I Needed To Punish Two Of My Students To Teach Them An Important Lesson

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I pulled on her leash loving the way her naked body arched on all fours at my feet. She gasped as her head was forced to rise upwards towards me. She purred and rubbed her soft pale cheek against my suit trouser leg like a delicate kitten. Satisfaction settled inside my body making me pull tighter on her leather collar’s leash to emphasize my control over her.

Looking to my left the other golden-haired beauty I had leashed and held in my power was also sweeping her cheek against my opposite leg. Transfixed I watched her bare large milky breasts bounce with her movement. With a smile I tugged her leash she moaned loudly and looked up at me as I held both women’s leashes taut and looked down at their beautiful submissive bodies and faces.

I was a natural Dominant and the women I chose were always appreciative of my stance in taking a firm lead in a relationship. They appeared to be insatiable for the power I instinctively wielded and the protection I lavished over them when in my care.

The night had been eventful. I had captured the twin sisters at the fundraising party for the prestigious Parkford University where I was finishing my PhD in Geology. I had no reason to work or earn money. Both my parents were dead and their combined wealth had left me with boundless affluence. Geology was my pet subject and I had a fanciful notion that I might teach it at University. Already I had been given some classes to teach and it was a fun pastime. These girls were in one of my postgraduate classes and in their final year.

Glancing at their bottoms I noted with satisfaction that they were both glowing red. The girls had submitted their essays for the module I taught late in day and I was a strict disciplinarian. Not only did I insist they endure the penalty set by the University, they would receive a punishment from me for not adhering to the rules and putting their final marks in jeopardy. I never showed favouritism or put my role in disrepute. A lick of my belt against the girls’ bottom would make sure they never did again.

At first when I informed them of my resolve to correct their behaviour they were reluctant even a little afraid. But the moment we reached my home and the privacy of the bedroom they knelt at my feet to beg for my leniency in their soft delicate voices promising better behaviour.

I chuckled. They didn’t know me very well. I would not be swayed. A Master should always remain true to his word and carry out every threat he makes should it become necessary. If he doesn’t he will never gain any respect. I’d had a good teacher who’d taught me the art of being a successful Dominant during the first of my postgraduate courses. It had been a pleasure to watch him work and I remembered the lessons he taught me well.

Bending I cupped the chin of each beautiful woman and shook my head.

“The punishment has been earned and must be executed, little ones. It will help you remember I am a fair man. I want you both to succeed. You are good students and I would hate to see you fail this module. You will take the University’s punishment for disobeying the rules on top of my own.”

I began to stroke their cheeks in unison lowering my voice to a deep sensual octave.

“So I am going to strip you, bind you both and whip your bottoms until I am satisfied you have both learnt your lesson. Then if you are good girls the pleasure will follow.”

One of them gasped and I bent lower to capture her lips to silence her. She responded well and I felt the fear inside her ebb. The second stared but the glint in her eyes showed me she was accepting and ready to face the lash of my belt.

“Good girl,” I whispered turning to brush my lips with hers.

Probing my tongue I found her hungry for my kiss and I was forced to pull away wagging a finger at her disproving of her behaviour.

“Don’t tempt me in to giving you more lashes,” I told them in a fatherly way. “Now be good girls and stand. Let me help you.”

The twins were dressed identically in sea green dresses setting off their hypnotic emerald eyes. Their red-gold curled hair was piled high on their heads and I wanted to see it free tumbling around their cream freckled shoulders. Reaching behind them I tugged at their hair forcing their heads back as I robustly freed their hair from the pinned prisons.

I had successfully completed the act many times before with one and often two women and I found the task easy tonight. Once free and their whimpering had ceased, I smoothed my fingers through their manes loving the touch of my fingers through the silky strands. Then unexpectedly I gripped both manes until their faces looked to the ceiling and using the grip as reins I raised both of them from the floor of the room.

When they stood in front of me I let go of their hair briefly cupping the sides of their faces to reassure them of the care I would take of them in our game of domination and submission. I ran a thumb over each of their putting red lips, slick with anticipation then gently pushed my thumbs sensually inside their wet mouths to pulse them in an out. Moaning they sucked on my thumbs like babes taking milk. I moved closer to them suddenly taking my thumbs from their mouths to hold the fronts of the girls’ pretty flimsy dresses. I ripped the material quickly in unison raising shocked gasps that were replaced with submissive purrs of excitement.

Eventually I finished tearing the dresses from their bodies to bear them to my aroused gaze. Four delicious braless pert breasts tumbled out of the remnants of the garments bouncing lightly on their chests. With amusement I noticed they were wearing matching black lace panties and sparkling platform heels.

“Turn around,” I ordered.

The twins looked coyly on me and to my delight chorused.

“Yes, Sir.”

Coming up behind them I cupped one buttock on both girls testing the weight and size with a gentle squeeze. They were perfect, not too skinny, plenty of flesh to slap at with my belt, just enough to make quiver and jump when whipped. I wound my arm around the first woman’s waist and carried her up against my body to the bed to position her face forwards on the black silk bedclothes then repeated the action with the same girl. I swept my palms over the rump of one golden-haired beauty and seductively slid down her lacy panties bending my body until they reached her ankles and helped her step out of them in her high heels. I tossed both pairs of panties across the room and instructed the two naughty girls to move their legs a little further apart with a gentle tap to their buttocks to encourage their obedience.

“Faces down on the bed,” I dictated placing the first bent woman’s arms behind her back to tie her with silk rope I kept in the chest of drawers at the other end of the large room. I did the same with the second and stood back to view my handiwork.

They were a tempting sight with their luscious bare bottoms thrust upwards, the ripe fruit hanging vulnerably from their vulvas displayed so I could have a tasty view of the silky wetness coating each plump vaginal lip while I punished them. But there was something missing. I would have liked to see them plugged but there was no time and I was eager to begin their whipping.

Standing tall behind them I removed my tuxedo jacket, loosened my bow tie and the top button on my evening shirt then undid my belt. I slid the leather from the belt loops on my trousers listening to them gasp at the sound it made. They shuffled on the bed prompting me to cup one buttock on each girl again and soothe them with my caress.

“Now be good girls. This won’t take long and you will feel better for it,” I told them softly, bending to plant a kiss on both tender bottoms.

I folded the belt over and pulled it taut before I stood a little to the side to obtain the perfect aim. The first strike came hard and fast from my raised hand gracing the middle of Clara’s bare bottom. She yelped loudly but I was already raining the second blow down on to her sister’s bottom and quickly returning to crack the makeshift whip across her own rump again.

The small jewel between the two sets of luscious thighs grew moist as it jumped in response to each strike. It was a pleasure to see them swell with arousal and hang like heavy dew drops. My cock grew hard and tight and I needed to be mounting them as soon as I could. But perhaps they could ease the tension a little first.

The girls began to sob louder when I turned my attention to the backs of their thighs. They blushed a light shade of crimson to match the colour shading the pale bottoms. I ended the girls’ whipping and replaced my belt before buttoning up my shirt leaving my bow tie hanging around the neck while I put my jacket back on.

Clothes were part of the domination game. Stripping the sub and remaining fully clothed helped ease the woman more quickly in to subspace and I always found she was more willing to obey. Control needed to be maintained at all times to provoke pleasure for both parties. Now I had taught the twins their lesson, pleasure would follow as a reward.

They were collared and leashed purring at my legs like kittens.

“Undo my zip and take out my cock,” I instructed Louisa.

She responded well to the sternness in my voice and reached up to accomplish the task I’d set her quickly.

I gave a relieved sigh when I felt her free my penis from its prison and the cool air on the room settled upon it. It was long and throbbing ready to spill its precious seed. Her hand closed around.

“Take it in your mouth and suck hard,” I ordered.

Electricity danced when her luscious painted cherry red lips closed around the top of my cock and her wet tongue circled its tip. With a gentle but firm thrust I slid deep in to her dark pouting mouth. Her breasts with their tight nipples brushed my trousers as she sucked, teased and licked. I pulled tight on her leash to hold her in place whilst I maintained my grip on the other girl caressing her body and her sex against my trouser leg.

I groaned with pleasure thrusting in and out of Clara’s mouth, enjoying the sensation of rubbing against my leg from the other girl’s body, transfixed by the way her pussy lips split and moved against my calf.

Wanting to taste Louisa’s mouth I yanked on Clara’s leather leash and directed her way back to all fours while pulling on Louisa’s to guide her mouth to my cock.

“Suck,” I fiercely commanded to the second girl.

She obediently opened her mouth wide and I thrust inside her hard with determination beginning to feel myself close to coming. Her tongue circled the tip and her hand gripped me tight. With artful practice she eased me in and out of her mouth and brought me close. I panted and pulled harder on her leash before I exploded inside her mouth forcing her to take nourishment from every last drop of my seed watching her gulp greedily as it slid down her throat. Her eyes watched me with awe as I dominantly pulsed in and out of her mouth riding my climax until it was completely spent and the seed ceased to flow down her throat.

“Good girls. Louisa, zip me up. Time for you both to come.”

I raised them both to kneeling by a tug on their leashes.

“I want to see those wet pussies rubbing my legs and you coming. The first one to climax will be mounted first,” I grinned.

The girls purred and entwined their bodies around my legs. I felt the tantalising caress of the tips of their nipples scrape against my evening trousers as they gripped my legs with their slender hands and humped them. It wasn’t long before I felt the twitch in my penis that told me it was coming back to life. I watched Clara and Louisa thrust their soaking wet vagina’s against my calves dancing and turning their bodies around my legs as though they were poles in a club.

The show was astounding with their red bottoms adding spice making them look like a couple of naughty baboons and the panting crying noise they made as they fought each other to come first and enjoy the first mounting. But it was Clara who climaxed first with a shriek. Unashamedly she rode my leg biting her lip as the flush of pleasure swept over her body and breasts. I tightened my grip on her leash to heighten her submissive experience. She stared up lustily at me and my cock tightened painfully. Louisa was not far behind and I sighed and smiled satisfied with the wondrous sight and my prowess as a Dominant.

When the pleasure was spent and the ecstasy receded I led the girls’ to my bed, undressed and quickly mounted each wet pussy from behind pulling each girl’s hair to use it as rein, riding each mare to my own satisfaction and their own. Finally tired in the early hours of Sunday morning I fell asleep cradling Clara and Louisa at either side of me with an arm around their bodies. The lesson had been learnt. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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