What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Keeping Good Relationships

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity” – a heartfelt quote from Barbara de Angelis that serves as an inspiration to all relationships.

Indeed, she’s right. There’s no perfect relationship – even the people involved in it aren’t. This is why every relationship encounters various trials, circumstances and challenges that truly test how much both of you could withstand the test of time. This where you start to develop courage to fight and stand for the ones you love. The will to carry on lies within you and it’s a choice – not an option.

Isn’t it great to think that Wikipedia could be a love guru in time you need love advice? Nah! I think it’s not going to happen (even if we wish it would). While you trust Wikipedia to provide you answers you need, still there are exceptions – it can’t tell you all you have to know about keeping a good relationship. Pretty much that’s one thing you’ll have to figure out yourself.

I’ve had several relationships but eight years ago, I decided to keep a lasting one and didn’t need Wikipedia to help me through it. Despite the fights we had, the wrong things we do to one another and the obstacles we faced, still we are going strong. Men come and go in my life but the man I met eight years ago was certainly the one.

Let me share my two cents in terms of keeping good relationships and hopefully it’ll help you save yours before it’s too late.

1. Don’t Rush Into Engagement/Marriage

This is a common pitfall in most relationships which sometimes lead to breakups. Why rush? Marriage is a life-long commitment, so you better take your time to think about it. Ask yourself and your partner if you’re both ready to take vows and fulfill the promise that’ll soon bind you. If you know that either of you is not yet ready, don’t insist, instead wait for the perfect moment. Don’t leap into it just because you’re pressured since your friends are tying the knot, it’s not a competition of who’s going to be the first. Take it slow, cherish your time together and go for an adventure. Soon enough you’ll finally get there. Don’t forget to save for your big day though.

2. Settle Arguments Before Bedtime

Tired of the same old argument? Then settle things before bedtime. Arguments tend to be repetitive if it’s not settled before you and your partner go to bed. The next morning you wake up, tendencies are, simple questions could turn to major conflicts and then the “loop” goes on and on which results to sleepless nights. When morning comes, you’ll have the feeling of getting easily irritated. If this has been the pattern of your relationships, then change it. Stop pushing you relationship to the limit. Resolving issues or misunderstandings in a calm manner before bedtime could provide you a relaxed mood, better sleep and peace of mind when the dawn breaks. As the sunbeams wake you up, you’ll feel lighter and happier and more positive.

3. Leave The Past Behind

The past is history – meaning, you should leave it there. So stop bringing up conflicts or issues in the past every time you have your arguments. It’ll just worsen things up! You can’t blame your partner if he/she gets mad over it because it’s truly annoying. If you have already forgiven your partner for whatever he/she did wrong to you, then move on. Focus on what you have the “now”. Sometimes you tend to overthink and paranoia overtakes your mind. Give your partner a time to explain and when he/she does, listen to it. NEVER ever bring up the past again, instead look for a solution to ensure that it’ll not happen again.

4. Share Common Interest or Hobby

Opposites do attract – but, sharing a common interest or hobby means a healthy and good relationship. Why? Despite your diverse choices and opinions, it feels good to have at least one thing that you both like to do. Yes, you have your won preference when it comes to other things, yet, sharing a particular desire with your partner is exciting. It’s the perfect way for you to spend quality time with one another. You’ll discover a happier bond between you two and trying new interests together could bring you even closer to one another. Now, ask yourself, what common interests do you and your other half share?

5. Respect and Trust Are A Must

You’ve probably heard this a million times already, but, let met reiterate it – RESPECT and TRUST are a must. You exactly know why it is paramount for your relationship to have these two as the foundation of your love fortress. Without it, your relationship will shatter right before your very eyes. At all times, you should respect what your partner has to say and in everything you do, you have to trust one another. Remember this rule: Honesty is still the best policy. It is the building block of trust and respect. Of course, arguments are inevitable, but sometimes, you should learn how to compromise. There’s no such thing as the “superior” other half, both of you have equal rights. When your relationship possess these, then fidelity is most likely to come your way.

6. Have Time And Energy For Sex

Some may ask, “Does sex really matter?” Yes, it does. Though it may not be as important as love and trust but your performance and your partner’s satisfaction definitely counts. One of the most common reasons why couples ignore play time is that they’re too tired – but that shouldn’t be the case. It’s not everyday that you’re going to do it anyway, so make time for it and come prepared. How? The key to that is better quality sleep. It can magically solve sexual problems plus it can also increase testosterone levels which boosts sexual drive for both men and women. So, before you put yourself into battle, make sure that you are physically ready and properly geared up (you know what I mean). You can follow best sleeping tips at this source [http://articles.bedworks.com.au/7-ways-to-get-a-better-sleep/].

In this age and time, keeping a good relationship can be difficult, but, it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. It needs the two of you to work hard for it was never easy. We’ll never know what lies ahead for us for the road is not predictable and challenges may just sprout from every corner.

Question is, are you willing to find out? Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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