteness, I’m clueless. I do not know what to do and that frustrates me. The feeling grows within me till finally I just want to eat the baby, albeit lovingly. Actually, rather voraciously. I have no clue what I’d do to sleeping babies. Yet. TC mark

image – mydearDelilah

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  • http://www.facebook.com/grc15r Gregory Costa

    I allow my cat to sleep on me.  Nothing else.  I don’t want human drool on me, nor do I want a ruptured ear drum from snoring 2 inches from my face.  Also, I’m not a pillow.  I’ve just accepted my cat will never understand that. 

  • blarfengargh


  • jen

    This was one the most random, pointless, yet so very enlightening posts

    • Ardra

      Thanks! :)

  • http://twitter.com/blueicefiesta Aly

    I LOVE this post! The part about sleeping beauty just killed me. I get you because I’m like that too :)

  • Jazzy

    The last paragraph made me laugh out loud. 

  • guest
  • Nummy

    I completely relate to the wanting to eat babies part. I thought that was just me.

  • Nummy

    I completely relate to the wanting to eat babies part. I thought that was just me.

  • http://summerslowrunner.wordpress.com/ Summer @ summerslowrunner

    I have no idea why sleep suddenly makes someone 100x more endearing, but it totally does. My boyfriend can be awake, obnoxious and annoying the shit out of me, possibly even have just done something to actively piss me off; yet the moment he passes out on the couch I’m helpless against his charm. Maybe it’s the drool spilling out of his mouth, the not-so-faint scent of stale booze and cigarettes, the bird’s nest of a mess on his head that he calls his hair because I plead with him not to cut it “just yet,” who knows. But he’s adorable and I feel all my angst and irritation melt away when he’s sleepy.

    Babies, on the other hand, I despise at all times and would never put my mouth anywhere near one.

  • London

    I used to take pictures of people sleeping in public because I’m weird. Also, because they’re at their most defenseless and always, always look peaceful and beautiful. This is their most shameless, open and honest self on display.

  • Cute.


  • Shyam

    makhau post

  • Sreekanth

    i dont think bisu rath will look cute in any format

  • Jill Corbally

    Wow! That is like me! I enjoyed reading :) I’ve been trying to figure out what it is and i’m still searching anyways I am like you in a few ways except I don’t want to eat them lol. Great post though:-)

  • Ik

    Dude i am so high right know …

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