A Biological Standpoint For Objectifying Women

Kirill Le
Kirill Le

It is not my wish to invoke response or anger from any sides but rather my humble opinion from my own views and experience, so please bear with me. A term that has emerged regularly in the new millennium is “objectification”, used often in the phrase “objectifying women”. As we become more advance in terms of technology and more civilized, it is only appropriate that we level out the playing fields. We strive to advocate for an even and equal political, economic, and social rights for all race, creed and gender.

Let me start off with the statement that I do align with most concepts that feminist advocates. I understand that our sexual counterpart is just as equal to males in many aspects. I understand that sexual violence, harassment, assault is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with and anyone who partakes in it will be condemned by me. But I draw the line when someone tells me to “stop objectifying women”. I view these people as prude and rather oblivious of the real issue. I will try to build my case from the ground up.

Do you breathe? Do you eat? Do you sleep? It seems silly to ask these questions, as they are the very core of living. And so it is important that we reproduce, have sexual intercourse, and even masturbate if we were to apply the same logic. But as we become more civilized as human being, we adapt. No longer do we have to fight for food nor do we have to eat with our hands. We develop the concept of self hygiene and grooming. We dress in our best attire, we go to work, we come home, we watch tv. But our biological needs are always there, as it has been ingrained into our core from our ancestors, and will never change. We still need to eat, sleep, and have sexual intercourse.

I will not pretend to be well perceived of Freudianism nor did I major in anthropology/ social science/ history. I majored only in biology. But this has taught me to be impartial of the evidence and data. And this is nothing but what I have discern from my life experience and the people around me.

When I partake in masturbation/ sexual activity, I will always try to have “dominance” over my sexual counterpart. This may or may not translate into real” dominance” or perceived “dominance”. But dominance is the key word here. I intend to dominate over my sexual counterpart in many ways, most of the time by being in control. And to do this, I will perceive them as a “piece of meat” as you would call it, an object to be molded in my hand for my sexual desire. And this perception would continue throughout the day; in the shower, as I walk across the street. I am fully aware my female counterpart is a human being too, full with emotions and desires, but my sexual hunger remains the same. Though I am uncomfortable with this phrase, the underlying feeling remains and there is nothing I can do to change it.

And this is the problem. I may hide behind a façade of altruism, respecting women left and right, but my inner and deepest desire will be to “ravage” them. I lust to assert dominance, and have “my way” with them. Ask any men, and if they say otherwise, they are lying (in my opinion). We may forgo our pleasure during intercourse to please the opposite sex sexually, but we desire to remain in control. True, they are outliers, and there are men who wish to be dominated, but I will not try to argue semantics. Other species too have shown examples of female dominating the males. But with human species, the male will statistically always dominate the female sexually.

Blame porn, the media, or our culture, but this has gone on for centuries, even millenniums. “Sexual objectification” is not going to change, as it is ingrain into us like biological ticking clocks. I understand that the concept is flawed, and objectifying women leads to many adverse effects such as violence and depression. But to tackle the issue by not objectifying women is inefficient and pointless. It is as similar as asking a person politely to not breathe nor eat. I admit I don’t have the best solution to this problem, but understanding the problem firsthand is better than ignoring it.

So I plead my case that men continue to “objectify” women, as this is how our sexual lust for our opposite sex functions by. My support will go for women to “objectify” men as well, as it is biologically natural to do so and fighting against it is a prudish attempt. I believe being able to distinguish and differentiate between a healthy dose of “objectification of women” and unhealthy “sexual violence” is a better way to approach the matter and negate violence against women. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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