14 Questions (And Answers) Girls Ask Themselves When Starting A New Relationship

Celeste & Jesse Forever
Celeste & Jesse Forever

1.Is it weird that he wrote me the same night he asked for my number? Maybe, but he was really cute so I’ll spend 15 minutes trying to think of something witty to say back anyways.”

2.Should I offer to pay for the bill on our first date? Yes, I suppose I should. I really hope he doesn’t let me though. Or the tip. I don’t want to pay for that either.”

3.Do I think I could marry him? It’s the third date, stop thinking like that.”

4.Should I play hard to get and turn down his offer for drinks tonight? Probably. A delayed “I can’t tonight, maybe soon,” text would work perfectly, but I’m going to go anyways, because I like drinks, and I kind of like him now, and I really really want to go.”

5.Should I stay for another drink? Absolutely! My third margarita tasted like a salty heaven and he is currently the funniest person on the planet. Who would ever want to leave this place?!”

6.Should I be this hungover? I don’t know, my head hurts so bad I can’t even think straight.”

7.Should I be in his bed right now? I didn’t let him get past first base and he still offered me water in the morning so I think it’s okay.“

8.What should I wear tonight? I want to wear heels, but it’s Wednesday and we’re just going for a quick dinner. And I want to wear my favorite purple shirt, but I totally wore that on our third date and that was only three dates ago and he would remember that, wouldn’t he?”

9.Should I stop texting the other guy I’ve been on a couple of dates with? ( I actually don’t know the answer to this question. If someone can tell me the appropriate time to cut out your other options I’d love you forever.)”

10.Should I tell him my cat has a Facebook? I think I’ll wait a little longer. Although I am pretty proud of the cat puns I’ve posted on his behalf (I mean come on, Happy Cinco De-Meow-o? That’s funny.)”

11.Can I text him first? No. Not Today. You did that yesterday. Oh… and the day before that. Ah! You’re going to be the clingy one! Don’t text him back at all today!”

12.Should I bring up the next big holiday? No, it’s only been two months. Unless he brings it up first, in which case yes, I’d love to wear complimenting Halloween costumes.”

13.Can I tell him about my cat’s Facebook yet? Yes. If he thinks you’re too weird, then it’s better to get out now.”

14.Am I about to get my heart broken again? I hope not.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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