Two Handsome Billionaire Brothers Saved Me From My Abusive Husband

Shutterstock, Mayer George
Shutterstock, Mayer George

I woke in Marcus’s arms. He was carrying me. We were inside a lift in a hotel and the doors were closing. His brother was next to him. I blinked my eyes blearily attempting to take in my surroundings to get my bearings. Marcus was holding my body with ease in.

“Hey, she’s waking up,” Marcus said tightening his hold around my body.

Jason quickly turned and stroked his fingers through my mid-length brunette hair.

“How are you feeling, little one?” he asked in a soft whisper as though speaking to a child.

His brother had used the same tone and words when I was resting on the park bench. I had let it pass at the time, but now when Jason said it, I felt like there was more behind it.

I softened and warmed to Jason’s caressing touch through my hair, delighting in the way he called me “little one.”

A part of me wanted to stiffen at its use. I wasn’t a child. Thomas had treated me like one for five years of marriage hell but somehow this was different. I softened and warmed to Jason’s caressing touch through my hair, delighting in the way he called me “little one.” It made me feel safe, a feeling I rarely felt and craved from a man, something my husband had denied me.

“I think I am ok,” I answered in a sleepy voice.

“You need some rest and then we will discuss what we are going to do next,” Marcus said, carrying me out of the deserted lift straight into a large opulent room filled with whites, marble pillars and light suede upholstery.

“I will put her in my bed,” Marcus said carrying me through into another room in which a bed draped in sumptuous dark grey silk sheets was center stage.

We must have been in the penthouse because the room was oval and in front of the huge bed big enough for four let alone two, there were four tall thin windows hitting the floor around the curved wall dressed in white curtains. They looked out over the city and I was sure I caught a glimpse of the coliseum in the distance as Marcus carried me to the bed and lay me down on top of it. Somewhere from below the elevated room I could hear the hoot of taxis and the roar of motorcycles and scooters in the mid day traffic.

Jason swept his hand around the back of my head to lift it off the pillow so he could put them in a better position to support me. I couldn’t help but look up at his handsome face in awe as he laid me back down on them.

Marcus was on the phone ringing for a doctor and ordering me some aspirin.

“We are in luck. A doctor was called in for another person in the hotel and he is on his way up,” Marcus said walking over to me to stand next to his brother.

I couldn’t help but look up at his handsome face in awe as he laid me back down…

“Won’t be long now, baby girl. We’ll get you looked at by the doctor and then into bed for some rest.”

They towered over me in their black business suits, their tall dominant male frames dwarfing my small curved figure lying on the bed. I felt small and vulnerable, in their power. But I didn’t feel afraid quite the contrary I felt strangely aroused by their presence. I couldn’t help but frown at my odd feelings.

“I am ok, really. Thank you for helping me get away but I am sure I will be all right,” I said trying to sit up.

I was probably putting them to a lot of trouble and I didn’t want to impose on them any longer. I had to start looking after myself and that meant getting back to my own hotel to retrieve my clothes and leave for the airport to return home. But the brothers weren’t ready to let me go anywhere. Both of them leaned over and gently pushed me back down on the pillows. Again they exchanged an annoyed look between themselves. Jason ran his hand through his thick dark hair cut short at the sides and back in a fashionable style just like his brother’s.

“You aren’t going anywhere, honey. You are now in our care and we are taking charge. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. It looks like you need taking in hand.”

Jason stroked my cheek with his fingertips. He lowered and softened his voice so much so it caressed every sense I possessed and forced me into submission.

“You are safe now. Marcus and I will take care of you. He can’t hurt you now. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

I opened my mouth to speak, to reluctantly inform him I could look after myself but Marcus put a finger to my lips and hushed me.

“Let us take care of you, little girl. We both haven’t had the pleasurable opportunity to take care of a fragile woman for a long time and I think we are going to fight over you, honey,” he grinned at his brother who shook his head with frustration.

“You are now in our care and we are taking charge.”

There it was again. They both kept referring to me as though I were a child and what was more disturbing I was finding a strong liking for it. The sudden warm trickle of wetness seeping between my thighs confirmed my feelings.

Before anyone could say anything else the sound of the lift doors opening could be heard.

“The doctor,” Marcus said walking out of the bedroom.

“Don’t worry, we will stay with you when he examines you, Kitten,” Jason informed me.

He folded his arms and walked to the door as we heard footsteps approach the room. Both men explained the story to the older man and helped me sit up when he wanted to press the end of a stethoscope to my chest and listen to my heart. Jason moved forward and sat on the bed to undo the buttons on my blouse, taking the task away from my shaking fingers.

“Shh relax. It isn’t anything any of us haven’t seen before,” he said with a smile noticing the warmth to my cheeks.

He caressed his nimble fingers over the top of my white blouse to seductively ease it from my shoulders and expose my white lace bra to his gaze.

Both men stood back and protectively watched every move the doctor made. When he left giving me a diagnosis of exhaustion and stress as the cause of my faint and a firm order to recuperate in bed for the rest of the day, I tried to put my blouse back on, aware of the brothers scrutiny and stood to leave. I couldn’t lie in bed all day. This was my chance to leave, to start my life afresh and besides two hot looking guys who appeared to be rolling in money wouldn’t want me hanging around. They were far too good looking for me to be sticking around with. I was a nobody. These twin brothers were clearly somebody who could have any woman they wanted.

He caressed his nimble fingers over the top of my white blouse to seductively ease it from my shoulders and expose my white lace bra to his gaze.

But when I went to retrieve my blouse from the chair Jason caught my arm and stopped me. I gasped feeling his male power and strength course through me as he pulled me towards him. He took the blouse from me and put it down.

“What do you think you are doing, little one?”

I started to explain but I knew my words were futile. Marcus came up behind me resting his hands on the waist of my red summer skirt. I felt the magnetic touch of his hold shiver the length of my spine. The wetness that had appeared between my thighs grew a little more. I was being possessively held by two men who wanted to stop me putting my clothes back on and leaving.

“We told you, Kitten you aren’t going anywhere,” Jason told me bluntly, clearly in no mood for negotiating.

Fragile, vulnerable and in desperate need of care and protection by a firm handed man.

“You came with us and gave us both the opportunity to care for you so let us do it. It’s something we do very well. Commit to us as our submissive. We have only known you an hour but already we know you are everything we are looking for,” he stroked his fingers through my hair.

“Fragile, vulnerable and in desperate need of care and protection by a firm handed man. We will guard you from your husband and help you recover from your abuse. I am guessing he has done that to you many times before. You need a male hand to steer you out of accepting you deserve abuse and into loving yourself. Let us take charge of your life and you. We will keep you safe and you will want for nothing.”

I thought about Thomas and going home. No doubt he would wangle his way around me. Express his apologies for hurting me and as usual I would fall for it. I needed help but from two men I had just met who wanted me to submit to them? I wasn’t sure but then what did I have to lose. My life needed to change and for the better. Maybe Jason and Marcus were exactly what I needed.

I nodded wondering exactly what they meant by being their submissive. Sure I knew about those kind of relationships and I had been intrigued but what would it really entail for me with them? Everything was moving so fast and my decisions were on the spur of the moment. Perhaps it was better that way. I was being pushed into changing. My life had been going slow for too long. My resolve to be an independent man hating woman might not have to happen. I didn’t want to be alone and on my own. Truth be known I didn’t think I was capable of running my own life or was that what Thomas had wanted me to feel? My head spun with confusion and I made a choice praying it was the right one.

“Why wouldn’t we want you, little one? You are beautiful, small, curved and so deliciously fragile. You are perfect for us both.”

“Now, those clothes are coming off, not going back on,” Jason whispered trailing his fingers over the top of the exposed part of my breast above my bra.

I caught my breath captivated by his caress feeling my resistance soften to his will. But my incapacity to fully catch my breath was to increase when Marcus stroked his fingers the length of my spine and lifted the catch of my bra.

“…You are beautiful, small, curved and so deliciously fragile. You are perfect for us both.”

“The doctor said bed rest and that’s what we will make you do. I think you need to feel safe and protected that way some of that nasty tension will dispel and you will be calmer. Let’s put you in a safe place, baby girl. Don’t be afraid. Let it happen. We will take good care of you. I promise.”

I felt his lips brush the middle of my back, the moment his brother moved his own over the top of my breast. Marcus undid the catch on my bra when I dared not to protest and allowed them to continue. My heart pounded with the danger of succumbing to the charms of the two men. I had never done anything like this before. I had only slept with one man who I had met as a teenager and married. This had never been on my radar but now I was being carried safely along on a new adventure. In the space of two hours, after waking up in Rome, I had argued with my abusive husband in a public place and then rescued by two gorgeous men who now wanted me in their bed. What was happening to me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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