I Was Kidnapped And Disciplined By An American Billionaire In Paris

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Brandon’s fingers caressed my cheek as we stepped out of the Gare Du Nord station in Paris in to the evening sunlight.

“I can make the choice for you, if you wish,” he suggested in a soothing voice. “Just give me the word. Maybe I should just kidnap you and hide you away like a beautiful captured Queen. Keep you all to myself. Would you like that Scarlett?”

My heart pounded inside my chest. Adrenaline whooshed through me. I needed to take a chance on finding both happiness and myself again. Playing it safe had always been my way. It was time to try a different way.

“Yes, yes I would. Please don’t let me leave you and walk away from this. Make me submit to you.”

Brandon smiled and I noticed relief in his eyes. He said no more but suddenly grabbed my arm and marched me down a small alley towards a black Mercedes waiting at the bottom. He spun me around and pressed me forwards against the side of the car. Brandon pushed his hard athletic muscled frame against my back and bottom making me feel acutely intimidated by him in a strange pleasurable way. A rebellious part of me hoped the sensation would continue. His hands slipped underneath my coat and held my hips. The connection between us sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine and a jolt of electricity to my sex producing a soft whimper of surprise at its strength from my lips.

“Don’t move,” he ordered pressing against me again until I could feel his hardness thrust against my buttocks.

I heard him pulling at his tie and then he was holding my wrists tightly winding the silk tie around them to secure them at my back. Now I was truly in his power. I hoped I was doing the right thing.

“I am looking forward to taking you in hand, Scarlett and having you over my knee for that much need bare bottom spanking to tame that temper of yours, naughty little girl,” there was a trace of humour in his voice but it was accompanied by a line of dark determination telling me he meant every word.

He wanted to spank me like a child. I’d heard of discipline being used by one partner in a relationship more than often the male and I was intrigued yet a little fearful. Spanking by a man had to hurt but that would be nothing to the feeling of shame and embarrassment at having your panties pulled down by him and spanked over his knee. Still now was not the time to back away. I was in this for better or for worse.

I expected to be pushed in to the car keeping to the kidnap scenario but the billionaire was to surprise me. His strong hands slid over my hips and downwards over my dress on to my legs, skimming the pink coral skirt of my fitted dress. His featherlike touch made me damp. Then Brandon bent, his hands lingering.

“You are one, sexy baby girl,” he drawled in his American accent. He said it with such longing in his tone my eyebrows rose with shock.

“Let me see what you have been hiding underneath this pretty dress.”

Before I could object Brandon was raising my dress along with my overcoat. The silk lining caressed the bare flesh above the tops of my nude lace topped hold ups. I couldn’t speak he was going to expose me in public. I couldn’t see anyone around in the small secluded street and I was beginning to understand why he had asked his driver to meet us there. But there was still the fear that someone could appear at any moment. My eyes searched for CCTV and thankfully I couldn’t see any cameras. This was the wildest thing I had ever allowed a man to do to me. It was like living in one of those books but this was real.

I was completely in Brandon Carter’s power and he could bare me wherever and whenever he chose. I was his property. It was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. Yet the urge to test his power and strain against my bonds became urgent. As my dress was lifted to bare the tops of my thighs I shuffled and tried to move my feet. Mr Carter’s response was swift.

My dress rose to my waist in one fluid motion leaving the cool Parisian spring air brushing my bottom confined in the black lace panties. He placed his hand in the small of my back and pushed me firmly down against the black Mercedes tutting loudly with amusement at my struggles and held me there. He bunched my coat and dress around my waist and tucked his fingers down the back of my panties yanking them down my legs with ferocious speed until they reached my ankles until I could no longer move my feet so much.

Standing he raised his large male palm and slapped my right buttock. I whimpered feeling my cheek sting and wobble in response. Again I looked around hoping no one would come mortified my bare bottom was on display. But my kidnapper was to distract me with three more strikes to my bottom before curving his hand to slap the tender backs of my thighs like a naughty child. My first spanking was a short calculated disciplining session to make me firmly realise who was in control.

“First rule, little girl. If you disobey me when I give you a command or act like a brat refusing to do as you are told then I will spank you hard. Do I make myself clear?”

When I hesitated shocked by his words he gave me another slap on my bottom that was much harder than the last. My bottom quivered. It stung so much hot tears sprung from my eyes. It made me angry and I had to fight to keep my temper in check. I said I would try and I had to go through with it. Maybe a spanking would do me some good. I trembled.

“Yes, yes,” I answered him in a small fragile voice praying he wouldn’t spank me again.

“Yes, Sir. You will refer to me as Sir from now on.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said promptly in respectful tone.

I listened to my childlike voice. He made me feel vulnerable just like a child again. The urge to show him respect and bow to his demands came unexpectedly swiftly. I needed to obey him and be surrounded by the majestic power he oozed. There was something safe and exciting about being dominated and ruled by him.

“Good girl,” his voice softened. He trailed his fingers around the surface of one cheek to calm my burning flesh. “Shh , darling. You took your first punishment well. He leaned forwards curving over my small body lost underneath him continuing his stroke of my bottom. His breath blew seductively across my ear. “Dry your tears and step out of your panties. There’s a good girl.”

“But it is the middle of the street . . .” I protested.

Brandon chuckled in my ear making my lobe tingle with excitement at his closeness.

“I captured you, Scarlett and now I own you. If I want you to take off your panties so I can mount you in public you will do it or I will spank you and afterwards cage you until you learn your lesson.”

“You would put me in a cage?”

“Just for a while, baby, until you realised just who is in charge of you.”

It was dark, but I could see myself naked, collared and caged at his feet looking up at him with need. I moaned and felt my pussy flood forgetting where I was. Another small laugh of triumph echoed from Brandon’s lips against my ear.

“It is going to be fun taming you, Scarlett.”

He bent as I stepped out of the panties and helped me. Scooping them up he stood.

His fingers moved from my bottom to slide between my thighs and seek out my wetness. Brandon sank his fingers in to my juice stroking up and down the length of my pussy lips. They swelled against him.

“We haven’t got much time before we get discovered but I have to have you. The moment I saw you I have wanted to be inside you,” he told me. “But I will have to make sure you are quiet and don’t give us away, darling.”

As his middle finger found my entrance and gently thrust up inside my channel, he bunched my panties up in to a ball and pressed them against my lips.

“Open your mouth, Scarlett.”

He was gagging me with my own panties and I was letting him. I opened my mouth and obeyed feeling the lace invade my mouth to silence me. He inserted another finger and moved them back and forth at a frantic pace stroking at my G-spot. I pushed down on to his fingers feeling my orgasm build hot and quick. Just when I thought I might come his fingers left me. Then I heard him undo his zip. The tip of his cock poked at the small entrance of my vagina threatening to send me over the edge. The billionaire eased his penis in to my channel stretching himself upwards to bury deep. His thrusts were slow at first moving me gently against the car.

Suddenly I felt the brush of his hand around my throat. It wasn’t a fierce grip. The hold was possessive, erotic, protective. He tightened it carefully and a vivid calmness engulfed me. I moved in unison with him accepting each strong thrust with a soft meek willing submissive body.

“Hush, little one. You are safe. I promise I will always protect you. You will always come first in my world,” he reassured. “No more struggling against what you are. Accept you are naturally submissive. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is who you are. Give me your complete trust.”

He caressed my hair with his lips picking up the speed of his thrusts, our lovemaking sheltered underneath his long overcoat. My inhibitions were forgotten, my pleasure acute. A series of tiny explosions erupted and blazed in my vagina with every stroke of his cock against the soft slippery walls of my channel and my g-spot. His cock tensed.

“I need you to come now,” it was a stark command. A second later I let go and came strongly panting and whimpering my release against my makeshift gag. Brandon’s strong thrusts were determined and stabbed inside me. I felt the torrent of his seed spurt forth as he growled with satisfaction in my ear and spent we slumped over the car together.

The Mercedes travelled through the Parisian streets towards the hotel. The penthouse suite in the exclusive, Hotel De Ville on the Rue Di Rivoli was permanently rented by him for his regular business trips to Paris. I had been glad of the black tinted windows and the tinted glass separating us from the view of the driver in the state of undress Brandon had kept me in after mounting me over the car. I was still gagged and my hands tied behind my back.

Brandon made one quick call in Fluent French and then a second which lasted a while. My dress around my waist displaying my uncovered sex for his pleasure allowed him to stroke his fingers over the delicate pale flesh lining my thighs as he talked business.

My pussy lips moistened in anticipation of his touch but not once did he satisfy it content to build my arousal once more with his teasing caress and simply play with his property. He moved his digits higher towards my sex each time but never high enough. I nibbled at my bottom lip. It was a bad habit when I was anxious or apparently when I was aroused to the point of losing control. I panted trying to manage my breathing. When would he stop taunting me? Brandon gave me a small glance whilst engaged in his conversation but other than that his eyes paid me no further attention, only his fingers.

The Mercedes pulled up outside the Hotel De Ville and I had a new worry to contend with. Was Mr. Carter going to make me walk in to the hotel in this state? Surely not? But after what had just happened in the street it was a legitimate worry to have.

Brandon finally ended his call and returned his mobile to the inside of his suit jacket pocket. My breath quivered in my throat as he leaned over me.

“Now, Scarlett, I hope you are going to be a good girl and behave when I untie you and take your gag out?”

I motioned my answer with my head prompting him to pull out the gag and smooth my dress and coat back down my legs. He untied my hands and replaced his tie with quick deft fingers back around his collar. Settling a light kiss on my cheek sending tiny shivers down my spine once more he spoke to me again.

“I want you to be silent when we walk in to the hotel. Remember you are a kidnapped woman and I will discipline you for any indiscretion.”

We took a private lift up to the suite and I was relieved because when we entered the small moving confined box Brandon swept his hands over my black overcoat and removed it. He stood behind me and made me breathless when he purposefully pulled the zip down at the back of my dress. His cool hand rested on my smooth back just below my black lace bra as the lift continued to climb to its destination.

“From now on I want you naked or in underwear or clothes of my choosing,” he informed me in a brisk clipped voice leaving no room for dissension.

“Yes, Sir.”

It was the first time I called him Sir.

“Good girl.”

His lips touched my skin in the small of my back while his hands stretched up to push the short sleeved pink dress from my shoulders, curving it over my breasts until it pooled at my ankles on the floor. I heard Brandon take a breath when he walked around to the front and his eyes settle on my cleavage trying its best to bulge and escape my bra. I lowered my head and embarrassed. I must have been a disappointment to look at. I wasn’t one of those tall thin model types with a boy’s figure and little to no boobs that all clothes hung perfectly on that the media was so fond of telling me I should be. I was small, only five foot three and curved albeit it slimly. Instinct made me cover my sex and my breasts with my free hand as much as I could. Brandon’s eyes narrowed at me annoyed at my action. He tucked his fingers underneath my chin and lifted it high.

“You are a gorgeous woman, Scarlett with a delectable body. Never ever be ashamed of it. I won’t tolerate it,” there was anger in his tone. “Move your hands away.”

When I didn’t he reached behind me and slapped my bare butt hard. Yelping I took my hands away. “I don’t understand you. I have been waiting for a woman like you for a long time to come in to my life. I am sick of these fake plastic model women. You are everything a man truly desires and I am going to show you how to appreciate yourself if it is the last thing I do. Let me get those succulent breasts free and unhampered by that bra,” he commanded walking back around me to undo the catch on my bra and pull it away.

The billionaire picked up the dress and slung it over his arm with my coat and bra. I stood before him naked apart from my pink high heels and hold ups.

“We are nearly there. I think it is time I appropriately ended this kidnap scenario,” he told me with a grin bending to put his arm around my legs to curve me up and over his shoulder with practiced ease. I gasped at the ease with which he held me over his strong broad shoulder waiting for the lift to stop and the doors to open.

“Afternoon, Aiden, is everything ready?”

My heart skipped a beat. Brandon was carrying me naked in to his Hotel suite buck naked like a conquered slain deer over his shoulder with my bare bottom blushed pink from a spanking for this man to see. A growl erupted against my lips. I thought we were going to be left in privacy. Seems the billionaire had other ideas. But there was worse to come.

“Yes, Sir. Everything is ready for the examination.”

“Examination?” I questioned with concern forgetting my nakedness for a second while Brandon strode across the wide room with tall windows leading out on to a balcony. It was all I could make out over his shoulder. He marched straight to a bedroom.

“Before we can begin I need to examine you intimately inside and out, Scarlett. From what you have told me about your health I think an examination is well overdue. Aiden is my assistant in all of my business and manages my private affairs as well. He can be trusted and I will need him to care for your needs and protection when I cannot be there,” again his tone was steadfast and left no room for negotiation. “I am a very busy man and I need someone I can count on to be there for you when I can’t. You will come to rely on him simply as a friend. I won’t have you lonely when I am away. You have been alone for too long, little one.”

I didn’t want anyone else. I felt myself being lowered down on to a bed covered in deep purple silk. My head sank back on the pillows. I cast my eyes around at my luxurious surroundings, at the silver and purple walls marking out the boundaries of the bedroom and the black and white accessories before my eyes came to rest on Aiden.

He was a young Frenchman, around twenty-eight. Although he did not compare to Brandon in height, looks and figure he was a handsome tightly muscled young man with full light brown hair mixed with strands of blonde cut fashionably at his neck. Like Brandon his attractive look was complimented by neatly trimmed facial hair around his mouth and jaw. His black eyes looked kindly down upon me as he stood over me next to the billionaire in a black suit with a white handkerchief covered in black spots in his suit pocket matching his silk tie. He was immaculately dressed and groomed just like his employer. He carried a rolled white mat in his hands.

Brandon pulled off my shoes and seductively caressed my hold ups down my legs. He tossed them on the floor and towered over me lifting my arms up above my head when he answered. I lay there meekly allowing him to do what he wished.

“Would you like me to conduct the pelvic exam or would you like to do it?” Aiden asked Brandon in his soothing French accent.

My eyes widened so much I thought they might pop out of my head. What the hell?

“I want you to do it. Scarlett is a little nervous and will need me to gentle her through the whole process.”

Brandon was holding my wrists down as talked to Aiden and I realised why. I began to struggle to free myself. No one was giving me a smear. Brandon gave a small laugh and sat on the bed next to my head. His hold was too strong for me to free myself from and I was forced to lie still.

Aiden smiled down at me.

“Don’t worry it will be all over soon,” he said patting my thigh.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I demanded of Brandon.

“I have already told you. Hush and be quiet or I will gag you,” he scolded.

Aiden lifted a sterile tray off the chest of draws just as Brandon curved his hand around my breast to knead it as though it belonged to him. I suppose both of them did now.

“I want you wet for this,” he whispered gently. “It will make the examination easier.”

His thumb flexed my nipple back and forth and then sharply pinched it and stretched it out. The hot needle of pain that shuddered through the teat gave me a curious mix of discomfort and a shiver of pleasure rather like the spanking. My vagina grew damp and accommodating. Aiden sat down on the bed with the tray and covered his hands in a pair of latex gloves. Brandon bent to draw my nipple in to his mouth expertly flicking his wet tongue back and forth over, circling the tip around the base as he squeezed the plump round flesh tightly in his hand. I became lost in the delicious pleasure pain combination as he nipped harshly and sucked at the teat.

Aiden lifted my bare legs up to my bottom and then splayed them apart. I whimpered feeling exposed.

“Good you are getting nice and wet,” he stated using his latex fingers to open my pussy lips wide stroking his thumbs downwards to feel the soft pink flesh and the jewel hanging between them. For a second he drew my clit downwards and pinched it lightly. A fresh swell of creamy wetness lathed my sex. Lost in arousal I barely noticed him pick up the lubricated steel speculum to open my vagina with. When Aiden inserted the cool steel after pressing down on my legs so that my hips tilted upwards and I was open wide, I was soaking wet.

The lubricant was cool and eased the path of the instrument. I moaned a little but Brandon soothed the small amount of discomfort away with a gentle kiss on my forehead before clasping both breasts and bowing his head to one of them again. I panted breathless as the speculum reached higher and Aiden opened my vagina wide. He fixed the apparatus in place and peered inside my depths.

“She looks nice and moist, healthy but I’ll take a swab and we can have it tested just to make sure.”


I felt the gentle movement of the swab inside my sex.”

“I’d like to do a bimanual examination as well.”


Aiden removed the speculum and my body relaxed until he gently inserted two fingers and stretched them upwards towards my uterus. I tensed.

“Keep those legs open, Scarlett,” Brandon ordered in a severe tone making me instantly obey him.

“It will be all over very soon,” Aiden’s voice was soft and gentle again.

His fingers reached my womb and carefully moved it back and forth. He pressed down on my stomach with his hand checking the health of my uterus and then slowly he moved them away from the organ but did not take his fingers out of my sex. He pulsed them back and forth when he glanced at his employer who gave him a silent nod of approval.

“All over, little one,” Brandon reassured. “Time for pleasure.”

Aiden’s fingers curled to stroke the rough back wall of my vagina and the centre of my pleasure. Brandon cruelly nipped my breasts and feverishly kneaded them back and forth until it was almost painful. Aiden picked up his stroke making me pant. The assistant’s mouth descended downwards on to my vagina and lapped greedily at my clit drawing it back and forth between his teeth. His gentle male palms held my thighs in a vice grip to keep me in place. My desire and need pulsed threatening to spiral out of control. I was a kidnapped woman whose captor had stripped naked and intimately examined with his assistant and now they were holding me down and pleasuring me for their own desires. It had to be fantasy but it was true. The idea made me giddy and as my vagina flooded and pooled filling Aiden’s mouth my orgasm was ready to break. Brandon kissed me and whispered against my lips.

“Wait. I have not given you permission to come. If you let go before I tell you, you will be spanked.”

I fought hard to contain it, panting but it seemed both men wanted to take me higher and cruelly prolong my torture. I cried and begged and it seemed like an age before the billionaire gave the order for me to orgasm. It screeched out of me. I bucked against Aiden’s face panting, crying and shrieking unable to stop myself. Brandon’s hands tightened even harder around my breasts and I was vaguely aware of him staring in to my eyes watching every moment of the pleasure erupt and spurt forth inside of me enthralled.

Finally I was spent and lay still. Brandon kissed me and Aiden lightly brushed my inner thigh with a small kiss. I lay surprised, satiated until both men released me from their grip and Doctor Carter informed me he was going to give me a rectal exam and take my temperature. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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