5 Friendship Revelations You Have In Your 20s


Our 20s are a somewhat ‘coming of age’ period where life starts getting pretty real. We start graduating Uni, getting ‘real’ jobs, getting boyfriends, and we start desperately seeking to ditch the high school drama and be totes cool like Carrie on Sex and The City.

But, life isn’t always filled with the glitz and glamour of our favourite New York foursome and sometimes our friendship dramas end up feeling like an episode of The Never Ending Story. We’ve gone 20 plus years dealing with some pretty serious shit from our gal pals, but our 20s are the time we start saying ‘No!’ and sticking up for our selves.

You have 100% choice over your friends

If you don’t like someone, don’t hang out with them. Seriously, it’s that simple. Our 20s are when we can ditch that plastered fake smile, or polite small talk and get serious with our ‘so-called’ friends. We don’t always get to choose the people in our lives, but we sure as hell get to choose the people we spend our free time with.

Some gal pals hold serious value

The friends who really matter are invaluable, in a materialistic kind of way; they’re like your most valuable pair of heels. You legit cannot live without them. This is no joke, if you could you would pay a million dollars just to keep them because let’s face it you’re basically in love with them minus all the sexual tension that comes with boyfriends.

Not all friends are legit *sad face*

There are a lot of fakers out there. It sucks, but sometimes life does suck. You will always have the people that come into your life to use you. You might be besties with the cute guy they want to hook up with, or have spare cash to splash on them. They come in a million different manipulative forms and they’re always toxic. They’ll use you up and toss you out like last seasons fashion. The best advice- ditch them before they destroy your faith in friendships entirely.

Seeing each other 24/7 doesn’t always make an ‘awesome’ friendship

Hanging out with your bestie everyday can be great but as our lives start getting busier it’s perfectly normal for your daily catch up to turn into a monthly coffee. You know you’ve found a keeper when you can spend forever apart and it’s like you’ve been together the whole time.

‘Breaking up’ with a friend doesn’t make you a b*tch

Giving toxic friends the flick is a good thing. Kicking the users and haters out of your life doesn’t make you a bad person it actually makes you smart. Life is too short to waste with people you don’t even like. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

April Davis is Melbourne based writer and student. She’s currently working towards her professional writing and publishing degree and get’s a real kick out of laughing at her own misfortune.

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