7 Telling Signs You’re A Spoiled Brat

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Being spoiled is such a broad concept. There are those who are spoiled, unappreciative brats and there are those who simply live comfortably without ever having to work too hard for what they want. Does being appreciative of what you have make you blessed versus spoiled? The jury’s still out on that.

But if you’re living a pretty cushy life and have convinced yourself that you’re far from spoiled, check out this list. It may have you scratching your head with your well-manicured nails and furrowing your Botox brow over whether or not you’re living a spoiled life.

1. You’re Close-Minded

In your mind, there’s only one opinion that matters and that’s yours. Do you insist on getting your way, no matter the circumstance? Are other people’s ideas “dumb” or “stupid”? Well, they might not actually be bad ideas except in your world, anything that doesn’t come from your beautiful mind gets pissed on. If you hold the belief that “it’s my way or the highway”, it’s probably because you’re used to getting your way. And that probably means you’re a spoiled brat.

2. Nothing Is Ever Good Enough

Do you like to complain just to hear yourself talk? If you don’t know how to make the best of a bad situation or brush shit off and look at the bright side, you may just be spoiled. Do you have a caviar appetite on a Big Mac budget? Not only do you live beyond your means but you complain about everything. You pitch a fit about even the little things, like them forgetting the lemon wedge in your Diet Coke as if someone keyed your car. Which, at this rate, if you don’t change your attitude, just might happen.

3. You Still Live With Your Parents, Rent Free

No, simply living with your parents doesn’t make you spoiled. But if you’re living with them rent free, unemployed, and driving a car you don’t pay for or pay to insure, you may be spoiled. Are your parents like your personal ATM? You simply place your hand out and they refill it with cash when needed. Or, better yet, you have a library of credit cards in your wallet that you rotate for buying shoes, outfits, food, and just about everything else. If you live with your parents and aren’t held accountable for your spending or required to work, you may just be spoiled.

4. You’re Incapable of Doing Things on Your Own

Whether you live with your parents or with a roommate or partner, are you completely incapable of performing simple tasks on your own? If you lay on the couch and call your friend to grab the TV remote which is approximately 4 feet away on the coffee table because you don’t feel like moving, you are officially spoiled. Are tasks like washing dishes, taking out the garbage, or even grocery shopping “below” you? If you can’t be bothered to perform daily tasks that are required by all adults, you’re definitely spoiled and you definitely need a hard dose of reality.

5. You Still Throw Tantrums like a Toddler

If you’re throwing yourself on the floor, kicking your feet, pounding your fists, and whining, you need more than this list to help you snap out of it because you are a full-fledged brat. Tantrums are something toddlers do when they don’t get their way, not grown adults. Sure, it sucks when shit goes wrong or you can’t have what you want. But a normal, well-balanced, and healthy individual can handle a little negativity in their life. If you’re spoiled, you believe that the world will quite literally come to an end if Starbucks discontinues your favorite latte flavor. And you’ll let everyone know it. Complete with a pouting lip, crossed arms, and stomping feet. Don’t be alarmed by the sideways glances you’ll get. I mean, you’ll probably never see these people again in your life. Right?

6. Nothing is Ever Your Fault

Admitting you’re wrong is never easy. But when you’re spoiled, it’s impossible. Correction, you can’t admit you’re wrong because, in your mind, you never are. How could a perfect angel ever do anything wrong? If you’re living in a fantasy world where everything you touch turns to gold and your poop smells like flowers, you’re probably spoiled. If you can’t admit that something’s your fault, even if it may cost you a friendship or ruin someone else’s life, you are beyond spoiled, and are bordering on the cusp of being completely self-involved.

7. You Think You’re Better Than Everyone Else

It’s great to have high self-esteem and exude confidence. In fact, confidence is an extremely sexy trait and one that most people find very attractive. But when that confidence spills over into entitlement and looking down on others, you are no longer sexy. You’re just spoiled. This goes along with thinking that certain tasks and jobs are below you. If you think you’re better than everyone else and shouldn’t be required to lower yourself to other people’s standards, don’t worry. Before long, you won’t have anyone in your life to put down. You’ll be a lonely, entitled brat living in your parent’s basement. But hey, maybe that works for you.

If you’ve led an easy life where you’ve never wanted or needed for anything, good for you! Not many people can say that. But there’s a big difference between appreciating what you have and expecting it. Keep yourself in check or else you run the risk of engaging in some spoiled rotten behavior. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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