He Had To Hand His Daughter Over To A Norwegian Billionaire To Pay The Family Debt


Tor kept his arm across Rachel’s chest pinning her back in to the seat as the Bentley headed for the M1 and off to his country residence in Hertfordshire.

Unbelieving the feat he had just accomplished and feeling relief, the Norwegian billionaire loosened his bow tie with his free hand and the top button of his evening shirt.

But as he did so, Rachel bent her head and nipped at his hand with her teeth in a futile attempt to free herself. The woman was a wildcat.

“Ow.” Tor leaned over her and wagged his finger at her. He narrowed his eyes. “Don’t do that again. You need to stop struggling now, Rachel and accept what is happening to you or so help me I will stop this car and throw you over my knee to give you a sound spanking like a child. Do I make myself clear?”

Rachel stared hard at him trying to weigh him up. Then she made the mistake of mocking him with laughter.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Don’t think I won’t do it. You are not the first woman I have spanked,” he said huskily drawing closer to her pale pink lips watching them part as she made a small gasping noise at his words.

He wanted to kiss her, love her tenderly but the anger in the back of his mind kept urging him to treat her coldly and maintain his distance. She was to be fucked at will, always at his service for revenge not to be loved and comforted. Care, consideration and even love were luxuries that had been taken from him long ago and he was damned if he was going to let her have any of them. Besides he wasn’t sure how to give love to someone anymore. Only coldness and darkness dwelt in his soul now. The love had been sucked right out and there was no hope of return.

The billionaire glanced up at her eyes. She was breathing hard and for a startling moment he saw the same anger, the same coldness staring back at him. It was his turn to take a breath. The pain was as strong as his own. He frowned wondering what more there was in her past than he had already heard from his security team about her cruel father and the wicked stepmother so eager to see her demise.

Unable to stop himself or comprehend his feelings of concern for the spawn of his enemy, he reached out with his finger and caressed it along her bottom lip wondering if he could ignite a spark that would bring them both back from the dead not even understanding his motivation to do so. He had given up on love a very long time ago. It brought too much pain, loss and loneliness.

As he did so Rachel’s eyes darkened and her lips curled in to a deadly smile. He made to move his finger but he was too late. With a sudden quick movement Rachel caught the end of his finger between her teeth and bit down.

Tor grimaced and snatched his finger back.

“Bill, stop the car at the next service station.”

Rachel’s eyes widened but she said nothing. Two minutes later the car was pulling off the road and Rachel was shuffling uneasily in her seat.

Tor grinned.

“By the time I am finished with spanking your backside sitting down will be painful,” he informed her.

The car came to a halt away from the service station building next to some trees and a wood. Thankfully there were not many people about. Tor got out and went around to the other side of the car to retrieve Rachel. He flung the door open to find her panting with anxiety and still sitting still.

“You can’t be serious?” she questioned nervously.

“Oh but I am. Get out or I will drag you out.”

Rachel folded her arms and sat defiantly. Determined she would learn he now controlled her and her life and with the small part of him that was enjoying the game she was playing, even though he would never admit it to himself, he undid her seatbelt and took her arm. The Norwegian billionaire dragged her out from the car and towards the woods.

He walked briskly forcing her in to a small run to keep up with him and unable to pull away from him. The air was warm and the sky was just surrendering to the darkness when they entered the woods. There was only enough light supplied by the moon to light their way.

“Let me go, let me go.”

Tor quickly found a fallen tree and sat down pulling Rachel quickly over his knee. She shrieked as she fell over him.

“This is where you learn just how little I am going to be in tolerating your behaviour, little one,” he informed her hearing his Norwegian accent become thicker as he did so.

Bracing his arm over her back to hold her in place, Tor placed his hand on her leg and smoothed it upwards caressing her flesh and the silky red dress as he slid it over her bottom to her waist.

With one hand he tugged at the black lace panties raising his eyes at their skimpiness and the delectable way they framed her plump succulent juicy bottom.

“Very pretty, “ he said fingering the lace. “But you won’t be needing panties or many clothes for that matter,” he continued in a dark velvet tone. “You will always be open and ready for me to take. Your job will be to keep yourself nice and wet for me. If you can’t I will employ someone who will be able to keep you ready for me. From now on you will only wear the clothes I allow you to and you will ask permission to wear panties, little one. Now let me see to your spanking. This will do you good,” he finished with a small laugh.

“You can’t do this.”

“Yes I can. You belong to me lock stock and barrel, part of my goods and chattel, if you like,” he gave a cruel laugh and used both of his hands to pull down her panties just below the backs of her thighs.

“Don’t do this to me,” there were tears in her voice now as her hand reached up to cover her bottom and her shame. “What if someone sees?” she let out a sob.

“Then so be it. I am sure they will admire me for taking you in hand when I tell them that you bit me twice,” he answered with a playful tone settling her panties at her knees to help trap her over his lap.

Tor pulled Rachel’s hands away and turned them upwards behind her back. In one hand he held them to help her keep balance over his knees and to strengthen her feeling of submission and helpless before raising his hand, cupping it ever so slightly and striking her bottom.

Rachel yelped and then howled with the second harder blow to her vulnerable bare bottom. Tor felt himself harden as he watched Rachel’s naked bottom jump and quiver with each spank. Power surged through him spurring him on until her bottom was turning pink and her sobbing was loud. Being in control was the only time he felt calm. It wasn’t that he was cruel with it or dispassionate it was just something he needed since the beginning of the trauma in his life. It felt safe. The thought made him mindful. He checked his strikes to Rachel’s bottom were fair and not harsh, just enough to discipline but not to maim or abuse.

Her bottom was now tingeing with a healthy glowing pink visible in the shining moonlight casting its rays over Rachel’s bare bottom. He could feel the tight curls of her pussy bristling against his trouser legs as her body bucked with each blow and he swore he could have detected dampness after the fifth spank which made him feel triumphant.

On the twentieth spank Tor was convinced his message had struck home by the limpness in her body and the gentle crying. His heart leapt suddenly, unexpectedly and a wave of protectiveness engulfed his senses. What was she doing to him? Abruptly he ceased the spanking sparing the backs of her thighs for another time dumbfounded by the feelings she was engendering in him.

The billionaire pulled her panties down and removed them from her body altogether. He tucked them in his pocket and then cupped one buttock with his palm. It was burning. Something made him lean down and kiss it tenderly to calm the heat.

“There, there, sweetheart, all over now,” he whispered brushing his lips against her pink flesh once more. “I will take care of you. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are safe.”

The words were strange to him yet he felt compelled to say them. Confused he lowered her alluring dress and patted her bottom more disturbed by her discipline than she had been.

He let go of her arms and helped her stand. Her pretty face was tear stained and her bravado had died.

To Tor’s surprise his instinct took over once more drawing Rachel in to his arms. Equally to his surprise she clung to him.

“What is happening?” she asked through gentle tears.

“I don’t know,” he answered truthfully. “You have to trust me. I won’t hurt you and I will never force myself on you but this has to be. A debt has to be paid and I have to have release from the past. This is the only way I know how.”

“I can’t trust you. I don’t trust any man.”

“Then I will help you. Perhaps we will both find some sort of release from this situation,” he told her genuinely hoping for the best. Perhaps she would end his pain.

“I will fight you all the way,” she said holding on to him stronger.

“I know. You are more like me than you would probably care to admit.”

A while later, Rachel lay on the bed. Her arms were raised about her head with her wrists restrained in black leather cuffs that were tied to the bed by a leather strap fed through a loop down the back of the bed. Her feet were in a similar position and tied together. His staff had carried out his directions to her confinement and the beginning of her submissive training to the letter.

The ache to touch her and trace every soft curve with his fingers was strong. She belonged to him now and with his help she was slowly beginning to accept her situation and his control. She was sleeping lightly turned in her bindings on her side giving him a delicious view of her rosy pink spanked bottom. Softly he cupped a cheek with his hand and smiled when he felt his hand warm against it.

The cuff of his white shirt caressed her side as he position his arm over her and gently gathered up a breast in his hand. Seductively, almost lovingly he squeezed it to waken her and flexed his thumb across the nipple. Rachel was a beautiful creature and every time he looked at her pretty innocent face he felt remorse for his actions but his anger was still strong and outweighed his guilt. She might be his prisoner but she would always be cared for and protected by himself and his staff. No one would hurt her and although she was there to service his needs to pay the family debt he would never force himself upon her or beat her for denying him. She was to receive respect and to be simply cajoled and guided in to her new submissive role, a position she appeared to be starting to find unexpected pleasure in. It enthralled him.

He’d expected her to be horrified she could be aroused from a spanking over his knee for a punishment but to her confusion she had been wet, his staff had reported. He looked down at her pussy at the neat shaven black curls. They were still glistening wet. She hadn’t been touched there yet and being bound had cleared intensified her arousal. The ache between her thighs needed to be satisfied. Another smile of satisfaction lit his lips.

Another gentle squeeze to her breast awakened her. She moaned softly and opened her eyes.

“Did you have a good sleep?” he asked gently glancing at his watch.

It was past midnight. But Rachel didn’t seem to want to discuss it. She frowned and pouted trying to free herself from her bonds, struggling on the bed. His cock hardened and twitched with arousal at the sight of her reluctant captivity wanting to be inside her riding her in to submission.

“When are you going to let me go? You can’t keep me here tied up on this bed forever.”

He pinched her nipple and stretched it out idly as he sighed with impatience.

“You will stay here until she realise I am in control and I have your obedience, Rachel. This is hard for you, I get that but it is the way I want it and I will help you accept your new life. It could be very pleasurable for you if you do. I promise you will want for nothing.”

“I don’t want to be your whore and completely at your service whenever you feel the need to mount me. It’s wrong . . . I can’t . . .”

“You want to help your father and your family don’t you?”

She was tight lipped. Tor traced his finger down her stomach and stroked above her pussy careful not to brush the top of the curls. He watched her chest rise and fall in agitation betraying her arousal at his touch. He couldn’t take his eyes from her. To his annoyance she was once more captivating him.

“I need to relieve myself. Untie me,” she demanded with a confidence he couldn’t help but admire.

Tor smiled and continued his caress.

“No. You will relieve yourself in to a bedpan.”

The horror on her face was stark.

“No, no I can’t, please,” she begged.

Ignoring her pleas he stood up and reached under the bed. The bedpan was there just where he had instructed it to be left. He brought it out and lifted her legs up before she could complain forcing her to raise her bottom in the air. Neatly he placed the bedpan underneath her bottom and firmly pressed her hips down when she refused to lower her body on to it.

Cruelly he sat back down on the bed beside her determined she would learn to respect the power he had over her as her captor and pee when commanded.

“Pee and then we will talk some more,” he instructed folding his arms.

“No, no, I can’t with you here. What about your assistant? Can’t she help me?” Rachel was fretful and blushing with embarrassment at the helpless position she found herself in but he wasn’t moving.

“No. Pee.”

“I am desperate.”

“Do as you are told,” he told her calmly. “Learn to obey me.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Tor watched her wrestle with her need to relieve herself and her wilful determination to keep control. When she finally decided to give in and sob a little because of it she found she couldn’t actually pee because she was too tense.

“I can’t. It won’t come,” she said through her tears.

Tor softened his hardened handsome Nordic features and stroked his fingers along the inside of her thigh.

“Let me help you.”


“Let me touch you. Let me help you come and your muscles will relax and your water will flow,” he told her softly.

“But I can’t do that . . .”

“Yes you can.”

Tor moved his fingers close to her sex this time allowing his fingers to lightly brush the curls at the side. Her face contorted with pain and she strained upwards on her bonds.

“My stomach is cramping. I have to pee,” she said distressed. “All right, please help me. Please. I hate you for this.”

“Hush. Open your legs as wide as you can get them.”

He knew she would find this difficult in the position she had been bound but he wanted to see her straining to accommodate his request and obey him. She moaned with discomfort as she opened her legs.

“Keep them open,” he instructed knowing it would be a challenge for her.

Using his index finger he stroked the length of her pussy surprised at the amount of juice he felt already dwelling there.

“You are so wet. I think you are hiding your true feelings from me. Being spanked aroused you.” He smiled, “I think discipline is good for you. It will set boundaries and help you respect my authority over you.”

Tor listened to the authority in his voice and instead of hearing a man trying to pleasure a woman with his dominance he heard anger behind the words. He closed his eyes with frustration and gentled his touch of her clit as he caressed it back and forth feeling her sex swim. When would the past let him go? Rachel was paying the price for something her father had done and he should be ashamed of himself he was no better.

In honour of her sacrifice he bent his head and kissed the small bud with his lips. He heard Rachel give a small moan of unexpected pleasure and felt his heart melt. She was a beautiful, kind and considerate woman and she tasted sweet. Tor slipped out his tongue and lightly began to lap at her clit, momentarily taking time to tuck the jewel behind his teeth and suck as though it were a milk teat on her breast, cupping her buttocks with his hands to lift her up to him.

The more he sucked and tasted the more he wanted of her. She was fresh, vibrant and pure in his dark sordid little world of torture, pain, loss and fury. Tor’s whole frame relaxed as he sank in to the welcoming arms of a new addiction giving pleasure to the captive woman under his protection.

Rachel’s hips lifted up in response. Involuntarily she pushed her pussy against his open mouth and bucked with each expert stroke of his tongue. Pleased with her response Tor circled the tip of his tongue around the soft silky entrance of her channel building anticipation, preparing her for his entry.

Rachel moved her hips restlessly in his grip and he held them tighter to hold her in position. He couldn’t help but curl his lips with satisfaction and triumph that the tigress was actually feeling out of control and pleasured by him. It made him step up his game. He nudged the tip of his lithe slick tongue just inside the small hall and held it there for a moment. There was frustration in her cries this time and wickedly he made her wait knowing the pain of pleasure was fighting with her need to relieve herself. It was a potent aphrodisiac for them both.

With one hard thrust he buried his tongue inside her as far as it would go. Rachel’s hips lifted up and she furiously bucked against him lost. The effect of her sexy body demanding more with her hips, straining on her bonds to free herself from the torment just about drove him crazy. He wanted to be inside her but it was too soon. He needed her to be happy and content she belonged to him, accepting of his rule before they took the next step. He might want to her whore her to pay for her father’s crimes but he wondered if something else between them could be taking place. Perhaps fate had other plans for them both? Right now he wanted her to come and to come hard so he could he watch the pleasure ride her face and know that for once in his life he had brought happiness to someone, to Rachel.

Her pants grew louder and rush of silky fluid filled his mouth. Rachel was close. Lifting up he settled her back on the bedpan and quickly replaced his tongue with first one and then two of his fingers, using his thumb to maintain the caress on her clit. He stood and leaned over her watching her helpless pleasure begin to consume her.

“Come for me now, Rachel and let your water flow,” he breathed his command in a husky voice.

With a cry, Rachel let go on command and allowed her orgasm to blossom. The sight was breathtaking. Her pretty tense features relaxed and were bathed in a soft pinky glow. Her eyes glazed as though she were possessed by pleasure and stared up at him in wonder making him catch his breath. If he had to say when he first fell in love with Rachel it was this intoxicating moment.

The muscles inside the depths of her vagina tightened and trapped his fingers. He thrust them harder, deeper as her orgasm broke revelling in the feel of being inside her connecting them together. The moment it did her water released and flowed freely over his fingers and hand relieving her pain as it tinkled noisily in to the pan.

“Good girl,” he whispered as her climax end and the trickle of water in to the pan ceased.

Tor continued moving his fingers back and forth until the small shudders inside her channel relaxed and every last drop of water had been expelled then slowly he removed his fingers and her panting calmed.

Without a word he walked to the bathroom and retrieved a cleansing wipe which he lovingly dabbed her vagina with to clean her. He returned to dispose of the wipe and took the bedpan away.

Rachel grimaced blushing scarlet as he did so. She fought to turn her face and body away from the sight of him taking the pan away.

“Why does this bother you? It should not. I nursed my bedridden father before he died,” he gave a small chuckle. “And believe me, this is not the first time I have made a woman urinate when coming,” he said brushing his fingers over her thigh feeling the urge to continue the small cruelty of talking about her perceived shame.

“There is nothing more intoxicating than taking control of a woman’s pleasure and the function of her body in doing so. In that moment she is completely in your control, dependent on you to take care of her.” He lowered his voice to a soft whisper. “Complete trust must exist. I hope in time this is something we can cultivate between us.”

“I am not sure I can ever trust a man who has kidnapped me and is holding me here against my will,” she answered defiantly.

He smiled and continued to caress the inside of her thigh amused and undeterred, the predator inside him curling his lip with the thrill of the challenge to bring her to her knees in front of him.

“We will see.”

He washed his hands, his mind excitedly dwelling on the seductive image of her coming as he conquered her will. The temptation of curling up in bed with her and holding her softness against him was too tempting. Just for a short while he could let his guard down and take refuge in her. That was the whole point of taking her from Roberts, to steal her for those moments he needed satisfaction and comfort. Isn’t that what he had really taken her for?

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