5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Date A Cougar

Cougar Town

The term “sugar daddy” has been around for ages. So has the term “gold digger.” In fact, these two things go hand in hand. An older, established man with money who’s looking to spend their time and money on a young, attractive female is the definition of a sugar daddy. And a young woman seeking out an older man specifically for financial means and personal gain may be considered a gold digger. In most instances, neither party cares much about labels. And if it works for them, no one else should care either.

But in recent years, older women have been jumping on this bandwagon along with young, virile men. Meet, the cougar. An older, active, and financially stable women who gets off on dating young, studly men. Some people say its gross. I say, why not? And for those men out there considering dating a cougar, here are five reasons why you should totally do it.

1. Save the Drama for Your Mama

There’s nothing worse than a nagging, needy partner who’s texting or calling you 24/7 and showing up at your apartment if you don’t answer. When you date a cougar, you’ll be surprised by how much freedom you have to do as you please. Remember, your cougar likely has an established career, friends, family, and responsibilities of her own. She doesn’t have time to follow you around or keep tabs on you. Because your cougar already has all of these things, there will also be less pressure on you to make something happen for her. That means little to no pressure to get married, have kids or move in together. She’s likely looking for fun not a future.

2. Experience – In and Out of the Bedroom

First off, the dynamics of a cougar and young stud relationship may differ. If you’re strictly in it for the sex, sleeping with a cougar is the way to go. Why? There are much fewer emotional strings to get tangled up in. In fact, there’s probably none. Sex is sex for many older women. They’ll be excited to get a young stud in the bedroom and will show her appreciation in a variety of ways. Not to mention, she can likely show you a thing or two she’s learned over the years. Lucky you.

As far as life experience goes, cougars have plenty of that too, which often transforms in a much more laid back and relaxed approach to life in general. You won’t find her tagging along with you and your friends or becoming emotionally needy or dependent. She’s got her own life. Her own circle of friends. And her own obligations. And she’s probably completely content with that. You may even benefit from the social perks and connections that your cougar has like an “in” at the hottest new restaurant in town or luxury suites at Yankee Stadium.

3. No Money, No Problems

Do you have a job? If not, do you spend your days playing video games, shooting hoops with friends or taking naps? Guess what? Your cougar doesn’t really give a shit. She doesn’t need your money because she has your own. She also won’t expect you to constantly foot the bill. After all, she’s likely the one with a savings account, medical benefits, a pension, and plenty of cash in her wallet. If you want your own career, great! I’m sure your cougar will support you 100%. But the beauty of this dynamic is that she won’t pressure you into providing for her financially because she’s already got it covered.

4. Confidence is Beautiful

Older women are often more comfortable in their own skin. They’re confident about who they are. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. Including you! You won’t have to deal with any of those petty insecurities that girls your age harp on like, “Does this dress make me look fat?” or “Are my boobs big enough?” You’ll be hard-pressed to find an older woman who asks these types of questions or gives a rats ass about how you’d answer them. They’re strong, confident, and sexy in their own skin. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting up front and you can take it or leave it. But I suggest you take it.

5. Too Proud to Beg (or bitch)

Dating a cougar means no temper tantrums or emotional breakdowns. Cougars take pride in their appearance and their reputation. They’re not about to throw a drink in your face, key your car or defame you on social media. They’ve got better things to do with their time then waste it on getting even or engaging in petty, childish behavior. If things don’t work out, she’ll be thankful for the time you spent together and easily move on. And so can you.

Cougars really are the total package for the right kind of guy. They’re intelligent, hardworking, and strong-minded. This means they’ll rarely flake on you, always provide interesting conversation, and show you a thing or two about life you likely didn’t know. And the best part is, cougars find it difficult to quell their internal need to nurture and take care of others. Which means you’ll reap the benefits of your cougar indulging you in a variety of ways. So when it comes to dating a cougar, sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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