She Was Captured And Then Forced To Become The Hunt Master’s Submissive Sex Slave


Richard sat on top of his black stallion and used his enhanced binoculars to see across the large meadow and in to the trees on the other side. The infrared picked up thirteen women hiding in the trees. He raised his hand and beckoned forth the other riders made up of his own men and ten clients.

“They are hiding in the trees. I don’t think they believe they have been spotted. We need to move quickly but remember what I said I don’t want them frightened and use the technique I showed you to subdue them. If you capture a woman make sure she is reassured that you will take care of her. If I find one overly distressed woman I will take the matter further with you,” Richard’s warning was stark. He meant every word. The men nodded solemnly and convinced they could be relied upon to execute his orders as hunt master, he moved his horse off in to a gallop.

The thrill of the chase was upon them. Richard checked his rope and headed straight for the trees. As he entered them the women were scattering in a panic. Again, many of them looked half starved. The hunting party dispersed in all directions to chase them down but Richard locked eyes with a dark chestnut haired beauty who glared back at him with defiant turquoise eyes. She was a beautiful creature. Her body was curved, her breasts plump and her bottom was pert and round in the grey jumpsuit she was wearing. From the moment he set eyes on her the woman’s innocence and defiance intrigued and captured his attention. He made her the object of his chase. Raising his rope he swung it as she ran in front of him and prepared to bring her down to the ground. But she was cunning.

She moved from tree to tree dodging the rope he prepared to lasso her with forcing the hunt master to swerve his horse and negotiate the natural obstacles. But fortune was to be on Richard’s side. Glancing around to grin with triumph at her success, the woman lost her footing and tripped over a tree root and fell to the forest floor.

Richard was quick to take advantage. He trotted his horse up beside her as she tried to recover her position and perfectly arced the rope to bring it around her waist trapping her hands and arms around her body. The effect was to push her back on to the soft ground. He pulled the rope tight and as she began to kick and scream with anger at being caught. With a smile he dismounted his horse and kept the rope tight in his hand watching the helpless female struggle to evade her bindings. She looked like a small child having a tantrum.

The Hunt Master stood dominant and proud over her in his shiny black riding boots, close fitting tight white jodhpurs covering his muscled thighs, red jacket, the rope that held her captured form in one hand and a riding crop in the other. He bent down in front of her.

“Calm yourself and accept your fate. You are safe and will be well taken care of. I promise you that. If you do not I shall have to take my riding crop to your bottom until you do.”

When the woman cursed him Richard took hold of the thin material of her wretched outfit and ripped it open over her bottom. Then he tore the brief white panties until her bottom was bared. On his haunches he brought the tip of the crop down across her bottom in quick succession making her yelp. This was a battle he would win.

Richard swatted the woman’s bottom with his riding crop once more noticing with satisfaction that her pale skin was flushing a light shade of pink. She was sobbing but she still furiously cursed him. Her hands flew around her back trying to stop the riding crop from striking her bottom as she lay on the ground prompting Richard to grasp hold of them in his free hand and pin them down in the middle of her back.

“I wish I could gag you. Every time you swear at me, little one I am going to give your bare bottom another lash,” he told her firmly.

He raised the riding crop and brought it down harder. So far he had been lenient trying to encourage the woman to calm rather than punish but she was giving him no choice. She yelped loudly and the swearing ceased on the second strike of equal force.

By the fourth the fight in her and been quelled and she was panting with her exertion. The owner of The Manor brought the woman’s chastisement to an end. He put down the crop and rested his large male palm over one burning buttock listening to her cry quietly.

“Hush. It is over, little one,” he said gently pleased with her stillness and acceptance of the power he held over her. “Now, keep calm while I inspect you. I promise I won’t hurt you,” his tone was firm but soft and coaxing as he moved his free hand between her buttocks to cover her pussy.

She shifted against the ground but did not attempt to struggle. She was still breathing hard. He cupped her sex and felt the brush of the dark curls spring and then squash against his palm. He waited, allowing her to be comfortable with the intimate hold he placed upon her then slowly and carefully he inserted his middle finger between the plump lips of her vagina.

Richard found his dark haired captive wet. Softly he stroked the pad of his finger the length of her pussy with a satisfied smile. Whipping her bottom had aroused her and now she was deliciously moist. Clearly she was a natural submissive and so beautiful. He’d never seen such a deep turquoise colour in a woman’s eyes before. They were intelligent, haunted and sad but there was a strong defiance in them when she turned her head to the side and looked at him. He admired her feisty nature but the challenge to tame it was even more alluring. Richard continued to stroke unable to help himself. His cock hardened and jumped wanting him to mount her.

The woman was half starved and looked exhausted. She must have been living in fear of the breeding hunters. The girl needed rest and a bath. He found the small hole to her channel and circled it with his finger. The action produced a gentle moan of pleasure that appeared to annoy the young woman. She moved her body restlessly following the moan with a growl of defiance. Richard grinned to himself knowing just what to do to subdue her again and bring her in to submission. Firmly he thrust his finger impaling it inside of her body, using it to hold her still and in place.

He held it there moving another finger inside to enjoying the feel of the silky smooth internal vaginal muscles stretching with his dominant invasion as he tightened the grip he used to restrain her hands. She was so damn wet and growing more moist by the moment despite herself.

“Relax and keep calm. You are safe with me. I am not one of the breeding farm hunters. You will be well looked after at the Manor and a suitable husband will be found for you . . .”

But when he said the words he felt a pang of disappointment cloud his judgment. Since mounting Keiko to impregnate her last evening and through the night he had been lying awake thinking about his future and what he wanted out of life.

The Hunt Master wanted what his best friend had found with Keiko that had already been decided in his mind but when and how he was going to take action had been opened for debate until now. Why could he not just keep this woman for himself? Coax her in to accepting him as a mate if she was willing and in to perfect submission under his rule? But her sudden angry voice seemed determined to thwart his plans.

“The Manor?” there was contempt in her delicate fragile voice. “I do not want to be sold to an old man with a harem. I want to be free. I won’t let you take me.”

She began to struggle fiercely again despite the sudden pulse of his fingers in and out of her pussy. Richard decided to get her on her feet so he could face her and command her to listen to him.

“Get up,” he said pulling her to her feet leaving his fingers inside her, using them to direct her back against him. He turned her in his arms wishing one of his hands was free to rip her shoddy garments from her body to expose her. Being naked had a calming effect on a woman captured in the hunt. It subdued her. But he did not want to remove his fingers from inside her body. He wanted to feel her come against them, wanted to see pleasure dismiss her anger and ride her face.

Richard did not know why when by rights he should have bound, gagged her and simply thrown her over his horse to carry her back to the cages but he liked tussling with her trying to prove she was safe and he could be trusted.

Why this woman after all of the ones who have passed through your hands and your bed. Why her? You’ve just captured her and she’s difficult. Maybe that’s what it is. You want the challenge of training her and seeing her kneel willingly before you even though she will fight against her need to do so. But she will want to by the time I have finished and she will enjoy it as much as I will watching her submit to my dominance over her. She is perfect.

“Stop fighting me. You know you would have been caught sooner or later. You can’t evade the rules. Women like you should be under protection not out in the woods starving and trying to evade the breeding farm hunters.”

She moved against him, trying to free herself. He thrust his fingers in and out of her body faster determined to quell her need to free herself. His thumb played with her clit, flexing it back and forth.

“I won’t be made to be a slave to a man,” she told him fiercely but this time her angry words were panted. “I . . . won’t be forced . . .”

The woman’s words trailed off in to a helpless moan as Richard increased the rhythm of his fingers even more thrusting in and out of her channel. She was soaking wet now despite her protests. He couldn’t help wondering when she had been last held and taken by a man. She trembled against his body clearly annoyed and disturbed by her arousal at the hands of the man who had just hunted and captured her. It provoked every protective instinct Richard possessed.

“Shh, embrace your pleasure. Don’t deny your feelings. You are safe with me,” he whispered in her ear moving his hand to her throat to stretch her head upwards and back against him.

He stroked it lovingly as well as carefully using it as a restraining hold. Something made him brush her hair with a kiss.

The girl persisted with her struggles a while longer but she was succumbing to his touch and a second later she began to squat down on to his fingers moving her hips up and down to perfectly match the pace of his penetration. Richard’s captive’s body relaxed and surrendered in to his dominant hold allowing him to support her as she rode his fingers. The Hunt Master tightened the grip on her throat and she gave a pleasured cry.

“That’s it. Let me take you. I will keep you safe. Let me take you,” he whispered again feeling fighting her need to give him the satisfaction of seeing her come.

He smiled admiring the way her will not to submit him warred with her need to experience a forgotten pleasure with a man. But he was stronger and eventually she would realise that and surrender. She was clearly submissive in her nature by the way she had melted with his firm touch and her bare bottom whipping. He would not deny himself the pleasure of training her. The girl was too delicious a prize to pass on to the trainers at The Manor.

She was close to climax. She couldn’t catch her breath and her sex was flooded, swimming with warm wetness.

“Hold it, little one until I give you permission to come.”

“I can’t, I can’t. What have you done to me?”

“You will or I will whip your pussy. Now obey me. I am your Master now. There is no freedom except with me.”

She gave a strangled cry trying to hold back her pleasure. But then a look of defiance crossed her eyes again. Her defiant will and her need to keep her independence reasserted with vigour and without waiting for his permission she came wantonly.

Richard raised one eyebrow but did not deny her climax. Her punishment would soon follow and he was looking forward to it. She was a vixen that needed to be firmly tamed. He watched the intensity of her orgasm flush her face and warm her body. She was even more beautiful in the throes of passion. He couldn’t help himself, he kissed at her ear and nibbled on her lobe aching for his cock to be inside her riding her down.

Her swollen breasts pushed at the thin material of the grey boiler suit on her body. She was braless and he could distinguish the tantalising shape of the large curved mounds through the material, the nipples pushing to free themselves through the garment. He couldn’t wait to expose her body and examine her closely. But the woman needed to be punished, collared and leashed before her temper would allow him to fully and intimately inspect all of her body. Finally she slumped spent against him.

“That was breathtaking,” he said continuing to pulse his finger in and out of her enjoying the feeling of her body jumping with the after shocks of satiated pleasure. “But you have to learn some discipline, little one. You will be mastered whether you like it or not. This is the rule of law now and it for your protection.”

“I will never bend to your rule,” she almost spat the words at him prompting him in to action.

He grinned and tightened his hold on her throat just a little more before lifting his hand from her pussy to press his wet fingers at her lips. With a whimper she opened her mouth and enabled him to thrust them in hard and firm forcing her to taste her own juice.

“See how wet you were when I took you with my fingers. You were wet after I had taken the riding crop to your bottom as well. That tells me that under all of that angry temper of yours you are a natural born submissive, little one. It is impossible to hide from and I will teach you how to embrace it. When you finally let go and allow yourself to accept you want to be ruled by a man you will find great pleasure in serving me.”

She tried to struggle and whimper against his fingers in her mouth to show him she would not be tamed. Her leg kicked at his own making him wind one of his booted legs around one of them to hold her in place increasing her feeling of helplessness in his grasp.

“There is no escape from who you really are. Believe me I have tried, little girl. It always fails. I am a Dominant and you are a submissive. It is the way we were made. Why deny it? You can continue to fight me but I know that by the time I have disciplined you for taking your pleasure without permission in these woods I will have you kneeling naked at my feet awaiting my command.”

He couldn’t help but laugh when she moved furiously against him. Taking his fingers out of her mouth and ignoring the curses and denial she spat at him he took hold of the front of the boiler suit and began ripping it away from her body refusing to wait any longer for her to be naked and subservient before him.

Richard made short work of her clothes and soon the boiler suit lay in tatters around her. Her breasts bounced free leaving her only in her panties and laced up white sand shoes. He lifted her around her waist and carried her struggling form to the nearest tree.

It was an ancient beech tree with a wide trunk and perfect for disciplining her against. The bark was not too rough and her skin would not chafe. He pressed her up to it and held her shoulder while his free hand reached for the black silk tie that he wore under his red Hunt Master’s riding jacket. He pulled it out and loosened it ducking to avoid the slap of her hand. Once it was free he roughly brought her wrists together and tied her hands. He stood in front of her to dissuade her from running even though her hands had been bound and undid the buckle on his belt.

She looked at him alarmed. He smiled.

“I won’t ever hurt or rape you and I will not allow anyone else to either. I am not just your Master but your protector, little one. But there will always be consequences for bad behaviour. You will be punished if you break my rules,” he told her firmly removing the belt from the loops in his jodhpurs to thread it around her bound hands forcing them to rise above her head.

He watched her breasts strain to flatten themselves against her chest as he placed the belt around the thinnest branch on the tree above her. Richard secured it and stood back to admire his handiwork watching her test it in an effort to free herself from his makeshift prison.

Her sexy cherry lips pouted like a naughty girl when she found she could not remove her bindings. The girl narrowed her beautiful eyes at him and for a moment he saw vulnerability and fear glow in them. His heart leapt. This show of bravado she kept up was unnecessary with him. He wanted her to understand she was protected but gaining her trust and guiding her to relax in to her need to submit was going to be a long journey. Living wild in the woods for so long unprotected, without love and care from a man in a harsh violent new society was bound to have taken its toll on her and every defence she had would be on hyper alert especially around men. He had no choice but to break every one of them down, steal inside and storm the castle.

Richard went to retrieve his riding crop and came to tower over her. He placed the end of the crop between her breasts making her breathe hard.

“What is your name?” he asked in a smooth velvet voice turning his head as he inspected the attributes of her small exposed curved body.

Wetness still glistened on the dark springing curls of her sex making him harden again. She was beautiful and she would no doubt fetch a handsome price but he wanted her all for himself.

“I am not telling you.”

Richard’s lips curled in to an amused smile as he trailed the leather end of the riding crop over one pert dark puckered nipple and used it to flex the teat back and forth. She bent her head and watched it become tight and erect with its forced manipulation.

“Oh you will, little one.”

“No, I won’t.”

A small cry of pain erupted from between her lips when he surprised her by raising the riding crop to swat the end neatly and expertly over the tight nipple twice.

“I will ask you again? What is your name? And this time I expect you to answer me and not give me any more arrogant cheek, little girl,” he demanded in a fatherly tone.

She stared at him, eyes wide as he moved the crop to the second breast and suddenly struck it with the whip. Another cry came from her lips but this time there was a startled aroused tone to it. Richard found himself grinning even more and having to force his face back to being stern before she looked up from studying her nipple and the way it pulled taut with need.

The woman clearly felt wet between her thighs once more because she rubbed them together as though trying to appease some strange aching need. She appeared confused by her feelings and once more she pulled at his heart strings. The girl definitely could not understand her need to submit to him.

“I am waiting.”

“Rose,” she answered timidly. “Rose Hartwell.”

“That’s a lovely name,” he informed her softly trailing the crop’s end down her gently curving abdomen until it hovered over the top of her wet pussy.

“Now, Rose open your legs as wide as you can get them. Do it,” he commanded in an even voice keen to begin her punishment before the men who accompanied him on the hunt began to wonder where he was.

Richard wanted to keep Rose separate from the other women and from the prying eyes of the client’s looking for prospective brides. The only way would be to declare her a problem to the other women with her defiance and separately cage her. But first there were other matters to attend to.

Rose hesitated looking at him. She shook her head and clamped her legs shut together.

“What are you going to do to me?” she breathed.

Richard moved closer to her until their bodies almost pressed together. She was so small and fragile next to him. The urge to hold her in his arms and soothe her was the strongest he had ever experienced with a woman. He wanted to protect and care for her but she had to be made to understand he was Dominant and he would have his rule over her and the other women entrusted in to his care in the Manor respected and obeyed. Punishment was now to be a way of life for Rose as a submissive when she was disobedient and it was one she would eventually come to respect. Punishments would provide her with the safe boundaries she needed to live a happy healthy and protected life in his care.

“I am going to whip your pussy and make you hold your orgasm until I give you permission to come,” he whispered watching her lips moisten and part with anxiety and anticipation.

“But it will sting and hurt,” she said nervously.

He did not miss the pleading and the curiosity in her voice. It was as though she wanted him to confirm how it would feel. The quick sudden strikes across her breasts by the crop had confused her. Rose hadn’t known whether she was feeling pain or pleasure or both at the same time.

“Yes, it will,” he told her in a low velvet voice stroking his fingers along her jaw. “But when you learn to appreciate the lash of the whip against your clitoris and become open to embracing the pain then pleasure will automatically follow.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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