I Never Wanted To Be Dominated By A Man, Until My Billionaire Colleague Saved My Life

Safe In His Arms
Safe In His Arms

The next couple of hours were spent in a daze. I felt numb and like an automaton answering police questions. Alex kept his arm around my waist and pulled me back if I tried to stray even an inch. Inside, my anger burned at him for not letting me die instead of Lana.

“I came into the office to discuss the sexual harassment situation with Jack Anderson and found him dead. I had wanted him to reprimand and fire his son Paul but apparently they’d had an argument and he had already done that. Half an hour later, Paul returned with some others and started shooting in the building in what seemed like retaliation,” Alex told the officer as we sat on the wall facing the glass office building.

“He was high on drugs. Cocaine is usually his favorite. He and his father always fought. Jack was always trying to mold Paul into something he wasn’t. It caused a lot of friction between them. Jack’s elder son, the favorite, died in a car crash and Jack made sure that Paul knew he would never measure up. I wonder if he actually originally meant to kidnap Zara but changed his mind to murder her once he was sacked?”

“I had lost so many friends and work colleagues. None of it seemed real.”

I shuddered thinking about being kidnapped by Paul Anderson. It was possible and the officer seemed to agree. I had lost so many friends and work colleagues. None of it seemed real. But it was and now Lana was gone.

“Who were the other men?” Alex asked, curiosity framing his handsome face.

“We aren’t sure yet. We shot one dead but the other two are on the run. They were professional and it looks like they had been hired by someone.”

“Paul said they had given him the weapons and he was trying not to kill me because they wanted the pleasure,” Alex continued, rubbing his hand up and down my arm, watching me with heavy concern.

“We have got everyone working on this. It sounds like someone holds a grudge. They were hired guns. I will arrange protection.”

“No, thank you. I have my own security team. Keep your people working on this. Now can I take Ms. Hart here home. She badly needs to rest and be checked over by a doctor.”

“Yes, of course. We will be in touch.”

I turned and glared at Alex Barclay the moment the officer left to talk to another armed man, one of many still swarming around the building.

“I don’t want to go home with you. I won’t go anywhere with you. You let my friend die instead of me. It was me he wanted,” I shouted making everyone else on the wall trying to recover turn and look at me. “Lana is dead because of me,” I finished pushing my index finger hard in the top of my chest to emphasize the point.

Alex stood up.

“I won’t have you torturing yourself. I am not ashamed of what I did.”

“No more, Zara. I won’t have you torturing yourself. I am not ashamed of what I did. It was the right thing to do,” he informed me arrogantly, catching hold of my arm. “Now, you are coming home with me to rest and there will be no arguments.”

That was when I went at him with my hand to slap his face. He ducked it and then pulled me quickly towards him. Neatly, he dipped his body and swung me over his shoulder in one full motion. Apparently I was to be given no further choice or comment in the matter.

Holding my legs down at his chest to stop them from struggling, he ignored the hits to his back from my fists and my demands for him to put me down. With his free hand he pulled his mobile out of his inside suit jacket pocket and called his chauffeur. He carried me down in to the next street that wasn’t cordoned off by the police. Thankfully it was a small alley and only one person walked past us with a grin on his face. I was half tempted to demand he help me but embarrassment and being lost in too much anger caused the opportunity to go by.

“George, bring the car round fast,” he ordered standing at the edge of the road. A minute later, a large grey Bentley was pulling up next to us. Before I knew it Alex was depositing me in the back. He moved to go around the other side instructing the chauffeur to close the door and not let me out. I was furious.

“I got the distinct impression I was about to be tied up.”

As he hurried around to the opposite side of the car he loosened his silk powder blue tie and removed it from his shirt collar. I was trying to move over the seat to get out before he got there but he opened the car door and got in. Defeated, I found myself retreating back across the smooth dove grey leather seats away from him, not liking the way he held his tie and looked at me. I got the distinct impression I was about to be tied up.

Alex caught hold of both of my wrists and forced me to turn as he wound them up behind my back. Quickly he crossed them and wound the silk tie around them. The knot he tied around them was tight and there was no escape. I cursed him.

“This is kidnap.”

“No, this is called taking you in hand. Sit still or I will put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom like a child and tame that temper of yours,” he said bending me forwards to reach my bottom still covered by my skirt and give it two firm slaps with his hand.

This did little to calm me. Outraged that he would dare spank me like a child, I struggled with him when he sought to place the seatbelt over me. But I was successful in making it difficult for him. With a heavy sigh he pulled my body towards him, turned it and forced me to lie face down over his knee.

“You asked for this, little one. I have been as patient as any man would be but you have now pushed me. You will be taken care of and protected. You are your own worst enemy.”

“I felt my skirt being lifted, felt the material swish seductively over my skin as it was raised and settled on my waist.”

In this position I was unable to do anything. My hands were bound and there was nothing to stop him taking his hand to my backside. I felt my skirt being lifted, felt the material swish seductively over my skin as it was raised and settled on my waist. I heard myself plead with him not to discipline me. It was going to hurt. I’d felt that from the two slaps he had given my buttocks through my skirt. Not to mention the blushing embarrassment as he tucked his fingers on either side of my underwear, brushing my hips with his smooth male hands as he began lowering the flimsy lace of my chaste white thong panties just below the backs of my thighs.

My eyes closed. How could he do this to me after what had just happened? It wasn’t until my spanking drew to an end that I would understand the calming effect he sought to give me with his firm discipline.

“What a lovely bottom, Zara,” he said smoothing his cool palm over my flesh. “Nice and pert but not skinny, plenty of flesh, just the way I like them on a woman when I come to spank her.”

I held my breath feeling him brace his arm over my back to hold me still and in place. He raised his hand and I yelped out loud with the first hard strike, feeling my bottom jiggle and wobble with the force he used to chastise me. After that the slaps came hotter and faster. I cried like a baby. My mind centered on the pain and could focus on nothing else. The morning’s terrifying memories faded into the background for a short while giving me room to cry and overcome some of the anger I felt.

Alex spanked first one buttock and then quickly the next repeating the process over and over until my butt stung. But he was not to finish there. My thighs were next to feel the weight of his discipline.

My cries became louder, my sobbing harder releasing my pent up frustration. I hadn’t realized how tender the skin on the back of my thighs was until they were slapped like a naughty child and flared hotly. But it wasn’t until Alex finished spanking me that I realized I was heavily wet between my thighs. So much so I worried I would be staining his trousers.

My body lay slumped over his knees, exhausted but drained of a lot of the fiery anger that had threatened to destroy my sanity. No longer did I worry about what the chauffeur thought sitting in the front of the car awaiting the order to drive or even my embarrassment. I just quietly cried in the comfort of a numb blank mind. It would not last but for this moment I was calm and relieved, securely bound and punished over the billionaire’s knees.

Alex stroked his fingers over my red bottom in a gentle soothing caress.

“Good girl,” he whispered. “All over. Do you feel better?”

His lips brushed the backs of my sore slapped thighs and then travelled up on to each buttock.

“Yes,” I answered softly, meekly.

He patted my bottom and then lifted my panties back up taking great care over my hot flesh. Then he lowered my skirt and again patted my bottom through it.

“If I let you up are you going to be a good girl?”

I nodded.

“Yes, I will.”

“I wanted him to hold me like a child and soothe my fears.”

He was talking to me as though I were a small child and the strange thing about it was I liked it more than I cared to admit. It made me feel safe. The urge to curl up in his arms soft and warm entered my mind even after all I said to him. I wanted him to hold me like a child and soothe my fears.

I sat back down on the seat wincing at the pain it caused. Alex gave me a gentle smile and lifted my chin. He appeared satisfied with my discomfort. I shuffled uneasily still mystified by the wetness it had caused. I hope he hadn’t detected it.

His free hand wiped at the tears still falling from my eyes.

“Allow me to take care of you. Don’t be afraid, I will keep you safe,” his voice was dark as velvet when he spoke. His blue eyes bored in to my own. “Do you want me to take care of you, Zara? Take control of your life, discipline you, protect and guide you? Dominate you?”

I knew what he was asking. It was almost as though he’d heard my thoughts, worked out what I was craving from a man before I had. The need to be held and looked after like a child swelled inside me. That was what had been wrong with my relationship with Gary. I’d wanted him to control me and he had been reluctant. Instead he’d abused me with cruel words and taunts, using them to control my behavior. Now here on this day of all days I was being offered everything I wanted.

“Yes, please, I need . . .”

Alex reached over and kissed me.

“Thank you. I have waited a long time for a woman like you to come in to my life. I won’t ever let you down,” he whispered reaching for my lips again, this time more forcefully. I panted, intoxicated by him, staring into his eyes with innocent wonder, trying to anticipate where we would go from here.

“Let’s get you home, stripped and put to bed to rest.”

The car journey was short. My hands had been untied and I sat quietly with Alex holding my hand in his, his thumb idly caressing my hand to give me comfort. We hadn’t spoken after I had surrendered my control. I’d heard about these relationships between a Dominant and a submissive and had always been intrigued as well as aroused by the dynamic between them. Now was the time to try it for myself.

I wondered how Alex was going to get me to submit to him entirely. As a child and an adult I had found it difficult to trust many people and he was going to have a fight on his hands. I might have said yes but enacting it was going to be a different matter. I hoped he would be patient with me.

“He opened the door to his bedroom and that was when I faltered and my mind began to reason and question…”

The car pulled up in the grounds of his London home in Belgravia. It was a wide and tall beautiful white eighteenth century mansion. He nodded to the housekeeper and took me straight up the stairs to the second floor with his arm around my waist. He opened the door to his bedroom and that was when I faltered and my mind began to reason and question my mind on my needs.

“I think I have made a mistake. I need to leave,” I said turning towards the door.

“Hush, you haven’t made a mistake, little one,” he said lifting my chin. “You are exactly where you want to be. Don’t be afraid to embrace your submission to me.”

“I’m not sure I can. Please I want to go home.”

“No, darling we have already been through all of that. There is no way I am leaving you on your own unprotected to get more upset. Besides I want to make sure you are safe. I nearly lost you today and I want to ensure that never happens again. Those gunmen might come back to finish the job. I am sure this has something to do with Paul’s father defrauding the company as well. You are an important witness. I am sure you were meant to be kidnapped not shot. Something strange is going on and I will have you protected. You are staying put here even if I have to gag you and tie you down to my bed to keep you here.”

His dark words thrilled me. The excitement generated from them shot straight to my pussy and soaked it preparing me for his entry and intimate domination. I panicked and my mind decided to give in to the fear to fight my feelings believing them wrong and unchecked.

“Now, I want you to kneel and submit to me,” he commanded softly, seductively.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Excerpted from Safe In His Arms

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