He Kidnapped Her So She’d Be His To Control

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“I must be inside you, now” he whispered urgently moving his lips to her neck to suck at the skin, the need to brand her as his own overtaking his power of reason making him forget he was supposed to be kidnapping her.

The thrust of her hips upwards to rub her pussy against his hard cock confined in his trousers in reply told him she was in agreement. Grinning with triumph he caught her lips again and devoured her mouth. Then without further hesitation he took up her invitation pulling off her yet still unable to stop kissing her. She was a drug he was fast becoming addicted to.

“Caress your pussy,” he ordered. “I want to see you touching and enjoying your body,” his voice was thick with lust.

She stared up at him confused, a gentle blush lighting her cheeks and did not move to obey him. He leaned over her and reached out his hand to slap both breasts, one at a time. He marvelled at the way she gasped and the mounds jumped and quivered. Their skin suffused with pink piquing his arousal. He repeated the action and tapped her pussy with three smacks, deliberately and expertly cupping the v- shape to whip over her clit and increase her arousal as well as to discipline. Her helpless cries rang out like soft pleasurable moans around the room and now she was eager to do as she was told. Her fingers slid nervously in to the heavy wetness drenching her sex and the insides of her thighs. He watched her pinch and manipulate the clit before stroking the sides of her vulva as he undid his bow tie.

“Open your vagina and bare it to me.”

Nervously she used both hands to open it up, widening her legs as if she was being medically and internally examined. It made her look all the more helpless. The walls were rose petal pink and so moist with her thick juice.

“Now, put your finger inside yourself. Yes, that’s it, in and out. Work yourself for me. I will fuck you the minute I am undressed and I will spank you if you are not ready to accept me.”

Unbuttoning his shirt he viewed Cecilia tentatively entering her body and thrusting her finger in and out of herself. He couldn’t help but smile. It was clear from her slow movements and reluctance she had never done it before, never explored her own delights or shown herself pleasuring her body to a man. She was need of being sexually taken in hand and mastered. She was a natural submissive. He could feel it and he wanted to be the one to make her surrender.

Eventually she became more comfortable with him watching and she started to lose herself in her pleasure, gently moaning with her own touch.

Matteo wore no underwear and when he pulled down his trousers his long hard cock sprang forth to point at his captive. And that was what she was, his captive. Fiery desire threatened to break loose and consume him at the notion. The fragile beauty was his to do as he pleased with. A surge of possessive need and power coursed through his veins but it was accompanied by an overwhelming desire to protect the woman with every instinct and strength he had at his disposal. What was she doing to him?

He was about to remove his mask but then he remembered he could not be identified leaving the hotel carrying his beautiful captive bound, gagged and perhaps naked over his shoulder. It had to appear she was staying with him as a friend until the matter with Michael could be concluded. If anyone saw him, the respectability of the Lazzaro family would be compromised and they had suffered enough. Not until Cecilia was safely under lock and key in the Palazzo would he reveal his full identity. It seemed ludicrous. He was about to make love to the woman but then the allure of remaining mysterious calmed his will to make her face who took her so arrogantly and boldly upon capture.

Matteo jumped back on to the bed. In preparation Cecilia removed her fingers. He poised his penis at the tunnel entrance that led to her cervix. Gripping her hips, he embedded himself inside her to the hilt with one hard claiming thrust. He moaned with the relief of being inside the woman feeling a sense of triumph when she echoed her own pleasure with a loud cry.

Matteo moved inside Cecilia with hard staccato movements, jolting and shuddering her body with their strength. He wanted to be rough with her and she was more than willing for him to be so by the way her hips grinded and met all of his stabs in to her body.

“Up. I want you on my lap,” he instructed in a deep voice leaving her in no doubt he did not expect to be challenged.

The Count swept an arm under her waist and lifted her up in to his lap. Immediately he continued to move upwards inside her, forcing her to ride him and push down on his cock filling her deep. He directed her backwards over his arm so he could nip and tug at her nipple with his teeth.

She was close and he was ready to explode inside her. He needed her to come.

‘Come for me. Come for me now, Caramia,” he demanded.

The Count surprised her by giving her sore buttocks two harsh slaps. She cried out and began to orgasm on cue. Matteo took his own as her velvet muscles massaged his cock and shot his seed within her, a small undetected thought of it reaching her womb and fertilizing it fluttering with need at the back of his mind.

It seemed an age before they were both spent. Her head fell against his chest causing the powerful protective feeling he’d felt towards her to rise again. Unable to help himself he tucked his finger under her chin and lifted her face up towards him to brush her lips with a loving kiss.

“Will you really kidnap me now,” she asked. “Even after we have made love?”

Her pale blue eyes looked up at him, imploring him like a child. Cold reality began to intrude once again. Unwilling to let the moment go he kissed her again.

“I am sorry. I have no choice,” it was all he could say.

Tears filled her eyes and temper rose on her pretty features. She beat her fists at his chest and tried to move off his lap. Matteo held her fast. Her movement was stirring his spent desire back in to life. He thrust up inside her again to still her struggles and took hold of her mane of red gold hair whilst his free hand slipped lightly around her throat. He pulled her head backwards.

“You will come with me quietly or I will gag and bind you,” he told her firmly.

“I will make as much noise as I can. I won’t let you do this to me.”

Cecilia raised her hand to slap him but he caught her wrist easily and lowered it. He moved his hand back to her throat and gently squeezed it to calm her passion.

“There is nothing you can do. Submit to me and your fate.”


Again she struggled arousing him. Now back to being fully hard and ready he brought his lips down hard on her own to drown out her curses. He wanted to feel he’d roused her to desire again, knowing a part of her was enthralled as well as appalled at her unexpected need to be captured like a princess and carried away. He decided to give her a moment to surrender before pulling away and he was not to be disappointed.

When she realized her vain half attempt at struggling was not to sway him, she gave in to his kiss, seemingly enjoying the careful support of his gentle but firm guiding hand at her throat and the dominating way he thrust his cock to bring her under control again. Within seconds her angry muffled protests turned to moans and her hands stopped beating his chest to cling on to his muscled arms. Her body met his thrusts and then she was quickly crying out her orgasm against his lips as his own climax burst forth to soak her channel.

The night was dark and filled with heavy wet mist. It hung low over the small narrow Venetian canal as the water lapped like a thirsty dog at the walls of the hotel and buildings on the other side. The Count led Cecilia out of the small back entrance to a gondola. He still wore his mask and he had insisted she wear her own red and black velvet one to obscure her identity. Underneath her long black coat she wore nothing but her thigh length black suede boots. The Count had forbidden her any underwear and her breasts bounced freely.

All he had to do was to slip his hand beneath the cashmere folds of the coat, feel the silky white lining caress his skin as he stroked her thigh above the boot. His fingertips moving ever closer to the ripe wetness that waited for him to sink in to when he invaded her pussy lips. Or maybe he would simply choose to cup and hold a breast, pinching and playing with its tip until she cried out. With her body accessible on her capture she was his to do with as he pleased.

As the gondolier brought the boat closer to the side Matteo held Cecilia protectively. He wanted her to feel as safe as she could with him despite the circumstances. But he could not remove the image of her naked beneath the coat. Deciding to indulge his fantasy, he slipped his hand underneath her coat eager to feel the softness of her skin once more.

Matteo made contact with her naked stomach first. Slowly, gently he teased her with the stroke of his fingers before moving to her hip to hold it possessively. She looked up at him through the mask with confused yet lustful eyes. There was shame burning in them as well. It seemed she could still not forgive herself for finding herself attracted to her captor even after their insatiable coupling in her room. The Count couldn’t help but smile at the intoxicating paradox.

He smoothed his palm over once juicy buttock, cupping and lifting it before gripping it tightly. Trailing his fingers up her spine, the curved swell of her breast was next to feel his attending caress. They were full rounded mounds, large but pert, begging for milking had they been full of it. The vision of him closing his lips around the teat to suckle and draw her milk forth penetrated Matteo’s mind.

Matteo continued his intimate secret caress, flexing his thumb over Cecilia’s nipple, simply because he could. A small cry escaped her cherry lips prompting a grin of triumph from his sensuously curved lips. The door of the hotel was opened again. Another masked man appeared carrying a woman over his shoulder. She was kicking like a wild cat at his body with her feet and her hands were tied behind her back. Clearly Cecila’s friend, Patricia had been causing too much noise and fuss because his cousin Lorenzo, had gagged the woman with his bow tie.

Patricia also wore an eye mask like her captor and she too was wearing a long coat. Matteo had no doubts she was as naked as babe beneath it like Cecilia. By the look in Lorenzo’s black eyes he was quite enjoying the kidnap scenario as he carried the struggling woman to the gondola. Perhaps he had made love to her just as Matteo had to Cecilia. The Count pulled sharply on his own captive’s nipple making her yelp. He pulled it taut and tight, holding it out in a painful stretched out position.

“You should know by now I do not tolerate disobedience. Try me as your friend is doing to Lorenzo and I will remove the coat and make you ride naked in the gondola for all to appreciate your body. Do I make myself perfectly clear?” he challenged quite relishing the thought of it, watching her squirm and blush with shame, her nipples tight and erect with the cold atmosphere.

“Yes,” she said slowly, eyeing him warily.


Cecilia gave another small cry of surprise when Matteo let go of her nipple and dipped his body to sweep an arm under her legs and lift her up. He stepped close to the edge and handed her to the gondolier. He deposited in to the long boat on the lover’s seat. Matteo got in beside her. Lorenzo nodded at him and lowered Patricia to the ground as the Count’s gondola drifted away to allow the second one to approach.

The moment Patricia’s feet touched the ground she kicked Lorenzo hard. Incensed, he roughly pushed his fingers down the front of her coat and pulled her close to him. He did not speak or show his anger verbally but he seemed determined to teach her a lesson.

Matteo watched him raise the red coat to bare her unclothed bottom to the elements and to them all. Her pale white flesh appeared soft and vulnerable in the misty night with the moonlight doing its best to penetrate the veil. It was small and tight not as luscious and generous as Cecilia’s but still worthy of admiration nonetheless. There was already a gentle blush adorning its seat and Matteo could just make out an impression of Lorenzo’s palm print across her reddening skin where he had obviously spanked her over his knee in her room on capture.

Lorenzo had always been skilful in chastising a woman for bad behaviour with a good firm bare bottom spanking like himself. It made Matteo give a small laugh. Usually the woman was immediately subdued and ready to be submissive, even amenable to being mounted but tonight he seemed to be having trouble. Perhaps Patricia was the challenge in a woman his cousin had been longing for all of this time.

Lorenzo tightened his grip on Patricia’s back, holding the back of the uplifted coat underneath his hand. He raised his palm and slapped her bottom hard, three times. The noise of spanked bare female buttock flesh bounced and echoed tantalizingly around the aging walls of the hotel and apartments on either side of the winding canal. Her bottom jumped and quivered with each perfectly aimed quick successive strike he delivered. Patricia’s body bucked against his cousin pressing her directly upon his shaft giving a misleading impression he was ramming hard inside her.

Patricia sobbed against her gag. But he was not to stop there. Suddenly Lorenzo moved her a little way from him to expose the delights of neatly shaven dark curled pussy, framed by the top of her lifted coat and black knee high boots. Matteo’s boat was still close enough for him to see small droplets of moisture on the curls. It seemed Lorenzo’s previous discipline and his present action was arousing his reluctant captive.

Still holding Patricia firmly, Lorenzo tightened his jaw and handsome dark features with stern determination. He cupped her pussy with his large but manicured hand and spanked it four times. After which, he alternated slapping her buttocks and then her pussy spinning and turning her. It was an enchanting spectacle of discipline and shaming. The gondoliers looked on with approval and chuckled.

When he’d finished Patricia’s punishment, Lorenzo viewed her tear stained eyes and red bottom with approval. Then he scooped her up in to his arms and threw her to the gondolier. The man caught her with ease and put her on to the seat in the boat. Lorenzo stepped in and sat down beside her. Clearly satisfied Patricia had learned her lesson he untied her hands and the gag just as the gondola moved away from the small jetty protruding from the hotel. It was a mistake. Lorenzo’s arrogance caused him to underestimate the strength of anger and determination in the small woman.

The moment her hands were free, Patricia turned and raised her hand to slap the side of Lorenzo’s face hard. Matteo’s eyes widened in surprise and for a moment he feared his cousin might respond badly. No woman had ever dared to commit such an act against Lorenzo.

The Count’s cousin stared at Patricia, the black in his eyes swirling like thunder clouds making her cease her struggles at once. Her eyelashes fluttered with fear at the way he sat looking without reacting. As though in defence she raised her hand again and this time he caught it easily before it made contact with his face.

Matteo heard Patricia cry out as Lorenzo forced her to face frontwards as he pinned her hand and arms against the curved wooden top of the black velvet seat trimmed with ornate gilt. He held them above her with strength, giving her no choice but to slide down the seat until her bottom hung over it in the air. Then he brought his lips crashing down on hers, forcing his tongue in to her mouth to silence her cursing tongue, his passion roused.

As the boat drifted closer, Matteo found himself admiring the way Lorenzo unbuttoned Patricia’s overcoat with one hand at speed. His other hand maintained his tight grip on her hands above her head while his lips were still firmly pressed to hers. At first she moved restlessly against him, determined to be defiant but as his kiss persisted she began to accept his dominance and welcomed his reign of power. She moaned against his lips when he opened her coat and bared her body.

Lorenzo’s hand went first to her pussy to give it two small slaps in retaliation for her striking at his face. He followed the punishment with a gentle but firm swipe of his hand across her breasts. Smaller than Cecilia’s, Patricia’s breasts were still perfectly formed and tight. They wobbled and shook from side to side with each carefully aimed chastising strike making Matteo take a breath.

Unable to prevent his need to touch Cecilia intimately, he circled her small waist with his hand and brought her closer to him. At first she pushed her hand against his chest annoyed but the unexpected brush of his lips made her soften a little.

“I want to touch you. Open your legs,” he demanded tucking his fingers under her chin to raise her face to him. When she did nothing and remained defiant he shook his head slowly. “Remember what I told you back in the room. I am in charge of your life and your body. If I want to caress you and bring you pleasure, then I will,” he told her arrogantly. “Now part those luscious damp thighs of yours or do you want me to make you?”

Cecilia lowered her eyes to hide her thoughts. A gentle pink blush painted her cheeks giving her a coy almost childlike appearance. A sensuous smile curled Matteo’s lips when he realized Cecilia’s motivation for her willingness to take a risk on disobeying her kidnapper. She wanted him to make her. His blood stirred. The woman was fast showing him she was perfect for him. It was a tragedy he would not be able to make her his own in every sense of the word. But something told him the disagreeable scene they were both enfolded in would not stop him.

There was no need to say anything else. The Count reached down slipping his hands up the coat feeling the brush of her suede thigh boots and harshly parted her legs. Cecilia whimpered as he dug his fingers in to her flesh to hold them open when she tried to resist. His hand moved quickly cupping her sex to spank it just as Lorenzo had done to Patricia. At the same time, he wove his fingers through the satin strands of her hair to pull on the red curls hard. Like her friend, Matteo’s prisoner was receptive to her punishment.

He felt her sex dampen further already lubricated from their fervent fucking in her room. The Count took her mouth wanting more of her, intrigued and appreciate of her deepening need to submit to him. Tugging her hair to torment her restless wanton movement against him, the Count stroked his fingers along her pussy. Playing with the small nub he heard her purr and allowed his gaze with Cecilia’s to fall upon Lorenzo and Patricia.

Instead of being outraged and struggling, this time Patricia moaned loudly with pleasure when Lorenzo spanked her breasts again. Matteo could hear Lorenzo grunt with satisfaction at her submission. His fingers moved fast from her breasts back to her vagina to splay it open. Even from where he sat the Count could see the delicate rose pink folds of her sex pouting at him as Lorenzo held her in a precarious position hanging over the seat. Part of her new punishment seemed to be the uncomfortable way he held her down but it appeared to fuel Patricia’s sudden need for his robust touch.

There was no one around the two small boats but Matteo knew that once they crept further in to the main canal ways of the city they would come across the crowds of tourists and carnival party revellers. Like himself, Lorenzo would be excited by the idea of being viewed displaying his prowess in taking a woman and bringing her naked body to the heights of pleasure with an audience. Protected by his mask he would be able to do exactly as he wished and keep his identity secret.

Both Matteo and Cecilia could see Lorenzo tug on Patricia’s small clit. By the way he easily pushed his middle finger up inside her folds and through her channel, Patricia was heavily wet and ready for his entry. Lorenzo startled them all when he removed his finger from Patricia’s pussy and undid the zip of his tuxedo trousers. He wore no underwear and his long thick cock sprang free and erect.

Straddling Patricia’s body he was heard to snap a command at her to hold on to the back of the seat to support the top half of her body. Placing his knees on the bottom of the boat, Lorenzo cupped her bare bottom underneath the coat and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and inside. Then holding both cheeks tightly he bucked his hips strongly and embedded his length deep inside her to the hilt with a savage grunt. Patricia gave a sensuous cry and began to raise her hips to meet each of his powerful claiming thrusts.

Patricia’s naked body bounced with every push in to her sex. She was fully visible to the gondolier as he guided the boat through the canal at the side of Matteo and Cecilia and clearly he was enjoying watching her being firmly fucked in to desirable submission. Lorenzo bent his head to catch the teat of one breast between his teeth and nipped it.

Matteo moved two of his fingers up inside Cecilia’s sex. He loved the feeling of being inside her again. She made him feverish with need. He pulsed them back and forth then deep when he heard her panting increase along with and almost in time with her friend’s. Suddenly Matteo could see Lorenzo’s lean muscled frame tighten as Patricia’s pretty features slackened with the commencement of her orgasm. Lorenzo began stabbing his long driving thrusts shaking the boat from side to side, rippling the smooth water sending it thrashing against the walls enclosing the canal. Just before they came in to view with a motor launch and the beginnings of the restaurants and a bridge, Patricia cried out her orgasm. Lorenzo came a second later. Their bodies jolted and joined violently in passion.

Matteo kissed Cecilia once more enthralled and deepened his kiss, thrusting his fingers a little more cruelly in to her channel. Her cry of climax broke out against his lips. He felt the silky wet muscles of her channel close tight around his fingers trapping them there, holding him deep inside her body, joining them together.

When she was finally spent from the pleasure he had thrust upon her he was reluctant to remove his fingers. They felt snug and warm, even comforting inside her body. He did not want to break their connection. Gently he moved them back and forth for a moment, not to arouse but to soothe and comfort. His action was rewarded. Cecilia allowed her head to fall on his shoulder and pressed her body closer. The urge to protect her became overwhelming once more. He kissed the top of her head. Something had happened between them tonight and he never wanted it to end however much his reason told him it had to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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