4 Things Men Do To Impress Women That Just Look Desperate

Mad Men
Mad Men

1. Telling a girl they just met how pretty she is:

Compliments are fine. Especially when they’re sincere. Everyone likes to hear something from another human being to make them feel better. But when a man, within 30 seconds of meeting a woman, says “You’re beautiful”, it doesn’t sound sincere. It just sounds like a cheap attempt to get laid. Pretty girls usually know they’re pretty. “Cool, but say something interesting.” Save the “You’re beautiful” and “You’re pretty” for when you really get to know a woman. If you direct those compliments toward her personality AND appearance, you appear much more genuine and sincere.

2. At the bar, buying a drink for her when you’ve just met:

The logic–“I’m interested. She needs to know that I’m interested. I’ll do something nice for her and that’ll make her come and talk to me.” That’s nice of you, but if a woman isn’t interested, a free drink isn’t going to make her. If you’ve been chatting 20 minutes and it’s you’re making a bar run, offer her a drink. If you just said hi, immediately offering a drink makes you look desperate and implies you can’t converse. Pretty girls get drinks bought for them all the time. It’s not an invitation to follow her around all night. If you have nothing to offer other than $7 for overpriced cranberry vodka you’ll just be a drink ticket for her.

3. Bragging:

Whether you brag about your six-figure income, your workout regimen, your new Porsche, or the fact you’ve been doing groundbreaking research at Harvard Medical School, it’s all going to have the same effect. It just screams “Please like me.” It’s great to have nice things and nice accomplishments, but finding an excuse to point them out at the start can just make you look insecure and like you’re trying to compensate. You’ll seem much cooler and comfortable with yourself if you just let her see the things for herself. If you need to brag about what you HAVE or what you DID, you’re not showing her that you’re a good guy, even though you may be. If you have good qualities, they’ll show. You don’t have to go out of your way to point them out.

4. Acting like you’re already together:

This doesn’t apply so much to the initial meeting, but after a date or two. Some men get territorial with a woman way too quickly. You really like her; you know you have competition, so you tighten the grip. You get a little too possessive too quickly and start acting like her boyfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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