9 Little Things Everybody Needs In Order To Be Happy


1. Someone who really understands us and gets not the person we want others to think we are, but the person we really are. We need someone who sees that person and truly cherishes them, just the way they are.

2. To know that it’s okay when we screw up and that we are both forgiven and loved for not being perfect. We need to know that it’s okay to mess up, so we can work on getting better.

3. A day off or a break every once in a while. In a world that’s always pushing us to be better, stronger, and more productive, sometimes we just need down time with our friends, hang out and watch How I Met Your Mother.

4. To feel sexy and attractive to other people, even when we aren’t trying. We need someone to tell us that we are beautiful without makeup and that they love seeing us at our most unglamorous state. We need someone to tell us that we look beautiful even if we haven’t changed out of our PJs, combed our hair, or even brushed our teeth.

5. To be held every so often and have that hug that lingers too long. That moment when you just need a long, tight hug after an exhausting day, when you’re just wrapped up entirely in someone else’s arms.

6. An unexpected compliment from someone we respect or admire. We need to know that the people we look up to think well of us and that our heroes believe in us, too.

7. The ability to surprise ourselves every once in a while and do something we didn’t know we could. We need to feel pride in our accomplishments and a sense of astonishment at the person we are becoming.

8. To catch up with old friends and have those moments of connection with our past. Sometimes we’re so focused on where we’re going that we forget to think about where we came from and the people who made us who are now. We need to be mindful and respectful of the fact that we are a process and we are still in development.

9. To stay home on a Friday or Saturday night. As fun as it is to eat out, have fun, and go dancing all night, it’s equally important to just exist in that shelter and cherish the simple privilege of existing in your own space. We need to allow ourselves to close our eyes and just be. Enjoy the silence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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