5 Therapeutic Ways To Let Go Of The Pain After A Breakup

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks any heart not tough or strong enough – s phrase from the famous song of the band Nazareth way back in 1976. Love can be a lot of things, but as much as it makes you happy, it could also cause so much pain inside especially for relationships that were not able to withstand the test of time and in the long run, ended unhappily. Break-ups are painful, trust me, I know exactly how it feels. There are numerous reasons why people decide to breakup after months or years of being in a relationship, and you know what really hurts after? The memories that cling in your mind – it just doesn’t go away.

You’ve spent so many sleepless nights, shed buckets of tears and yet it won’t change the fact that your relationship has finally come to an end. It’s hard to accept the truth and it’s easier to deny things especially if your relationship happens to be the first. In my case before, I almost committed suicide because I thought it’s the best thing to do, I mean, I’m only 16, it’s my first relationship and I don’t even know what to do. Sometimes, we just tend to succumb into evil temptations in order to forget the horrible and painful things that happened. But you know what? I came to realize it was not the solution to move on, there’s no shortcut in life even in love. After my mom talked me through it, knowing that she undergone the same thing before, but was able to get back on her feet and lived a better life, I suddenly made a decision that changed my entire life. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? So, I want to impart few things to you on how I moved on after a breakup.

1. Return Stuff

One way to forget about your ex is to return stuff. Stuff holds a lot of memories so if you are ready to let those memories go, might as well let go of the old stuff. You don’t need those anymore, and returning them would also mean that you’re ready to let go of the past. There’s nothing more to remind you of the pain and you can finally breathe freely just like you got something heavy out of your chest.

2. Be Open To New People

Don’t isolate yourself from other people because they will be the key to your new life. Be willing to open your life for other people to come in and overflow your life with happiness you deserve. In the long run, you’ll find yourself enjoying and you won’t even notice that you have already forgotten how the pain felt before. You’ll never know, maybe your true love is going to be one of the strangers you’ll meet, as did mine.

3. Seek Closure

Yes, I know it is difficult to face your ex after a breakup, but ask yourself, when will you be ready? Time is precious and shouldn’t waste it on self-pity. You have to face your fears and the person who hurt you. Let all the pain pour by confronting him, let go of your worries and tell him everything you want him to hear. Don’t hold back. After doing so, you’ll finally set yourself free from the chains of the past.

4. Focus On Your Life Goals

Focus yourself on something that you want to achieve. It will help you forget the pain faster. Keep yourself busy in accomplishing your life goals and having an achievement is far too satisfying than being stuck in the past. Create a bucket list and fulfill it one at a time. Aside from moving on, it could help you grow as a person.

5. Living Green

Eating healthy and living green can help you overcome the stress and anxiety caused by the breakup – believe me, it works. I have stumbled upon an article that suggests green tips of a city, but personally I did it as well. You’ll feel more alive and functional. Instead of craving for fast food, have a bite of greens. Combine it with exercise and you’re going to be in good hands. There’s nothing more liberating than being one with nature.

Moving on isn’t easy but you’ll get through it. Remember, wounds heal and scars fade away. For now, taking the step first step to move on can be very difficult, but you just have to set your mind to it. Take one step at a time and it’s your life, your choice – you hold the key. No one can push you to do it, only yourself. You have a lot of reasons to love more everyday, so pick yourself up and face the world with more positivity! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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