50 Questions Every Broken-Hearted Girl Asks Herself

erin kelly
erin kelly

1. Is he happy?

2. Seriously, is he happy without me?

3. Or he’s just pretending that he is happy, right?

4. Is it that he just needs a little space?

5. Why did he change?

6. Has he ever thought of me lately?

7. He can never forget me, right?

8. Did he think my gifts belong in the trash can?

9. Why exactly did he give up?

10. Was everything my fault?

11. Why did I mess things up?

12. Am I not pretty enough?

13. Am I a boring person?

14. What’s wrong with me?

15. Is he into a new girl?

16. Is the new girl really better than me?

17. Is she even the best?

18. How can it be easy for him to have someone new?

19. What did he saw in her that he never saw in me?

20. Didn’t he feel that I care the most?

21. Should I try harder?

22. Should I start planning how to get him back?

23. Or just wait for him to come back?

24. Or should I do the emotional blackmail so he would be forced to come back?

25. Is this pain a punishment for all my sins?

26. Why did I allow him to enter my life in the first place?

27. How can I be stupid enough to believe in his promises?

28. Didn’t he really mean any of those?

29. What was the sweetness all about?

30. Why is it so easy for him to have fun?

31. Doesn’t he miss our fun times?

32. Was meeting him a trap?

33. Can’t God hear my cries?

34. Why did God allow me to be dumped like this?

35. How can life be so rude?

36. Am I not worth loving?

37. Why does love need to be this nasty?

38. Is a second chance possible?

39. How can it be true that I’ll find someone better if he is the best?

40. How can anyone say that I don’t deserve him if he is the one I like and love?

41. Will he regret leaving me?

42. When?

43. Maybe one day he’ll wake up and realize I’m really meant for him?

44. Maybe soon enough, he’ll miss me so much?

45. Did he ever like me?

46. Did he ever love me?

47. When will this pain end?

48. Where is the starting point of moving on?

49. Is it really over?

IT IS! Believe me, IT IS. I am about to write the 50th question broken hearts ask but hey, I realized, you should stop asking. We should stop asking. Haven’t you heard of “Past is past?” Do not re- read my list. And for goodness’ sake, do not make your own list. Inhale, exhale, smile, make a new life. Visit the salon, hit the gym, go to the mall, rediscover the city, eat pizza, NOW. Get out of your room. Conquer the world. You’re broken- hearted, not dead. I’m pretty sure of that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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