We Need To All Let It Go

It all starts with a hello.

It all starts with an initial attraction – an interest. The hook may have been his eyes, his smile, or his lips.

Looking back to it, you don’t really quite remember what it was, but you know there was something there. Maybe an illusion, maybe it was the excess glutamate in your brain provided by that tonic and gin.

The exchange of numbers gave you hope – that darn hope – the attraction was mutual; the interest was there in his eyes as well. You wait for that phone to ring, for that text you come up on your screen: «Hi, this is (insert name here), it was great meeting you hope we can see each other soon ».

The waiting game begins and before you know it, the game becomes a part of the relationship. It requires more than just the waiting, but it is the calculating, the pulling and tugging, the thrill of the unknown – the unexpected- the ideal that begins to build in your head. There you stay, each day growing more anxious because now, not only are you investing brain cells, but you are investing your feelings as well.

Then one day, just like that it is done. You have been dumped, just like that accumulated trash in your bathroom.

What is it that you did wrong? You retrace everyday in your head and nothing comes up, it is at this point that you have to let go. Attach yourself to that ideal read in a post somewhere, “Everything happens for a reason.”

That phrase sticks with you, festers you, until you are brave to just let it go. Let all the feelings go, the misunderstandings, the anger. The why may never be revealed, and the reason may escape you as long as you escape him.

It doesn’t matter at this point. The only focus should be that it did not happen. It is in the past; it is time to move on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Lel4nd

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