I Wanted To Dominate My Stepmom In A Way My Father Couldn’t

I found my stepmother curled up asleep on the sofa. She’d been crying again by the tell-tale signs of running mascara. He’d done this. I wanted to touch her. The compulsion burned inside me. The simple act of caressing my fingers across her cheek was dangerous but I didn’t care. My growing love for her made me want to take chances, to betray my secret. I wanted her to know how I felt even though it was forbidden territory. Why did it have to be? He didn’t really love her. I did and I could make her heart sing. Uncaring if she woke or I was discovered I slowly bent and tentatively touched her cheek. Touching her for the first time was electric and the connection between us sparked to life. I knew then I would never be able to let her go. My finger tips lightly caressed her cheek loving the feel of its silky softness. It was damp from her tears and I vowed then not to let my father make her cry again or hurt as he had done to my mother.

She stirred but I continued to stroke daring her to open her eyes and look up in to my eyes. They would have told her everything she needed to know about my feelings. Would she reject me? But then I heard Olivia walking towards the room. She already had suspicions and I didn’t want her to know anymore. I pulled my fingers back feeling the loss of intimate connection immediately. Frustrated I gently shook Alexandra’s arm to wake her as Olivia walked in to the lounge in her school uniform.

“I found your Mum asleep. She’s been crying and doesn’t look too good. She might need to talk to you. I think my father and her have had a row. I heard them shouting earlier,” I told her in a low voice.

Olivia frowned and then looked disapproving at my stance over her mother as she sat up. I took a couple of steps back and let her take over moving out of the room.

When I emerged from the study a couple of hours later it was early evening. I hadn’t been able to concentrate for thinking about her. She suddenly rushed past me in a sexy blue party dress just above the knee in bare feet carrying a pair of shoes. She took my breath away. I stared after her as she fixed an earring in her ear. She smiled at me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hello, Chase. How was your day? Going out with Louise tonight?” she called after me.

I wasn’t going out with that cold fish. I needed a night off from that bloody charade.

“Fine. Thanks. I won’t be going out tonight. Looks like you are off out. You look stunning if you don’t mind me saying.”

She blushed. I grinned.

“Thanks, kind Sir,” she joked. “I am going out with some girlfriends. A last minute thing. Mind you get something to eat soon and don’t work right in to the night.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said giving her a mock salute.

“Olivia, where are you?” she called up the stairs. “Get a move on if you want the driver to drop you off at your friend’s before he takes me. I don’t want to be late tonight. I need a night out with the girls right now.”

“I’m coming as fast as I can. Just be patient. Keep your hair on,” Olivia snapped.

“Don’t you speak to me like that young lady or I will be up those stairs.”

Olivia groaned and slammed her bedroom door shut.

I grinned as Alexandra shook her head and sat down on a chair in the white marble hall to put on her shoes.

“Teenagers!” she bemoaned.

I stood for a moment watching her struggle to fasten the strap of the shoe around her ankle trying all sorts of contorted positions to see better and manage the feat. I chuckled and walked over ready to offer my assistance.

“Do you want some help with those?” I enquired innocently.

“Oh would you mind? That would be wonderful. Thanks.”

I loosened my tie at the neck a little and walked towards her and went down on to my haunches. Gently I caught hold of the back of her bare slender leg and lifted it. The compulsion to caress my hand along gate back of her calf was potent. Carefully, respectfully I slid my hand down to her ankle and swept the strap around it. Randomly I wondered what it would be like to thread a leather collar around her neck once I had made her my submissive.

Putting her foot flat on the ground I fasted the strap and turned my attention to the next one. She was watching me intently.

“Your hands are lovely and cool,” she suddenly told me. I could see by the ashen sweep across her face, she regretted saying it. I deliberately moved my hand up and down her calf enjoying the caress as much as she clearly was. She gave a small pat.

“I aim to please,” I said diplomatically, lowering my hand to her ankle to fasten in the buckle. As I finished Olivia came running down the stairs with an overnight bag in her hand. She frowned at me with disapproval as I patted her mother’s leg.

“All done.”

“Thank you,” she smiled nervously and stood unable to meet Olivia’s inquisitive eyes.

“See you later,” she said walking out with Olivia.

“Have fun both of you,” I called after them.

She wanted me. I’d seen it in her eyes. She hadn’t been able to hide it.

It was midnight when I got a call from her. Out for drinks in London with friends it had been a welcome surprise to see her caller ID come up on my phone. Getting up from the table I found a quiet corner to answer her call.

“Chase. I didn’t who else to call. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to do. It’s your father. I got a call. Someone rang, a woman. She told me he is at the Carlton Hotel seeing a woman. I don’t know what to do.”

I closed my eyes and then opened them wide again feeling pain for her. History was repeating itself. I’d had the same call from my mother once upon a time.

“Relax. Who told you?”

“I don’t know who it was. Just a woman. She wouldn’t give me her name. I am going to go over there. I need to find out if its true. I shouldn’t have rang you.”

“No. Don’t go. Wait for me. I will come and pick you up and we will go together. Where are you?”

“Are you sure? I am at The Red Hotel. I am staying here tonight. Your father and I are having a bit of trouble and I thought a night apart might do us some good. I need to think. I’m sorry, Chase.”

She sounded frantic.

“Don’t worry and don’t move. I am coming. We will sort this out together.”

I ended the call. Of course I already knew it was true and what my father was up to. If I’d been the dutiful son I would have told her I would sort it out, kept her away and helped my father maintain the delusion of faithfulness he thrusted upon her and shield her from the pain. But I wanted her to see what he really was.

I left taking a taxi to the Red Hotel and collected her from the lobby. The Carlton Hotel wasn’t too far away from her own. We sat in silence. Her hand rested on the seat beside her as she stared anxiously out of the window and all I could think of doing was holding it.

When we reached the hotel we discovered my father was in the penthouse suite and as we took the lift up there my heart began to pound. I wanted to protect her and for a second I considered stopping the lift and taking her back down before confronting my father on my own.

The lift doors opened straight in to the lounge area. Alexandra gasped and put her hand to her mouth in shock. The room was filled with people. Two of them were snorting cocaine from a table while girls as young as eighteen giggled, dancing naked next to three of my father’s friends. For the sake of protection more than anything at this point I picked up Alexandra’s hand.

“Come on, I will take you downstairs,” I told her tugging her to the lift. “Leave this to me.”

“No,” she said firmly. “I have to know,” she said pulling away anger and tears warring in her voice. She stepped forward amidst the sea of bodies and looked for him on her way to the bedroom. I followed closely behind noticing that everyone in the room was high on drugs and booze. One man anally fucked a girl over a table. The place smelt of stale sex and was filled with smoke. It was hazardous to breathe.

We found the bedroom. Alexandra opened the door immediately and walked in. She gave a loud sob. I hung my head ashamed at my father. He was lying in bed with three naked young women. One of them was walking him off while the other sat on top of his face and he licked her pussy. My stomach turned.

“Ben. What the hell are you doing?” Alexandra screamed.

I moved closer to her feeling the instinct to protect her when my father pushed the women of him and sat up. He got up and laughed loudly. He rubbed his nose. He was high on cocaine.

“Having fun. Why don’t you come and join us?” he said splaying his ams wide. “You’ve been up tight too much lately. Come and unwind with us. Snort some coke. I’d really like to see Lucy here fuck you,” he said sliding off the bed to walk towards us buck naked.

Pressing close to Alexandra I could feel her shaking with anger and shock. I put my hands on her shoulders to move her away behind me but she wasn’t going anywhere. She shrugged me off. The moment he was near enough, my feisty sexy gutsy stepmother raised her hand and swiped the side of my father’s face with a hard deserving slap. His head snapped sideways.

“We are done, Ben. You filthy piece of scum. I loved you.”

“You haven’t loved me for a while,” he snapped. “You are just another silly boring bitch who won’t learn to do as she is told. Just like his mother.” He pointed at me as he rubbed his face.

“Have some damn respect for your me and your son, Ben,” Alexandra shouted. “How could you do this to us?”

She played in to him with her small fists beating at his chest and arms. I reached for her. My father raised the back of his hand to hit her and I lost it. I pushed him so hard away from her the man lost his balance and fell backwards. I pulled him up and pushed him back against the wall away from the round bed and punched him.

“Don’t ever lay a finger on her. She’s right you are nothing but dirty scum. You always were. If you hurt Alexandra or go near her daughter I will kill you,” I shouted at him watching him slide down the wall, a trickle of blood coming from his mouth.

But my father found the whole thing funny inches drugged state. He just laughed and didn’t stop. I walked towards Alexandra and grabbed hold of her arm to lead her from the room and back to the lift. I was still shaking with rage. She pulled away from me when the doors closed and sobbed. When we reached the ground floor she ran from me outside and hailed a taxi before I could reach her. I knew where she would be going. Quickly I hailed a taxi and followed her.

I wanted to control and dominate my sexy stepmother. Not in the cruel sense my father did. But in the way I knew she wanted to be controlled. It was time to bring Alexandra to her knees and bring out her wicked side.

I walked purposefully towards her. She gave me a nervous look. I think she believed I was going to remonstrate with her for hitting my father or plead on his behalf.

“Chase, if you have come here to have a go at me I don’t want to hear it,” she challenged strengthening her tone as she ran her hand agitatedly through her blonde hair. Her hands were trembling. I stood towering over her for a moment wanting her to feel my presence and my power so she would know I was someone she could rely on to protect her, care for her, rule her.

“Drink your wine,” I told her firmly lowering the tone of my voice to a velvet caress to soothe her agitation and reassure her I was not there to cause a row. She simply stared at me with surprise.

Really, Alexandra darling you must know how I feel about you by now.

Undoing my suit jacket button I sat next to her in the booth, careful to maintain a discreet distance. I had to play this right if I was going to get her underneath me in bed by the end of the night. It was the first command I had given her and the first of many to come.

“I haven’t come here to have an argument with you, Alexandra. Quite the opposite.” I paused watching her defensively fold her arms. “Do as I told you and drink some wine. It will relax you.”

Once more my voice was soft but edged with a stronger parental command. She responded to it immediately reaching for the glass. But her hand was shaking so much she barely manage the feat. She raised the glass. It shook and spilled a little of its liquid. I took over closing my hand around hers on the glass. I had to take a breath to still the shock of the sizzling electricity surging through me at having so boldly touched her. My hold forced her to pause bringing the glass to her lips. Tears gathered in her eyes and I could see her fighting to hold them back. Her pain stabbed my heart, triggering an automatic response. My hand smoothed gently over hers in an attempt to ease the pain. For one moment we locked eyes and everything that needed to be said flickered between us in silent communication. That was when I knew she felt the same way about me as I did her, and there was no going back. This was happening and call me a fool but I had no doubts it was all meant to be.

Using my hold I helped her bring the glass to her succulent cherry red lips wet with the gloss. Mesmerised, I watched as I pressed the glass to her lips and the sweet liquid seeped between them in to her mouth. An image of her kneeling naked at my feet, collared, the leash attached to it in my hand pulling it tight, a lioness tamed, her full lips locked around my penis coaxing my hard desire until my seed tumbled down her throat in a torrent.

Finding hard to keep control I made her take another sip and took the glass from her to rest it on the table. It was like feeding a child. I liked it.

“Listen to me, Alexandra. My father is out of line. He has gone too far. It isn’t the first time he has been caught playing around and I don’t believe it will ever be the last,” I stated in an unemotional voice. It was the truth and I saw no point in trying to hide it or softening the blow. “There will always be women and drugs. He is a very rich man and these things are easily available to him. But that is not the worst he has done to you. He has steadily been wearing you down with his cruel comments, his controlling behaviour and his shouting all of which has been slowly eroding your confidence. He is making you ill. He did the same to my mother. She wouldn’t have been out driving that night in the rain if he hadn’t got her so down she needed to escape. Maybe then she wouldn’t have had the accident. This is what he does to women.”

I stopped listening to the anger brewing in my voice as I lost my way and indulged in my anger at my father. Alexandra didn’t need it and neither did I. The man wasn’t worth bothering with. I made an effort to calm my impassioned tone as I delivered the truth to her.

“My mother wasn’t as feisty as you are. By the way I am most impressed with the way you handled him before,” I finished with a grin. It made her chuckle briefly lifting the sadness from her eyes.

“She rarely fought back in the end. Every time she had, he crushed her spirit and blackmailed her in to staying. Don’t let him do it to you. My mother’s only way out of her marriage to my father was death.”

Alexandra’s eyes widened with surprise at my words then lowered.

“It’s over. It has to be. I won’t tolerate drugs and cheating. I can’t believe he did this to me. Why don’t I ever learn about men? It’s all my fault.” She sounded frustrated, exasperated even. I frowned.

“What do you mean? You haven’t done anything wrong here.”

“I just mean . . .” She sighed. “My last husband was a control freak. He did the same thing. I don’t know maybe I am sick and a part of me likes being controlled and dominated by a strong man. Then why does it hurt so much, Chase? Maybe I am insane. It can’t be what I want. Maybe I deserve this.”

I shook my head and cupped the side of her face unable to bear the weight of her hurt. It had been a reflex action. I held my breath expecting her to flinch away as I turned her face towards me. But she didn’t and I was elated. I smoothed my thumb along her cheek to wipe a stray tear dampening it. This was it, this was when I took full control of her.

“No. There is nothing wrong with you. Perhaps it is a different form of control you are looking for and you get your wires crossed,” I smiled. “You want to be safe, cared for and protected by a strong man. Nothing wrong with that. We like women to rely on this. Most of us feel redundant these days,” I grinned again. “But some like my father want take advantage of that and they make it turn in to something nasty instead of making it nurturing.”

I stopped considering whether I should go any further. Alexandra’s eyes were glassy with more tears and by the look of anticipation flickering in her gaze she knew the secret we both held close to our hearts was about to be exposed. I watched her lips part and her make a small gasp when I looked directly at her and spoke. “I know exactly what you need from a man and I can give it to you.”

Silence. The waiter chinked glasses as he picked them up from the table next to us and I felt the weight of his look warming my back as if waiting with me for the outcome of my confession. Alexandra opened her mouth to speak and I found myself unable to bear the answer or her rejection. I leaned in and captured her lips. She moaned softly welcoming me inside her mouth and responded. I grew more hopeful and intensified the kiss holding her face with both of my hands, pulling her closer wanting to be deeper inside her, wanting all of her. I was lost and for a brief time I knew she was too. Then it ended.

Alexandra suddenly pulled away from me. The slap across my face stung hard but ignited something primal inside me. As she got to leave I caught her arm and brought her back to me.

“Don’t run from this. I know you don’t want to,” I urged daring to roughly catch her lips against me again, holding her tight against me on the seat. She gasped and I waited to see if her struggles would cease. I didn’t want to let her go but if she really couldn’t go through with it I would have to back off. I prayed she would realise we were meant to be and I was rewarded.

Alexandra’s body relaxed against me and with a gentle grunt of satisfaction she gave in and returned my kiss. I swept my hands through her hair tugging her head backwards unable to tear my mouth from hers. I wanted more, all she could give me. Triumph surged through me. I had caught my prey and now I was going to devour her at leisure. I was going to make her love me and realise she couldn’t live without me.

She belongs to me now, father. I took her from you just like you took Louise from me and defiled her. Now you can’t hurt Alexandra anymore.

“Stand up,” I instructed tugging her hair to encourage her. Dutifully she stood up in to my arms.

“Where is your room?” I demanded pulling her out of the booth. She hesitated.

“Room? Alexandra,” I snapped.

She stared at me wide eyed. Her eyes swam with blatant desire and my curt demand had forced it to swirl higher.

“Fourth floor. 467,” she panted.

Oh, she was everything I wanted in a nice curvy sexy bundle. I couldn’t wait to get her down on the bed underneath me. But I was to find I couldn’t wait that long.

We reached the lifts and I found myself slamming her back against the wall between them, raising her hands to the side to hold her in place. I didn’t care if anyone saw us. I wanted the whole fucking world to know she was mine now. She was breathless when I forcefully took her mouth again.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she breathed against my lips. “It’s wrong, it’s . . .”

“Forbidden,” I finished for her. “I don’t care.”

“What if someone sees us?”

I raised her hands above her head and held them with one hand while I moved my free one to catch hold of her chin in a tight hold.

“I want them to. I want them all to know. It’s a damn shame it’s late and there is no one around,” I hissed. “I have waited long enough to claim you putting up with my father fucking you and hearing you cry because he’d manipulated you in to it and you wanted to leave him. No more.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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