25 Things 20-Somethings Can Do Instead Of Complaining About Feeling Old

Dear 20-somethings: stop complaining about being old. You probably have three-quarters of a century before you’re dead. Let’s all relax. Here are 25 age-specific things 20-somethings can do instead of complaining about being old. You’re welcome.

1. Eat a lot of pizza with minor effect.

2. Live with your parents to save rent, for home-cooked meals, and blame the economy for everything when anyone asks.

3. Own your first home. Even if it’s 400 square feet, it’s yours. Get one of those shows to decorate it for free. It will be wonderful.

4. Date someone twice your age.

5. Take a year off from serious relationships to be single (read: free).

6. Attend a legal same-sex marriage.

7. Boss around the interns. Or date one of them. You’re too young to be a cougar. You, my friend, are a tiger.

8. Work hard. Get a new job every year or two.

9. Start your own company.

10. Follow random kids on Halloween, pretending they’re yours and get free candy as a result. Or just ring the doorbell — some of you still look 15.

11. Train (for as many years as it takes) for a marathon while your legs are still functional.

12. Dance all night in London. Ride a bike around Paris during a summer sunset. Climb Lion’s Head in South Africa. Compete in a rickshaw race across India. Relax in a hot spring in Iceland. Put up a piece of street art in Argentina. Live in New York City. You get the point.

13. Take a loan to do whatever you really want to do. You have a long time to pay it off. It’ll be fun!

14. Change your career more than once. Make sure one of the careers involves the circus, another country, or publishing a novel.

15. Go back to school for personal reasons.

16. Thank the universe Facebook wasn’t around when you were in high school.

17. Invent the next Facebook.

18. Become a YouTube sensation for your sensationally entertaining skills or otherwise generally useless abilities.

19. Couchsurf with strangers without it being creepy.

20. Stay for free with the friends you made in college that now live in different cities. Freeloading is still allowed!

21. Don’t worry about your keys, your remote, your sanity and whatever else you’ve lost — you’ll eventually find it.

22. Do all the things Steve Jobs says.

23. Stop complaining.

24. Start doing.

25. Take your time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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