My Master Dominated My Naked Body In A ‘Choosing Ceremony’ So We Could Marry


Max led me into a room I had not been in before. The décor was opulent. Born in to the English gentry I was no stranger to lavish furnishings, but this was different. It more than confirmed my suspicions that my Master was a Royal.

This bedroom definitely belonged to a Prince or perhaps even a King. The four poster bed’s headboard was fashioned in to a golden crest on the top and bore a panel of blue silk on the widest part. The board at the end of the bed and beneath the mattress were also gold. High above the bed, as though designed to reach the ceiling, was a canopy from which long blue silk drapes hung to shroud the person in privacy as he lay in the bed asleep.

My bare feet padded against the smooth polished wooden floor towards the bed as I viewed the beautiful tapestries and paintings of ancestors from the Eighteenth century lining the gilt edged room. But something else caught my attention and caused me distress.

In front of the bed there were three rows of padded chairs as though a viewing gallery had been erected. I pulled the long black velvet cloak that had been placed around me tighter. It was clear that the Beast meant to display me to others when he made love to me tonight. I was afraid and I tried to pull away from Max’s hand. He frowned at me and held it tighter following the frightened gaze of my eyes towards the chairs.

“You have nothing to be frightened of, Alexa. I guarantee my employer’s friends and family will believe you a perfect match for him. You must be displayed.”

My temper threatened to get the better of me.


“Because, little one, he is trying to find the perfect woman to take as a bride and carry his children. I am saying too much and you must not press me any further.”

Max appeared frustrated with himself. He ran his hand through his dark hair and tugged me towards the bed again. I hung back.

“A bride?” I was genuinely surprised and shocked. “But I thought I was to be his whore to pay my father’s debt and nothing more? Who is he? He must be royalty? Where am I?”

“Do you wish me to throw you over my knee and spank you, little one?” he warned. “I have told you every day since you arrived at the castle that I can not answer your questions. You must be patient. When your Master deems the time is right he will reveal all. He will not keep you waiting for long, I assure you. Now come and do as you are told. Tonight is important and I want it to go well for you both. I believe my employer is falling in love with you. I have not seen him so enamored with a woman before. Surrender your will to him and accept your role in his life. I believe you were made for each other.”

His outburst made me stare at him. I wanted to ask him more but he stood smiling at me by the bed refusing to talk anymore. Max started to slide the velvet cloak down my body and reveal my naked form beneath. The room was warm but a gentle chill from my fear settled across my skin. Max took hold of my arms and rubbed them.

“You must not be afraid, Alexa. Tonight’s position in front of an audience is a test of trust not only in the Master but in all of the men present in the castle. You are one of only three females present here in the castle in a country where men are dominant. Coming from a different world you must learn to trust in their rule and that you will come to no harm by being submissive. My Master and the viewing circle will require your full surrender to our employer before you may become his bride. This is the final part of your submissive training and tonight you will give your full trust to him and not doubt that he will always keep you safe and protected at all times.”

I nodded trying to appear convinced but I could not settle my fear.

Max cupped the side of my face.

“Hush, little one, your fear will be tamed.”

Max’s eyes swept over my naked body with deep approval. Just like every night my make-up had been applied by one of the only three females in the castle. My hair was piled in a luxuriant style upon my head and my bright red lips were glossed to give them a wet look to imitate the wet lips between my thighs. My body was oiled and moisturised and a multitude of perfumes had been smoothed in to my skin and throat.

“Beautiful,” Max said standing back to admire me.

He laid the cloak on one of the padded stools next to one of many tall white and gilt pillars at intermittent points against the walls in the room.

“Your skin is glowing and your breasts are perky. He will be pleased.”

Max took out a blindfold from the inside pocket of his tuxedo jacket and placed it around my eyes. I was more than nervous about not seeing anything that was going on around me in my public love making session with the Beast. But I swallowed my fear as much as I could and prepared to give myself wholly without reservation or doubt to my Master not because I was afraid of retribution if I was to fail him but because I could not bear to be parted from him. Every time I was with him I felt safe in his love something I had not been given so freely by another in my life before and I did not want to displease and lose him.

Max fastened the blindfold behind my head and led me to the bed. He directed me to sit on the it amidst the arrangement of some chains at the bottom of which sat leather cuffs to secure my wrists to the headboard, and ankles to the bed.

The sexual position he placed me in was more shameful than the last. The previous night my arms had been stretched above me and shackled in chains to the ceiling and my body had been forced to bend forwards stretching out my arms behind me. Between my legs a spreader bar had been placed and a diamond studded collar around my throat and a matching diamond studded plug inserted by Thomas in to my anus to prepare me for anal play. The only item of clothing I wore were a pair of high patent black leather heels.

My confinement had thrust my bottom out and spread the gap between my buttocks open wide to display the plug. My Master had taken his time to sweep his hands over my body admiring the way I had been arranged to his satisfaction and my subservience. That night I had remembered to keep my head respectfully lowered and not to look upon his masked face until he raised my chin and gave me the command to look upon him.

The Beast stood behind me and removed his leather belt from his trousers. My bottom was to be whipped for his pleasure. He was to teach me yet another lesson of discipline for asking too many questions about him and for refusing to eat my evening meal until Max explained what was going on. They told him all of my misdemeanours and I got the feeling he was given an accurate account of my behaviour and mood every day. When I made the mistake of asking him directly and showing my stubbornness in not accepting my situation he decided a whipping to my bare bottom with his belt might help me see the error of my ways.

I was gagged with a leather ball gag and no one could hear my whimpers of anticipation when I heard the Beast pull the belt fast from the belt loops on his trousers. I heard the makeshift whip crack through the air and watched it arc in a practice swing. He settled his cool hand on my bottom before he began and moved the plug back and forth in my anus. My pussy grew wet.

I listened to him chuckle when I moved my bottom back and forth on to the plug as he pulsed in and out of the small hole bending to kiss my bottom as he did so. It was a small distraction before he commenced my punishment and I lost myself in the growing tingling and ache throbbing between my legs hoping and wishing he would enter me soon. So the first stinging crack of his belt against my bare bottom came as a shock.

I strained my head round to see the masked man forgetting the rules. He stood tall and proud in a tuxedo raising the belt and aiming it with precision and expertise against my bare bottom. I had to confess his strong dominant figure wielding discipline upon me only served to fire my need for him all the more. It was at that moment I knew I was in fully and deeply in love with the stranger for real. He gave me all that I needed in my life. He was strong, dominant but loving and protective. Despite all of my assertions to being independent and needing no man after the cruelty my father had shown me, I knew I had been lying to myself. The Beast was all that I wanted in a man and damn the feminist inside me who told me I was a criminal for my wants.

Unable to speak for my gag I whimpered against it straining on my bonds unable to avoid the next strike. Every time his belt struck my bottom with calculated measure, I both welcomed it and cried for it. The pain and pleasure warred with each other. Each burning sting brought a burning shot of electricity that coursed up my spine and tingled inside the depths of my pussy. When he had finished applying the tip of his belt to tender backs of my thighs, he slowly pulled out the diamond studded plug out of my bottom and put it on the table next to my bound body.

I had never been mounted anally before and I was to find the experience a little intimidating at first. The Beast lubricated the small dark hole in my bottom with a cool gel. He stretched two of his fingers inside me to see how well the plug had stretched the cavern. Keeping my face to the front to show my respect for my Dominant and worrying he would later rebuke me for looking around at him before, I remained still and awaited his entry.

I heard him undress and then felt the warmth of his naked body next to mine. I couldn’t help but smile and revel in the delectable feeling of his closeness. It was as though energy danced between us every time we touched and communicated our need for each other with every small caress.

I felt the tip of his thickly lubricated penis nudge against my anus eager to penetrate. I wondered if I would be able to take him inside me and accommodate his long length and girth. The plug had been traumatic at first. All of my nerve endings had screamed in rebellion but Thomas had coaxed the plug in gently and eventually my body had surrendered.

But the Beast was to be kind and not heartlessly thrust in to me. Gently he fed his penis in to the channel and I was relieved that the plug had prepared me better than I thought it would have done. Carefully his length filled the virgin channel and thrust back and forth at a sedate pace at first. He leant over my body holding my hips to guide his movement. When he could sense I was more comfortable the pace of his thrusts increased. He slipped one of his hands down to the front of my pussy and stroked it lovingly sinking his fingers in to the creamy wetness, pinching and kneading my bobbing clit.

Just as on previous nights the animal inside my masterful lover came out and ravished me with his intense forceful lovemaking. He pounded in and out of my anus until he panted at me to come. I was relieved because I could no longer hold back the explosion ready to burst inside the pit of my stomach. My climax was so strong I thought I might faint. My body slumped and all around me appeared to move in slow motion. Buttery warmth and prickling electricity scorched down my thighs and across my stomach to pool hotly in my sex. I screamed against the gag. The beast roared and came strong pumping his seed in a torrent I thought would never stop.

Satiated he stretched across my back and held me tenderly. When he had released me from my bindings he slipped his arm underneath my legs to lift me up in to his arms. He carried me to the bed and wrapped me in the silk sheets settling me down to sleep in his arms.

The Beast rarely spoke to me but that night he had asked me about my life and my father. He told me he wanted to know all about me yet he would tell me nothing of himself. Dutifully I told him my hopes and dreams before I had fallen asleep cradled in his arms. Now in this room I had not visited before I wondered how we would end our night. I couldn’t possibly fall asleep in his arms with some many others in the room and I feared I would spend my first night alone.

Tonight’s new confining position was shameful and I was sure I was blushing behind my blindfold. Just beneath the headboard was the roll of pillows. Max wanted me to use it to support my lower back as he made me sit up against the headboard. Cupping my bottom in his hands he forced me to slightly tilt my pelvis and spread my legs wide and bend them at the knee. My pussy was on full display. There was nothing I could hide. The lips were stretched open and the full width and length of my clit was on full display as though I was about to be medically examined.

My arms were raised above my shoulders on either side and fixed in to the cuffs just as my ankles were. I could not move. A small wave of claustrophobia threatened to overtake me and I was worried any man might be able to enter the room and take his pleasure without my consent but then I felt the beast’s presence. Just feeling him there was enough to comfort me. His warmth wrapped around me like a nurturing blanket. I was safe and I was secure. I had no doubt of it. He would protect me from any other man’s invasion in this position and I had to trust. I felt the touch of his fingers on my cheek.

“Good girl,” he whispered. “You look beautiful,” he said. Kissing my lips. “I just came to check on you. I must greet my guests and then I will be back. Rest until it is time.”

He gave me one more kiss stroking my jaw as he did so and departed. The room felt emptier and cooler with him gone and I couldn’t help but pout. Max and Thomas stood around me rearranging me until they were happy with the position of my legs. They forced them to bend more until my feet were flat on the bed.

“She needs to be more damp. Did you moisten her with your finger before bringing her here?” Thomas asked disapproval in his tone.

“Yes, I did. But she is nervous and has dried a little. No matter we can easily sort that out.”

The bed suddenly dipped around me and I lifted my head to try and sense what was happening under the blindfold.

“Relax, Alexa we are just kneeling on the bed. Do not be afraid,” Thomas said.

He placed his hand on my inner thigh and to my surprise brushed my clit with a gentle kiss of his lips. The tip of his slick tongue caressed the small bud, flexing it back and forth. I moaned softly as my sex started to pool with his warm coaxing touch. Another set of lips blazed a trail of hot kisses along my inner thigh as Thomas continued his task. Max’s tongue was to join Thomas’s in my vulva. Each man occupied himself with one side lapping at my sex inside the petal lip until hot pleasure stabbed my body and flooded my pussy leaving me gasping for breath.

But it stopped as quickly as it started when almost in unison they removed their tongues.

“Much better,” Thomas said running his index finger the length of my swollen heavily wet vagina.

“Yes,” Max sounded pleased. “But these nipples need to be more rosy.”

Max’s fingers closed around one of my nipples. He pulled it taut just as Thomas did the same with the other. Then as if on cue they pinched and nipped the teats hard making me cry out.

That was when I felt the Beast’s presence again.

“You can leave us now,” he snapped at my attendants. There was jealousy in his voice. I lifted my head as though I could look at him. I desperately wanted to see his eyes and read them. “She is beautifully ripe and well prepared. Please bring in my guests. Leave now. I want to be alone with her before they enter.”

I couldn’t help wondering if he had been watching them prepare me. There was dark possession in his tone and I was awestruck. He did not want any other man touching me. I was ecstatic and I prayed this was a sign he was in love with me as much as I was with him. I only wanted his hands upon me and no one else’s.

“Yes, Sir,” my attendants sounded happy as though they had the same realization.

It was as though the Beast had taken some test and passed. Their goal had always been to please their employer and not to take me from him.

They straightened the silk sheets on the bed around me and left. I heard the beast’s footsteps come towards me at the side of the bed. He reached down and cupped my sex possessively.

“This now belongs to me,” he said in a deep dark velvet voice that made me shiver with excitement. “No other man will be allowed to touch you again. You will not see your attendants anymore. You belong to me now and I will attend to your every need.”

I opened my mouth to speak but the door opened and I could hear the murmurings of people coming in to the room. I swallowed hard knowing all of their eyes would immediately rest upon me. The Beast kissed the top of my head.

“The test begins,” he said kissing the top of my head.

I listened closely tuning every sense I had available trying to work out who was in the room in an effort to distract me from my embarrassment. I did not hear a woman’s voice and I could only smell cologne similar to my Master’s woody pine scent. The room was filled with only men. My fear grew but I consoled myself with my Master’s presence and his protection. He was the first man I had ever trusted and I hoped with all my heart it was not misguided or he would be the last.

“Good evening, everyone,” the Beast began. “I am delighted to welcome you to my choosing ceremony. Lady Alexa Tobias is the bride I have chosen and I require your approval to marry her as per Royal tradition. Let the games begin.”

The audience clapped and I tried to shuffle on my bindings afraid what was to follow. I heard the Beast come back towards the bed.

“Do not be frightened, Alexa. You will feel only pleasure. I promise you,” he reassured in a whisper.

A second later I felt the touch of leather across my breast. It circled the tip and flexed across it. I got the distinct impression it was the end of a riding crop. The Beast trailed it across my chest around the nipple on my opposite breast. I moaned feeling aroused by the smoothness of the leather and its smell. But I was to cry out when the beast suddenly pulled it away and slapped his hand in a downward motion over my breast. He did the same to the other. The shock disappeared and I could only feel arousal above the gentle sting. The crowd murmured with approval as I thrust my pelvis and chest forward ready to take the next slap.

I was to feel the strike of his hand three more times before it was replaced with the tip of the riding crop. My cry rang out around the room raising another sound of approval.

“She responds well,” I heard one man say.

The Beast continued to whip my breasts with care and consideration. My sex grew wetter and the ache for him stronger. I began to forget I had an audience to witness my arousal thrusting my breasts to welcome the lash of the whip. The end of the riding crop was trailed between my breasts and down over my slightly curved stomach towards my sex. I held my breath and bit my lip knowing he was going to whip my pussy.

The Beast showed me no mercy. I heard the whoosh of the riding crop through the air and gasped as it struck my clit with an expert touch. Down and down more strikes rained. I wrestled with the pain and the pleasure entwining and coupling. I panted and thrust out my hips until my climax gnawed at my self control.

The Beast kept me on the edge until I sobbed and then he gave me the command to come with a slightly harder strike. My release erupted so strongly and quickly it made me scream. It began deep inside my channel with tiny small explosions before it travelled outwards satiating my pussy with heavy wetness before scorching my thighs and finally pooling in the tips of my toes. I felt as though I could not breathe.

The audience clapped as I finished and slumped on my restraints. The Beast put down the whip and undressed. He was on the bed straddling me before I knew it. It was as though we were alone together and the talking from the crowd had faded in to the background.

The tip of his penis pressed against my lips. Gladly I opened my them wide and accepted him inside my mouth. His hand took hold of the mound of hair piled at the back of my head and pressed me down on to his cock.

“Suck,” he ordered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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