Animalistic Punishment In The Chateau’s Stable (NSFW)

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Maxim walked briskly to the stable situated at the side of The Chateau’s Main Building. It was 5 PM and the sun was lowering in the sky casting cool shadows around the grounds, heralding the approach of early evening. He nodded to one of the army of suited security men patrolling the grounds as he approached the long rectangular building purposely built ten years ago to compliment the architecture of the Chateau. He could hear the muffled sounds of female giggles and shrieks coming from behind the edifice.

Behind the stables were two large fields and beyond them a meadow and pasture between two opposite rows of pine trees. One of the fields was used for coupling when the breeding season came each year. There were six mares in the field. All of them had been carefully selected and were accompanied by two stallion studs.

It was the Chateau’s own breeding season both in the stables and the milking house. However in the main house it was open season all year round when the students graduated. A ball was held every time a group graduated where the sons of some of the wealthiest families of the world would be allowed to sample and begin to devise a choice of bride. The women were the daughters of noble and affluent parents and of good stock offered to make a good breeding and financial match to perpetuate the family line.

The whole process took a whole weekend of activities and culminated in an auction on the Monday. Each student would be expected to successfully bid and win his choice of bride. Some would be bidding for more than one and the game became highly competitive. To graduate and leave the Chateau with a bride, the breeding process must have commenced. The woman must be penetrated three times in front of a panel of judges and witnesses. The student would also be expected to demonstrate three types of discipline and role play.

The student would only receive his degree certificate when the female had been examined by the Chateau’s medical staff and have been found to have conceived within two months. All of the prospective graduates and brides had been made to undertake stringent fertility tests and had taken a course of the Chateau’s own formulated potent herbal tablets and injections to facilitate the process quickly. In addition the students were prescribed a tall glass of breast milk fresh from the udder from the Chateau’s own milking house mixed with another remedy in the week leading up to the graduation weekend. This helped to optimise the potency of each man’s seed. Maxim couldn’t wait to preside over his first graduation weekend as Dean of The Chateau.

He paused at the fence of the coupling field. The Chateau’s stable manager stood handsome tall and strong in the middle in his black riding outfit and boots supervising proceedings. Around him were six beautiful mares. Like the gentle heifers in the milking house the human pony mares were perfected by enhancing make-up. Each sported full cherry pouting lips and on top of their heads their long hair was pulled straight and tight in to a high pony tail. Protruding from their anal entrances were carefully constructed tails of the same colour as their hair. They were enchanting creatures. Three of them still wore their harnesses. Normally when led to the field to be mounted by the stallion they were allowed to have the comfort of their nakedness. However, if the mare had been misbehaving or indulging in mischief then the harness was left in place so they could easily be tethered and brought to heel by the stable manager.

The harness was made of black leather straps that hung from a collar around the neck. They wound around the mare’s breasts to frame and lift them while they remained naked and hanging freely. The straps fed down the stomach, over the hips and thighs leaving the filly’s bottom bare falling from the gap like a ripe peach and her shaven sex highlighted by the v shape it made around it. The tail was also held in place by straps on the outfit. There were several brass rings hanging from various parts of the harness and a clip for a lead at the neck allowed the manager to quickly tie the mare should he deem it necessary.

Pierre held a long bullwhip. He unraveled it with one practiced long stroke to catch the bare bottom of a harnessed mare who thought it amusing to run from the stud and force him to chase her, giggling as she went. She was an enticing sight with her dark nipples tight and erect with arousal. Maxim could detect wetness dampening her thighs as she ran. She would produce good stock with her delicate pretty pale features. Hopefully she would agree to being bred a second time. The whip flicked neatly through her tail to catch and sting her left buttock with precision. She gave a loud yelp jumping in to the air but she did not stop her running. Once again Pierre struck her buttocks and ordered her to stop. But it was the stallion who brought her mischief to an end.

Maxim could not help but admire the human stallion’s strong male prowess and black glossy gleaming physique as he powered after the mare to mount her. He was free of any restraint allowed to roam dominant in the field. His muscles rippled like a healthy young thoroughbred racehorse, his mane of long black braided hair cascading down his square shoulders. The stud’s long thick cock was erect and pointing out before him ready to impregnate not one but three of the six mares in the field. He caught up with the naughty mare and sprung lithe as a panther to tackle her to the ground. Maxim’s cock stirred watching the predator leap to bring down his prey wondering what it would be like to mount Carla like a stallion naked in a field. He joined Pierre in giving a satisfied chuckle, delighting in seeing the mare brought to task by the stallion.

Her giggles were replaced by a startled surprised cry but she did not display fear, attempt to resist or get away. Instead Maxim could see her eyes glaze with desire when the stallion’s body and cock, already shining with lubricated excitement rubbed against her bottom and the tops of her thighs. He held her face downwards on the grass. But the mare wanted to carry their game a little further. She kicked her legs against the grass making the handsome stallion grin.

He took hold of the tail and twisted the butt plug half of it that had been fed by the stable groom in to her tight anal entrance. She gave a gasp as he pushed it in further, twisting and turning the plug in her dark channel. Then he draped the tail over her back to bare her backside raising another smile from Maxim who knew what fate was to befall the mare.

Hunter James was an American stallion employed by the Chateau for his excellent breeding record. It was a pleasure to watch him work. Hunter appeared at his happiest in the breeding field. He was proud of his profession as a contracted very well paid stallion. Maxim was appreciative of his cock’s sturdy length and ability to erect quickly and fill with seed not long after impregnating a mare, ready for the next. He produced excellent offspring.

Even though the mare’s legs still kicked the stallion lifted her hips until her bottom was raised from the ground, holding down the rest of her body with his hand on her back. When in place he cupped her delightfully clean shaven pussy to hold her steady. Maxim watched him press his hand firmly against the pink folded out lips as he raised his free hand and struck it across her left buttock to begin her much needed spanking.

The mare’s flesh jumped and quivered with each hard perfectly aimed slap. The noise of flesh being struck accompanied by a mixture of cries and pleasurable moans filled the air to mix with the distant eerie call of the peacocks walking the grounds.

It wasn’t long before the female human pony’s legs ceased to kick. Still crying out with the slaps she began to move her pink stinging bottom back seductively to meet the harsh caress of the stallion’s hand allowing her nipples to rub against the grass and spur her arousal.

In another corner of the field three mares of honey blush and pale peach skin lay together. These mares were fully naked. Obviously they had been duly submissive and compliant and were permitted the freedom of not wearing their harnesses. Maxim studied their full swollen plum coloured tipped breasts and soft plump heavily wet vaginas. He surmised with satisfaction that they had already been well ridden by the stallions. He hoped the stud’s seed was seating itself deep and bearing fruit in their wombs. As they touched and caressed each other’s face, breasts and stroked their engorged pussies Maxim imagined them in the same pose, their stomachs full and rounded, ripe and ready to give birth. It would be wonderful to watch.

The very idea made him think of Carla. His length swelled and pushed against his trousers reminding him he had not yet been inside her, something he would be able to remedy very soon.

Not far from Hunter and to Pierre’s opposite side, a white male bronzed by the sun held two females firmly by their ponytails on either side of him. These mares were also harnessed and had clearly been causing the stallion a lot of trouble for their own amusement. Like Hunter he stood tall and dominant, his long straight dark brown hair falling on his shoulders. Tyler Grant was another American and another excellent breeding stallion.

The expression on his handsome dark features was one of brazen arrogance and triumph at having caught his prey. Although they kicked and beat their fists in to the air towards him he tugged on their hair and made them lower and kneel at his feet on either side. As with the other deliberately misbehaving mare Maxim watched the defiance in their eyes begin to melt and glaze with desire at the stallion’s rough handling. Clutching at the broad tight muscles of his legs to support themselves they looked up at him and his large long cock thrusting in to the air with sudden submissive awe. They began to rub their naked breasts against his thighs and attempted to push their wet vaginas against his calves.

Tyler gave a grin standing still to indulge them for a moment. Then he bent to slip his fingers through the straps of their harnesses at the back where it fastened the bra part and lifted them up. He made on of them kneel on all fours first and then pulling the other up against his waist he deposited her on top of the other mare making her straddle the filly. The mare on top gave a small whiney of pleasure as she clasped her hands around the breasts of her lower field companion to correct her balance and hold on. The stallion spread her legs wide over the top of the lower human pony’s bottom so that her damp sex sluiced over the other’s skin. The top pony girl’s bottom was now open wide exposing her puckered anal entrance for all to see.

The stud worked his fingers in to the lower filly’s fussy, already wet from frolicking with the other mares and the stallion’s initial lapping of his tongue when he first approached her to initiate intercourse. He sank them deep, expertly stroking the nub of needy flesh until she panted and bucked her bottom backwards as though she were a horse in a rodeo trying to throw her rider. In response the mare on her back clung tighter to her breasts, pinching and tugging harshly on the nipples to exact revenge and hold on.

Tyler Grant leaned forward to press his palm on to the back of the first human pony. He slipped his long tongue from between his lips and leaned forward to begin licking at the mare’s open anal entrance sending her in to rapturous cries of animalistic pleasure. His lapping of her flesh appeared almost in time with his finger thrust of the pussy of the pony girl beneath.

Maxim was impressed. He and his father had handpicked the new stallion for breeding and he was more than adequately fulfilling his role. It was vital that the women who contracted to take on the role of a mare in the stable or a human cow in the milking house to breed received intense care and pleasure in the process. Their every need was to be catered for and every whim attended to. It was satisfying to see the mares so happy and deeply pleasured. They were sure to produce healthy offspring.

The stallion circled the tip of his tongue around the entrance, tantalising the mare until she moved rubbing her wet sex and clit against the back of the other, trying to reach satisfaction with the friction. Content at her actions and that her companion beneath was ready to receive his penis, Tyler guided his cock towards the filly’s vaginal entrance and with one thrust embedded himself inside her to the hilt.

Maxim inhaled a quick breath almost feeling the power of the stud’s thrust, imagining the strength of his own as he entered Carla for the first time. He watched the stallion pump hard in to the mare, his strong bronzed muscled flanks moving with powerful grace, skilfully mastering the female in to submission and conception. She was just one of many in Tyler’s harem. That morning he had already impregnated three other mares and claimed them for his own. This afternoon another three would belong to him, his hot seed flourishing inside them. He would continue to repeat the process until they could be tested and found to be carrying.

Tyler’s thrusts became staccato. His defined buttock muscles clenched tight with his movement. Then his movement slowed until his thrusts were hard stabs causing the mare to begin coming and cry out her climax. The top pony girl cried out her own a second later and with a growl Tyler came spurting his fertile seed inside her channel.

The sound of Pierre’s bullwhip making contact with bare flesh caught Maxim’s attention. He glanced in the direction the whip was aiming at for a second time and found himself riveted. Hunter had entered his catch and was pumping fast inside of her. The stud gave a loud grunt as the whip lashed against the full width of his muscled buttocks. With each strike he deepened his thrust and drove faster, harder to the screaming pleasure of the filly.

It was a condition of Hunter James’s work contract that he would receive the strike of a whip when breeding. He believed it spurred him on and helped him to seat his seed deep. His success rate was proof of it. The stallion’s buttocks lifted to meet the strike rippling across his tight bottom and then pushed forwards to dig his penis even deeper. He came with a loud animal cry of triumph and the mare screamed her own passionate climax in unison.

Maxim gave a wave to Pierre and then turned to enter the stable. He could hear a lecturer talking. There were twenty stalls on each side and he could now see the lecturer and his group of students who had already witnessed the breeding session before Hunter and Tyler’s at the bottom of the building. He glanced down as he walked towards them determined to make sure Carla’s stall was shut and guarded as she was prepared and bridled. To his relief he could see that his orders were being carried out to the letter.

The young men were being shown some of the stable’s new show ponies. He could hear one of ponies crying out. Confused and disturbed he picked up his pace to find the source of distress. He was very protective of the mares and would take anyone mistreating them to task. The students and lecturer where beginning to crowd around a stall five down from Carla’s on the opposite side. A new pony was refusing to be bridled and the female groom was cruelly whipping her bare bottom with a riding crop to stop her from rearing and kicking.

The mare had clearly accepted the harness because they had been able to tether her to the large hoop on the back white washed wall which kept her bent forwards and forced her bottom in to the air. Only one of her wrists was cuffed to the side of the stall above the bed by a long leather strap fed through a large hoop on the wall. The other free hand reached out to hit at the groom, Thierry.

The stall was wide with plenty of room and hygienically clean. To one side there was a small shower cubicle containing restraints where the mare could be tied to enable the groom to cleanse her body. There was also a sink and on the other side a large sleeping area was sunk in to the floor with crimson silk cushions and bedding. It contrasted well with the white middle area used to keep the mare tethered in the day for examinations, bridling, harnessing, brushing and any deserved chastisement.

The new mare, Jem reminded him of an elegant Palamino. She had a long mane and tail of platinum blonde hair. Her skin was blushed a gentle terracotta from the sun. She was shaking her mane in fury and her tail swished about her legs every time she tried to rise from her confined position. Many of the new fillies were daunted by wearing the bridle and being led out in the harness for training on their first day. Maxim was annoyed at the inept way the grooms were handling the delicate situation.

Before trying to fit the bridle they should have ensured both wrists were cuffed. Furthermore her legs should have been spread and her ankles restrained in cuffs tied by straps through the hoops in the floor. She should have been coaxed, tamed by soft gentle strokes of her body and calmed in to accepting the bridle and the groom’s control. She should not have been so cruelly whipped.

As the students and the lecturer crowded around the open entrance to the stall, Maxim made his way through them determined to take control. Now he feared for Carla. He hoped she was being treated well. It seemed he needed to take a closer look at the staff in the Chateau’s stable. He voiced his annoyance at the grooms and snatched the riding crop out of the woman’s hand giving her a shock. He struck it across her own covered buttocks twice making her shriek.

“How do you like to be whipped for no good reason?” he demanded. “I will not have you mistreating the mares. She is new and will buck at being bridled. She must be coaxed in to submission in a kind manner. In punishment for your cruel actions you must decide whether or not you will submit to a public lesson of correction if you want to remain in my employment, Katrine,” he told the woman sternly.

She nodded and lowered her head but did not answer him. His black eyes darkened as he considered using the whip on her bottom again to prompt an answer.

“So what is it to be, Katrine?” he commanded her to answer in a loud voice making her jump and raise her blushing face in front of the quiet students watching with bated breath.

“I love my work at The Chateau and I do not want to leave.” She smoothed her hand over her the dark brown bun of silky hair crowning her attractive paling face. Her violet eyes turned glassy with moisture and her deep pink lips pouted giving her a coy childlike appearance. “I submit to a public punishment, sir.”

“Good. I would hate to lose you. Your work is normally excellent. We will take care of it now. Come out of the stall,” he said taking Katrine’s arm and leading her outside.

He instructed Thierry to stay with the mare and soothe her with gentle caresses of her body. Maxim beckoned one of the young male students to accompany him and Katrine as they made their way to a smooth mahogany bench running the length of the stables in the middle between all of the stalls.

“This is some extra tuition for you,” Maxim addressed the group as they gathered around them. “Discipline can be delivered in many places as long as you are respectful to your surroundings and you ensure the woman is protected.” He turned to the student. “What is your name?”

“Pravat, sir.”

“Ok, Pravat please begin removing Katrine’s clothes. I want her down to her bra and panties.”

The attractive young dark haired black suited Thai man seemed taken a back at first but with a courteous smile he nodded and approached Katrine.

“Remember your first lesson on disciplining yesterday and implement what you were taught,” Maxim directed with authority.

Katrine stood patient, respectful, resigned and accepting of her fate. She bent her head clearly unable to meet the eyes of the younger man. With a confident air he startled her by putting his fingers down the middle of her velvet navy riding jacket and tugged her sharply towards him. Katrine’s head shot up but the moment he looked down at her sternly she tried to lower it once more. Pravat moved fast. Tucking his free fingers under her chin he forced her head up.

“Look at me,” his voice was raised, commanding but calm.

“Do you understand why you are to be punished, Katrine?” he asked. Silence. Katrine’s bottom lip trembled. “Answer me. I will not start your punishment until you confirm you understand why it is that I am going to take the whip to your bare bottom, woman.”

“Because I used the riding crop inappropriately on the mare. I should have exercised patience and been more considerate. It was the first time she was to be bridled and persuasion would have been a better tool. I was impatient and frightened the mare more. I deserve my punishment,” she answered fast, jumping at the loud strength in his tone.

Maxim smiled, pleased with Pravat’s progress.

“Good,” Pravat began to undo the button on her jacket and then opened it wide. Arrogantly he forced it down her arms and removed it, tossing it on to the bench. He met no resistance. Katrine’s breasts were large and pushed against her bra to thrust against the white blouse she wore. Maxim couldn’t wait to see them bulging over her bra before being uncovered to all of them. She would make a good addition to the milking house. He made a mental note to suggest it to her later.

With deft fingers, Pravat undid the buttons on her high necked blouse and pulled it from her jodhpurs. Katrine blushed heavily when he began to pull it over her shoulders and expose her flesh. All the time his handsome face remained impassive to her embarrassment. He was appropriately stern and dominant to Maxim’s satisfaction tossing the clothes on to the bench.

All of the group’s eyes fell upon her breasts straining for freedom, the tight dark nipples trying to push a hole through the cups of the flimsy see through lace bra. It seemed Katrine was becoming a little aroused by her predicament. Thankfully, it would be tempered with a firm strapping so she would still learn the lesson.

Pravat took her arm and moved her towards the bench.

“Put your hands on the bench and bend forwards,” he told her.

Slowly she obeyed him. Once she had assumed the position, Pravat went on to his haunches and demanded she lift her leg so he could take off her riding boot and then repeated the process with the next. After removing her socks he stood and pulled the zip of her jodhpurs down at the side and wasted no time in pulling them off her in a robust manner. To heighten Katrine’s humiliation at being naked and shamed in front of the men, Pravat cupped her buttocks hidden by the chaste white panties and tested each globe’s weight in his hands, smoothing his palms over them.

Maxim was impressed and made a decision to allow Pravat to discipline Katrine.

“Please continue the punishment.”

Pravat smiled. There was a momentary flicker of excitement in his eyes. Maxim could almost hear the group of men hold their breath as Pravat returned to his stern role as disciplinarian and stretched across Katrine’s bent back to undo the catch of her bra. He took it from her and threw it to the floor in front of her making Maxim’s eyebrows rise and his mouth curl in to an amused yet admiring smile.

Katrine’s breasts fell from her chest to hang like swollen peaches ready to drop from the tree. They were full but tight and pert. They would hold a wealth of milk should they be enhanced for producing. Pravat’s hands spread masterfully down her back just as he had been taught coming to rest on her hips. He pulled her in to a better pose, making her legs spread more. Then carefully he began to pull down her panties, slipping the cotton material over the mounds, down the tops of her thighs until they rested just beneath them.

“Her panties must not be removed. Having them simply pulled down enhances shame and regresses the woman back to childhood thereby indicating the depth and seriousness of the indiscretion,” the lecturer accompanying the group informed.

Maxim handed Pravat the riding crop as the students leaned forward to appreciate the pale curved flesh of Katrine’s bared rump. She was a delicious sight to behold but Maxim wanted his students to keep their mind on the punishment. Pravat took up his stance behind Katrine and to the side. Widening his legs, he raised the riding crop. He swung it in an arc and brought its leather tip down to strike the left buttock. Katrine squealed. But Pravat was already whipping the right buttock. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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