Until I Met The Man I Wanted To Call ‘Daddy,’ I Never Knew I Wanted To Be Anyone’s ‘Little Girl,’

Shutterstock, Jose AS Reyes
Shutterstock, Jose AS Reyes

Valentin didn’t say anything. He simply lowered his lips and brushed them across mine. Flames of roused passion rose from the pit of my stomach and spread out through my veins. He took quick artful possession of my mouth when I gave a soft moan. He wrestled my tongue for dominance and quickly, easily subdued me and won the battle. I pressed my body close against his and yielded to his deepening kiss, wanting all that he could give me.

After a while he allowed me to catch my breath and smiled against my lips.

“That’s good, little one, because I have no intention of letting you leave my side and disappear from my life. I believe you are the one I have been searching for all this time.”

My life was about to change. I could feel it in every bone in my body. Everything told me it was for the better and I was to receive all that I desired. I sat in Valentin’s car clutching the cuddly toy penguin he’d bought me before we had left the Safari Park.

The snow was falling heavily as we drove to his house in the country. I was going to spend the weekend there and make some decisions about my life. Valentin leaned over in the car and brushed my head with a kiss before tucking the car blanket he had placed around my body to keep me warm and secure further up to my chin. I hadn’t felt this safe, warm and protected since being a child.

It was more than clear that Valentin was wealthy. But each time I asked him about his business he would change the subject. The car turned up a drive and tackled the icy snow covered driveway that wove through a small forest of trees. Eventually, we emerged between the picturesque snow laden trees to see a large beautiful Georgian house.

“My hand felt small and delicate in his large palm and I couldn’t help leaning in to his arm to show affection as he led me inside, past a friendly housekeeper.”

We pulled up in front of the tall door situated in the middle of the building on the gravel courtyard. The chauffeur opened the car door for me while I was still staring wide-eyed at the beautiful home. But it was Valentin who extended his hand and helped me alight.

My hand felt small and delicate in his large palm and I couldn’t help leaning in to his arm to show affection as he led me inside, past a friendly housekeeper. She smiled kindly at me as we moved further into the wide entrance hall containing a long white and black marble sweeping staircase leading to the other two floors.

To say my surroundings were opulent was an understatement. Valentin turned me to face him and began to unbutton my long red coat. He gently pulled it over my shoulders. The action was unexpected and that small voice in the back of my head told me I should be annoyed. I dismissed it allowing Valentin to tempt me further in to letting go of my need to control. I was enticed by the freedom of someone taking over, handling my life and the pain that came with it even just for a short while. The pain and disappointment were burdens I had been carrying for too long and I desperately needed a rest.

Valentin’s hands smoothed up and down my arms slowly, seductively. Any anger and fear I might have felt at his presumption in bringing me here and removing my coat dissolved with his touch.

“You feel cold, kitten. I think it is time I put you in to a warm bath. Then Daddy will feed you before he puts you to bed,” his voice was low, soft and darkly mesmerizing.

Although I was stunned at his words and the clear implication of them, I nodded obediently, melting at the first time he referred to himself as Daddy. It was a natural progression and I was more than willing to now allow him to assume the role and the authority that went with the name over me. I became damp between my thighs at the way the word rolled so easily and seductively off his tongue. My arousal was so intense it was enough to drown the voice of dissent screaming at me from the back of my mind again.

Valentin handed my coat with his own to the housekeeper and then surprised me by dipping his tall suited form and lifting an arm up underneath my legs. He swept my captured form up in to his arms and wasted no further time in carrying me up the stairs. I looked up at him searching his eyes for a reason for his action. He simply smiled and betrayed nothing. Every minute I was with this man was an adventure and a learning process not only about him but myself.

“Although I was stunned at his words and the clear implication of them, I nodded obediently, melting at the first time he referred to himself as Daddy.”

I cuddled my body close to his chest as he carried me up the stairs, listening to the steady stable reassuring thud of his heart against my ear. In his arms I was safe and warm. Even at this early stage, at the beginning of our love, I did not want him to ever let me go or to ever remove the loving security he surrounded my heart with.

Valentin carried me along a long corridor on the first floor and then bent to hold the handle of a large oak door and opened it. He deposited me on a oval shaped backed chair covered in cream velvet.

‘Sit still, kitten. I will undress you,” he whispered giving me a quick kiss.

I sat dutifully, patiently, watching him turn his attention to the round bath sunken in to the floor bath at the other end of the beige marble room. I heard water begin to flow fast and hard out of the taps as I cast my eyes over the rest of the room, taking in the walk in shower across from the bath and the tall mirrors above the long vanity unit with two sinks. I stared at myself in the mirror, vaguely aware of Valentin pouring some bath oil in to the water. What was I doing? I was about to let this stranger strip me naked and see all of my imperfections. More than that, why was I allowing him to act like my father? Had I gone mad?

Panic rose inside me. Perhaps I was going down the wrong road. My anxiety was so strong it spurred me in to action and I stood ready to bolt from the door and from what I had discovered about myself. I took two hurried steps to the door when he called out my name. I heard the water stop running. Lips and body trembling I dared not look at him and continued to the door. My hand was on the handle when he appeared behind me.

“What was I doing? I was about to let this stranger strip me naked and see all of my imperfections.”

“You can leave if you want to. I will take you home. But you will simply be running away from yourself,” he whispered, trailing the tips of his fingers along the side of my neck. “I know what you want and what you need. I will give all of it to you willingly. In turn, you will be providing me with everything I need and desire. There will always be a mutual exchange. I can give you everything, Gabrielle. Don’t allow your fear of surrendering to me stop you from receiving what your heart craves. You can be everything you dreamed of being with me. The choice is yours.”

His words were potent. They pricked at my conscience. For years I had denied myself everything I wanted and needed. I continually put others above myself and had begun to resent them for it. Yet the problem was mine. I was just as important as them. It was a simple assertion but another one I hadn’t been able to understand or fathom. By taking care of myself I would be better able to give my love and help to others. Perhaps it was time to take care of business and allow another to care for me.

But I was frightened. My hand clung to the door handle displaying my confusion and fear. I wanted Valentin to be my Daddy, to take the weight off my crushed shoulders but my strict moral conscience kept telling me it wasn’t right. This was not how a woman of the 21st century behaved or should even entertain in her mind but oh how I wanted it. Tears sprang in to my eyes when I realized I was about to walk away from everything, from him because I couldn’t quite make the leap. Then he said something that made it all the more easier.

“Don’t allow your fear of surrendering to me stop you from receiving what your heart craves.”

“Would it make it easier if I gave you no choice? Is that what you want?”

The man was already perfectly attuned to the workings of my mind.

I took a breath and turned to face him, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Yes, yes it would. Please…”

Valentin put his finger to his lips and then kissed me gently. As he did so, he leaned to my side and locked the bathroom door, depositing the key in his trouser pocket. The choice had been made for me and the relief I felt was overwhelming. He lifted my chin and kissed me once more.

“I think before your bath you should receive a spanking over Daddy’s knee for not listening to, voicing and respecting your own needs, baby girl.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Excerpted from Daddy’s Rules

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