I Will Never Stop Thanking You

Thank you for reminding me to put out my laundry from time to time, so I wouldn’t get reprimanded for not being a “responsible adult” when someone comes over to check it.

Thank you for respecting my introverted ways, for understanding that I’d rather watch a movie rather than go to a club on a weekend. For watching awful Jennifer Aniston films with me, even though you probably think it’s gay and you’d rather watch the new Robocop movie you downloaded on Netflix. For giving me the last piece of pizza, even though you’re most likely hungrier than the hungry, hungry hippos.

Thank you for listening to my endless stream of rants, for always placating me when I sound like a scratched-up record coz I keep talking about my frustrations in life. Thank you for telling me that everything’s gonna be alright, because sometimes that’s all I need to hear to stay strong.

Thank you for the simple gestures you do to make me feel loved. And I know I don’t thank you enough for it, but I hope you don’t feel that I don’t notice, because I do.

Thank you for sharing your world to me, for bringing me to work affairs, for introducing me to colleagues, and most of all, for letting me meet your family. On the outside, I may have looked like it was the most natural thing in the world, but really I was sweating buckets inside.

Thank you for putting up with my corny jokes. They’re probably not that funny, but you laugh at them anyway coz you know it makes me happy to see you smile.

Thank you for setting aside time for me. I know how busy you are, and I know how tired you get at the end of every day, and yet it amazes me how much energy you still have to spend with me.

Thank you for giving me an indie movie kind of love, and not a mainstream Hollywood motion picture kind of love like I had always thought I wanted.

I will spend every hour of every day thanking you for always, ALWAYS being there for me. Through every mood swing and through every outburst, and for all of these things that you say and do and don’t say and don’t do, I thank you. And I don’t for a second take them for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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