It’s Scorpio Season: Get Ready For Scorpio To Bring Out The Darkest Part Of You

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Jordan Sanchez

Scorpios have a knack for opening the closet door to your skeletons and shining the light in to help retrieve you from your demons. We are the transformers, the graverobbers, the crypt keepers to the doorway of the underworld.

Scorpio season is the time when the outer light begins to dim, and the inner fire begins to burn brighter.

Scorpio takes your hand and says “come on, let’s go play in the darkness.” Scorpio knows that there is a time and place for everything; after all, death doesn’t intrude on your spirit during Leo or Cancer season. Death doesn’t pull up on you for a stroll in the park during Aries season. Death bides its time until the sun begins to dim, and the smell of fall begins creeping up the driveway towards our front door.

We tuck our darker sides away like forgotten step children. They are there but not present, alive but not awake, noisy but nothing more than a whisper in the wind. After much neglect, they emerge and do damage not because they are evil, but because they are tired, tired of being called to support you when you need them – but then cast away to be hidden in shame when they’re no longer of use.

The first thing Scorpio sees is the shadow you, and Scorpio loves you for it. Scorpio loves you for all the things you are and deny. Scorpio keeps it quiet, but it knows, and Scorpio won’t even share with you how much it knows at first.

If you pay close enough attention, you can see in its eyes that it knows, but can be trusted to not tell a soul. Bit by bit it it gives you the space, to allow your shadow side to emerge. Scorpio encourages you, entices you, taunts you to bring it all to the surface. Once you are done, you are now gifted with the confidence to venture out and begin to share your shadow side with the world. It is at that time, you begin to feel that you no longer need Scorpio, because you are free from the terror and fear of hiding yourself.

Scorpio is the psychologist, and it has dug so deep into your subconscious that it’s exposed the illness and treated it with a medicine that only Scorpio has. It’s called “acceptance.”

When you find someone who can love the shadow you, you begin to realize it’s okay for you to love the shadow you too. This is transformation, the journey towards self-love. This is Scorpio season. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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